Football Manager set to be used as homework?!

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Ever lost a whole day sitting in front of your laptop screen hypnotised under the influence of Football Manager? Lose sleep over the potential players you could be signing? Felt the heart ache of a Cup Final defeat? Dressed up for the Champions League final? Yes, you must be a Football Manager addict.

Does your Mum yell at you to “turn that stupid game off”? Well my friends, that could all change now after a teacher has proposed that games such as Football Manager could be used in PE classes in North-east schools according to the Evening Express.

The potential plans were discussed at a meeting by the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education, if agreed upon, Scotland could see Football Manager in its curriculum and used as homework!

The concept was brought forward by Len Almond who sees the world wide sensation hit, used for educational purposes.  Mr Almond said: “Games such as Football Manager are a very good way to get people to understand football and the role it has in our society.”

Meanwhile, Football Manager themselves used Twitter to join in the commotion…

Football Manager fans across the country will be loving the fact they now have an excuse to play the game religiously!