According to Google the best phishing scams have a 45 per cent success rate

Tom Pritchard Gadgets

For a lot of people it seems as though phishing scams are fairly easy to see through. You get a badly worded email from a bank you don’t have an account with and it takes you to a website that is slightly wrong. Well as it turns out a lot of people fall for them, because the best phishing scams have a 45 per cent success rate according to a study from Google.

The worst phishing scams only tend to have a miniscule three per cent success rate, but since millions of emails are sent out trying to dupe people those numbers soon add up.

It also looks as though the obvious culprits are the source of the emails, since the majority of phishing scams originate in China, Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa, and the Ivory Coast. Roughly 20 per cent of accounts are hijacked within 30 minutes, and have their information changed. From there, the majority of accounts are used to circulate emails asking for bank transfers (you know the ones) and false links hoping to hijack more personal information.

So how do you protect yourself? Google’s advice is to enable two-factor authentication on your accounts and to remain vigilant¬†when clicking on links in your emails.