Cardiff’s Vincent Tan slams Wigan’s Whelan & Mackay

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Cardiff City’s controversial owner Vincent Tan has waded into the debate surrounding Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan and the club’s new manager Malky Mackay. BBC Sport carry the quotes from Tan who famously sacked Mackay from Cardiff City in December 2013.

Tan has not withheld his thoughts over the appointment of Malky Mackay as Wigan boss, especially following perceived racist comments from Dave Whelan. Tan said: “I think he insulted the dignity of all Jewish people. I think he insulted the dignity of Chinese…This is a racist chairman hiring a racist manager, I hope that stops at two racists in Wigan, not snowballing to 2,000 or 20,000 racists in Wigan”. Tan went on to say: “Mr Whelan and Wigan do not know yet what more is coming for this man they have just hired. They will, I believe, regret hiring him.”

This slamming of Whelan comes after the 77-year-old told a national newspaper that “Jewish people chase money more than everybody else” and he also made some offensive comments towards Chinese people using the word “chink”. This followed a storm that brewed against Wigan Athletic after they sacked Malky Mackay, despite an FA investigation still taking place against the Scotsman for texts and emails revealed from his time in South Wales.

Malky Mackay was appointed Cardiff City manager in June 2011 and took charge of 125 games, winning 54 and earning promotion to the Premier League as champions of the Championship in 2012/13. After his sacking in December 2013 his club conducted an investigation into texts sent between him and his Head of Recruitment Iain Moody. The allegations led to a withdrawal of a job offer from Crystal Palace and an apology from Mackay as he attended a diversity course.

Tan has been clear than the FA must hit both Whelan and Mackay hard for this, he said: “The FA must understand that the whole world is watching.” He asked the question of the FA’s power: “Will it be a regulator on football matters with teeth or a toothless regulator?”

Vincent Tan has perhaps spoken some of the words of football fans across Britain today. Should Wigan Athletic have hired Malky Mackay? Should the FA come down hard of Dave Whelan following his comments?