500 million people now use Facebook Messenger

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

When Facebook stripped messenger out of its mobile app in favour of a standalone offering it was not exactly welcomed by a large number of users. Well it seems that being forced into a new app has worked, because Facebook Messenger now has 500 million users.

Back in April only 200 million people used the stand-alone app, but since Facebook’s push to make users use the separate app back in July a further 300 million people have made the transition.

Mark Zuckerberg recently went on record to explain why Facebook decided to push people onto a separate app, citing the reason that the company wanted messenger to be a much better user experience than a tab within a different app.

The move still ended up with users giving Facebook Messenger a string of poor reviews that led the app’s rating to fall to one and half stars. Still, despite people’s resentment it seems that they still feel they have to send messages through Facebook on their mobiles — which ultimately works out in Facebook’s favour.