Facebook’s made it easier to unfollow friends

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

Everyone has at least one Facebook friend who does nothing more than post s string of nonsense, or baby pictures, or things you just generally don’t care about. Luckily Facebook is making it easier for you to expel those people from your News Feed for good.

The new feature is called ‘News Feed Settings’, and it’ll show you the top pages, people, and groups that have appeared in your news feed in the past seven days, and let you sort them by post.

Then simply tap the arrow by any offending post and tell Facebook you don’t want to see it anymore. Facebook will then ask you if you want to see less from that person or if you’d prefer to hide all their posts altogether. If you ever change your mind, a list of the people you unfollowed will be kept safe in your settings meaning you can refollow them at any time.

The new feature is rolling out to Facebook’s main and mobile sites now, and will be available on the app in the next couple of weeks. Though, if you really have issue with a person or page it might be worth considering just unfriending them.