Is Danny Welbeck ready to emulate Thierry Henry?

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Is Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck ready to emulate the success of Gunners hero, Theirry Henry?

Speaking to Sky Sports, Wenger admits his new signing has a long way to go if he wishes to emulate the success of former Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry, but has also stated he is pleased with his new signings progress.

“Look, give me some time, it is a bit early to say that when you look at the number of goals Thierry Henry scored,” said Wenger.

“I think Danny has an interesting potential and let’s see how he develops. He has a good mentality, good physical potential, technical potential and he contributes to our team play because he doesn’t lose the ball and those are important qualities. Thierry is a good act to follow and I have nothing against it.”

Welbeck went through many games without scoring, a player who thrives on confidence, Welbeck will be looking to add goals to his game at Arsenal in a more central role.

“He has played wide at Manchester United, never through the middle,” said Wenger.

“You lose a little bit of that instinct to score and also that pressure, which is a bit animalistic.”

“You need to be in the middle and wait for your chance to kill the opponent. On the flank you have less of that responsibility.”

“It’s not a question of potential, it is more a nervous problem because in training he scores goals like a real striker.”

“He rushed his finishing until now because he didn’t score.”

Will Welbeck be a success at Arsenal?