Apparently Apple has considered a $400 iWatch price

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

Despite their relatively low price tag, smartwatches aren’t really as popular as smartphones and tablets, which has probably helped keep the prices low. Apple, on the other hand, has apparently been discussing whether or not to set the iWatch price at $400 (£241 directly converted), which means that they might be quite confident the wrist-borne gadget is going to sell quite well.

Bear in mind that directly converting a US retail price isn’t an exact science due to factors that include taxation and that fact that everything here is expensive. A £300 price tag would be more accurate, and that’s a lot for a smartwatch.

The main problem is that we have no idea what’s going on with the iWatch. The iPhone 6 may have suffered from so many leaks that we know exactly what’s inside it (probably), but that’s been the focus of everyone’s attention. Maybe a $400 price tag is well worth it because Apple has some amazing features lined up, or it could be that its expecting people to buy the iWatch out of nothing more than brand loyalty. That is if they have actually finalised that price, the execs could change their minds.

Sadly, sources at Re/code claim that the pricing won’t be revealed during next week’s press event, if the iWatch is even mentioned at all. [Re/code via BGR]