Spurs to snap up Saints head of recruitment

Oliver Baines Football 3 Comments

The transfer window may not be open again until January, but have Spurs pulled off one of the best signings today? Southampton’s head of recruitment, Paul Mitchell has been snapped up for Tottenham after they saw the fine work he’s done at St Mary’s.

After Gareth Bale was sold to Real Madrid, Spurs went trigger happy and began snapping up players from across the world, however, fans would suggest there was a lack of care in who was signed by the club. It appears, Daniel Levy has identified Mitchell as a man who can aid Spurs revival this January.

The former Wigan and MK Dons player, Mitchell has already worked closely with Mauricio Pochettino when he was at Southampton and now is ready to jump ship and re-join the Argentine manager at Tottenham.

When Southampton’s mass exodus over the summer spiralled out of control, Saints fans were condemning their club to relegation. Alas, the work of Paul Mitchell helped Ronald Koeman acquire some of the best talents across Europe and has helped fire his side into second place in the Premier League.

According to Sky Sports, Mitchell is set to complete a move to Spurs imminently as he looks to re-create the same set-up he adopted at Southampton. Can Spurs benefit from recruiting Paul Mitchell to White Hart Lane?


By Oliver Baines | November 18th, 2014

  • eurosaint

    Difficult question about whether they can benefit. Will they look back in 3 – 5 years and think “glad we did that”? Potentially, yes. But in the meantime, will they find enough people to buy the failing players from them in January? Probably not.
    Will they be able to find many players in the summer, willing to join a club that’s destined to float outside of the top 6? Depends how much money they throw at them.
    Will they get results by throwing their money around? It hasn’t worked yet, so probably not.

    It’s a step in the right direction, but the reason it works at Southampton is because the club has been setup to be run well from the ground up. Unfortunately Spurs have a very long way to go, to achieve that.
    In recruitment terms, they’re doing the same as Liverpool did when they bought all of those players from Southampton. You can bring in names and pay them money, but you can’t buy the mentality that is instilled in people at Southampton.

  • sheikh352

    For a moment, there, you had me going! I thought we were about to get rid of Baldini!

  • bbb001

    Levy just doesn’t get it, its not about individuals at Southampton, you make it sound like he is responsible for everything thats good at SFC. Word of warning Mitchell brought in Osvaldo when working with Poxytino, how did that work out