The ten Playstation games you should have on your Christmas list

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Christmas is on its way, and with Christmas comes gifts. Any Playstation gamer out there will be looking at the games that they can stick on the lists that they hand out to their friends and relatives. But what are the best games that you can get on a Playstation console? Which ones should you be looking into? Here’s our list of the ten games any Playstation owner should be asking for next month.

Destiny (PS3, PS4)

The best way to describe Destiny is a cross between World of Warcraft and Halo. Destiny is set in the far future after mankind has colonised the solar system and after a catastrophe known only as ‘the collapse’ which has left the human colonies in a post-apocalyptic state and humankind on the brink of extinction. You take the role of a Guardian, protectors of the last human city known only as ‘The City’. Your job is to head out to the colonies and fight back against the hostile alien races that have occupied them before they manage to take over The City and wipe out humankind for good.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS3, PS4)

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without a Call of Duty game popping up and dominating the world of online gaming once more. This time it takes a bit of a jump into the world of ‘advanced warfare’, with items like mechanical exoskeletons, futuristic weaponry, and the marvellous talents of Mr  Kevin Spacey as the game’s antagonist. This is your typical gaming affair, and is definitely one for fans of the franchise above all else. In any case the plot of Call of Duty games is always fairly interesting, so even if you’re not big on the whole multiplayer aspect of modern gaming then this is still one to look into.

Diablo 3 (PS3, PS4)

Another multiplayer-esque game, this time taking the role of a traditional fantasy RPG rather than a shooter. Set in a dark fantasy world called Sanctuary and focuses on an ominous prophecy found in ancient texts. One day a falling star strikes the cathedral where investigation into the prophecy is taking place, and it’s up to your character to investigate. If you’e a fan of previous games in the series, or you like RPG and quest-based games with a fantasy element, then this is one for you to check out.

The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)

A remastered version of the critically acclaimed PS3 game, with an upgrade to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. The Last of Us takes place in a post apocalyptic version of the USA, many years after a fungal outbreak turned infected victims into bizarre zombie-esque creatures. You take on the role of Joel, who is tasked with escorting a young girl across the USA to scientists because she happens to be immune to the infection and could be the saving grace of humanity. It’s a third-person game that involves aspects of stealth and shooting gameplay, usually giving the player a choice, with each aspect having various pros and cons. A lot of people have considered the game to one of the best games of all time, especially in terms of storytelling, so this is definitely one to play if you haven’t already.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3, PS4)

The third instalment in the Dragon Age series, this is a fantasy RPG set in the realm of Thedas. You take control of a protagonist that you get to customise however you like. The main focus of the story is the civil war that’s taking place between the mages and the templars, the former of which has been oppressed by the latter for centuries. You job is to end the war and quite literally save the world from impending destruction. Nne of this will make much sense unless you played the first two games, but if you have, or you’re a big fan of fantasy RPGs, then this is the game for you to put in your stocking.


GTA V has been out on the PS3 for quite some time, but the Xbox One version is superior in almost every way. This isn’t just your bog standard next-gen port either, true the game has had a massive graphical overhaul on the new console, but it also comes with a number of unique features that you won’t fond on the PS3. That includes a first person mode, which is new to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Set back in the city of Los Santos, GTA V follows three separate protagonists working together to pull off a jewellery heist to pay off a debt. But the typical GTA antics end up happening as that’s taking place.

Alien: Isolation (PS3, PS4)

Set as a sequel to the original Alien movie, and a sort-of prequel to Aliens, the game follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, working for the same company her mother did years previously in the hopes that she will find out what happened to her. Of course, this being an Alien game an Alien has to show up and wreak havoc. Somehow the creature popped up on the space station Sevastopol and killed most of the crew. Those left are incredibly hostile and will kill you at the slightest provocation. Unlike previous games this isn’t a first person shooter, it’s a first person stealth game. You have to complete your mission to recover the black box of the Nostromo while avoiding humans and the Alien. It does get creepy, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS3, PS4)

Set in the world of Lord or the Rings between the events of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, you take control of Talion a Gondorian ranger tasked with guarding the Black Gate of Mordor. Talion is killed in battle, but is resurrected by a wraith and imbued with special abilities that allow him to influence and manipulate his enemies. The purpose of the game is to enter Mordor and enact revenge against those who tried to murder Talion and killed his family using a mixture of stealth, combat, and his new supernatural abilities.

Far Cry 4 (PS3, PS4)

The fourth game in the Far Cry series, this time taking you to the fictional Himalayan region of Nepal called Kyrat. You take on the role of Ajay Ghale, a Kyrati-American who has returned home to scatter his mother’s ashes and by doing so he becomes embroiled in a civil war between forces loyal to the regions dictator Pagan Min and rebel forces of the Golden Path. The game is a first person shooter and the mountain region setting opens up a lot of new gameplay mechanics such as mountain climbing, aerial combat, and the opportunity to ride elephants. If that last one doesn’t make you want to play the game then I’m not sure what will.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS3)

It’s a sequel to the original Borderlands, and a prequel to Borderlands 2. So it’s a pre-sequel, hence the name. The game is a first person shooter and behaves much like every other Borderlands game in that it’s a first person shooter than features four player co-op by default. Unlike the previous games, which were set on the terrestrial world of Pandora, this game takes place in orbit around the planet, on both the plant’s moon and an orbiting space station. This means that you’re not stuck with standard point and shoot fun, you have to face challenges like running out of oxygen and fighting in low gravity environments. Just to mix things up a bit. You’ll definitely want this if you’re a Borderlands fan, but if you like sci-fi shooters and have three other friends to play with then this is right up your street.