Tottenham Hotspur – Club in crisis?! Klinsmann has his say

Gareth Thomas Football 4 Comments

Tottenham Hotspur fans perhaps began the Premier League campaign full of hope as Mauricio Pochettino was recruited to take the helm from Southampton and new signings seemingly had bedded in. However now Tottenham sit in 12th place after 11 games with just 14 points, many saying the club are in crisis.

The Independent carry quotes from Tottenham icon and current USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann as well as temperamental Spurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor who has criticised the club’s fans. We also want your views Tottenham fans, what are your thoughts on the players, management and guys upstairs are your club continues to flounder?

Emmanuel Adebayor is 30-years-old and initially joined Tottenham Hotspur on loan in 2011 before joining permanently a year later. His Spurs Premier League stats read 35 goals in 87 appearances but in recent times he has looked bored or not bothered by the club’s plight and his showings on the pitch have matched up to this attitude. Yesterday he was quoted talking about the Tottenham supporters saying: “It’s kind of hard when you know the first bad ball you make the fans are going to boo you.”

Adebayor connoted: “When you are playing in front of your own crowd you want them to support you. But now it is like going through a sad moment and your family not welcoming you home. That’s the worst thing ever because you have nowhere to go. At the moment I don’t know whether we should play at home or whether we should play away.” He also claims players don’t want the ball when playing at White Hart Lane but surely this admission does lead you to think the North Londoners are in crisis.

Jurgen Klinsmann played 41 Premier League matches for Tottenham Hotspur during his first spell at the club and then a further 15 on loan a few seasons later. Now the former midfielder has had his say on Head Coach Mauricio Pochettino:  “I wish Mauricio only the best, I think he’s a tremendous, talented coach. He’s shown that already. He’s got a smart brain.” He continued: “Every coach needs time to put his mark on an environment, on a club, on a national-team programme. Wherever you work, it’s only going to happen over time. Unfortunately, professional football is driven by short-term results.”

Klinsmann thinks Pochettino deserves time and transfer investment… Tottenham Hotspur fans, what are your views?