A video seemingly confirms the disappointing 1334 x 750 iPhone 6 resolution

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iphone 6 5s booting 640x480

Rumours indicating that the iPhone 6 resolution will be 1334 x 750 have been circulating for a while, but experts claim that a video recently released by Feld & Volk confirms the rather disappointing display.

The video shows off what is supposedly the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 connecting to iTunes, and developer Steve Troughton Smith claims that this proves the display that has been hypothesised in the past few weeks. Mac Rumours also investigated and claim to have come out with the same numbers.

While this resolution isn’t exactly bad, it’s disappointing that it barely exceeds 720p — especially when the competition (except the Samsung Galaxy Alpha) tends to release phones with resolutions of 1080p or above.

Let’s just hope that the 5.5-inch model has the rumoured 2208×1242 resolution. It’s not like we have long to wait until we find out though. [Ubergizmo]