The Nexus X’s assumed price has leaked

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Google Nexus 5

Rumours about the Nexus X (or Nexus 6/Shamu if you’d prefer) have been starting to make their way out of the woodwork, and now we have some information on how much the device might cost when it goes on sale (hopefully) later this year.

According to Zauba, an Indian import/ export company, has a listing for prototype devices that have recently been sent to the country, among them is a device labelled “Shamu”, which some of you might recognise as the assumed codename for the latest Nexus phone. The price indicated? 34,982 rupees, which is roughly £349. This isn’t official right now, but if it’s accurate its slightly more than we’ve been used to with previous Nexus devices. If anything it might be that the upcoming handset is slightly more high-end than we’ve been used to, and considering how impressive the Nexus phones tend to be that’ll be quite something.

There’s no extra information on hardware specs, but the Nexus X is rumoured to have 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 805 processor, and a 5.2/5.9-inch display with QHD resolution. [Zauba via IB Times]