Rumours suggest larger iPads could be released next year

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment


Everyone seems to have been so focussed on covering the possibility if a larger screen iPhone that the iPad has been fairly left out. Well now rumours have appeared that seem to corroborate what was originally reported in May, Apple might end up releasing an iPad with a whopping 12.9-inch screen — the same size as some Macbooks.

Reports differ on why this is something Apple would do. Some say that it’s Tim Cook’s plan to revitalise tablet sales in the wake of recent decline, while other say it’s so that Apple can directly compete with the likes of the Microsoft Surface.

All in all, it’s fairly unclear. Supposedly these new larger iPads won’t see the light of day until sometime next year, so there isn’t much information available, especially not from Apple. ¬†There isn’t much doubt that we’ll be hearing more rumours as time goes on, especially once the iPhone 6 has been released. [PCPro]