Unhappy Arsenal fans tweet #WengerOut. But are they being fair?

Harry Finegold Football 4 Comments

Disappointed Arsenal fans have taken to Twitter to publicly share their opinions on Wenger. #WengerOut seems to be the main output from #afc fans at the moment (with a certain Piers Morgan as the ringleader), with a few loyal fans keeping their faith in their manager.

Does the Frenchman really deserve all the abuse he is getting? There seems to be a feeling that Wenger has yet again failed to strengthen the club in key areas where they have been lacking – most notably central midfield and upfront. In spite of this let’s not forget Sanchez and Chambers look like quality signings.

Here are a few of the many tweets from the enraged Arsenal fans, are they fair?

By Harry Finegold | September 1st, 2014

  • Pjgooner

    Arsenal and Wenger are a disgrace. The most arrogant club there is charging huge amounts for tickets, with no respect for their fans and no urge to win anything

  • Sahoo

    The fans are absolutely right in expressing their angst against Wenger. Wenger has no excuses and absolutely no place to hide this time. He had the full transfer window to sign a defensive midfielder and a lot of time to sign a center back but no one is going to be signed, mark my word. We’ll hear the same old excuses we tried but it is difficult to find players of real quality etc.

  • Holloway Road Chicken Shop

    No, they’re basically c***s with the two below amongst the vanguard of this select group. Missing out on Remy? Eff off; if we were interested in him and he chose the Russian’s roubles over us it shows he’s content to sit on their bench playing pocket billiards. I only hope that our rumoured interest meant that the club of racists had to stump up more money.

  • 2Bob

    The best signature Wenger could find for the club is his own at the bottom of his resignation letter.

    Just stay in Rome Wenger, you’re arrogant and clueless, and the club will be way better off without you, you’re dragging arsenal down. Just go!