Steve Wozniak thinks Apple should’ve made a larger smartphone years ago

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the first time that Apple has really entered the business of large smartphones. Some people love that, and some people hate it. One surprising opinion came from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who thinks that Apple should’ve moved to larger screens three years ago.

Speaking with CNNMoney, Wozniak said that he believes Apple would currently have a much larger market share because offering a larger device would have helped the company compete with Samsung. He might have a point, because research from IDC shows that in the third quarter of 2014 Samsung had a 24 per cent market share compared to Apple’s 12 per cent. That is apparently including sales figures for the new iPhones.

Despite having helped create the company back in the day, Wozniak also confirmed that he doesn’t automatically support the Apple brand, instead choosing to try out different devices and see which suits him best. He likens tech to a ‘song’, and that you might be able to get the details from other people you can’t decide whether you like it until you listen to it yourself.

It’s interesting to hear that sort of opinion from Apple’s co-founder, especially given Steve Jobs’s famous claim that nobody would want to buy a larger smartphone. Of course they are two very different people and Wozniak doesn’t have shareholders to appease when he makes statements in public, unlike Steve Jobs or Tim Cook.

Image: Nichollas Harrison via Wikimedia Commons