China Mobile is already accepting iPhone 6 pre-orders

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

Those of you desperate to get your hands on an iPhone 6 must be getting agitated knowing that the end is near, and pre-orders will most likely open very soon. Well in China it appears they’ve jumped the gun a bit, accepting iPhone 6 pre-orders well before the iPhone 6 has even been announced. 33,000 people have already placed their orders.

According to The China Daily, China’s most popular mobile network, China Mobile, has been giving people the option to pre-order either a 4.7- or 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6. No further information is available, just the screen size differentiating the two models. There aren’t even any pictures or release dates available either. That being said, The China Daily has predicted that users will receive their phones by the middle of this month. How they came to that conclusion is unclear.

Let’s just hope they don’t just get sent one of those Android-running knock-offs. [The China Daily via MacRumours]