“Rodgers has three games left” – Grobbelaar

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Brendan Rodgers has three games left to turn things around at Anfield says former Reds keeper, Bruce Grobelaar. Grobbelaar, who won six league titles with Liverpool from 1984-1991, says he is losing patience with Rodgers despite being a fan of the Northern Irishman.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Grobelaar said, “If he doesn’t do anything in another three weeks, I think the Americans [owners Fenway Sports Group] could do something about it,” Grobbelaar said.

“I have always backed Brendan Rodgers but quite frankly, lately, I am starting to slip away.” Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Ludogorets last night just about summed up this season for the Reds. Liverpool endured a topsy turvey game in which defensive errors once again cost them dearly. Another matter that Grobelaar has openly admitted needs to be amended.

“He doesn’t command his area,”said the 57-year-old Grobbelaar, referring to Liverpool stopper, Simon Mignolet.

“I’ve likened Mignolet to worse than Dracula because at least Dracula comes out of his coffin now and then. He seems to stay on his line and that’s it. That whole area, not just the six-yard area, is the goalkeeper’s.

“I would give Brad Jones a chance to see if he can come to the party and put Mignolet on the bench. Then in the January window I am going to find a goalkeeper who can come in and shore up the back.

“Any team that lets in 50 goals should never be in second position in the first place,” Grobbelaar said. “That was masked and brushed over because of the brilliance of Suarez and Sturridge, scoring you so many goals.”

“You have got to shore up the back. Get yourself someone in goal who can actually only let in 30 goals a season, or fewer than 30 goals.”

So the former Liverpool hero as delivered his verdict. Rodgers has three games left to prove his worth, whilst the Reds must improve their defensive record immediately.

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