Liverpool offer Steven Gerrard a new contract

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Liverpool have offered skipper, Steven Gerrard a new contract according to TEAMtalk.

The former England captains current deal ends in the summer, meaning he is free to sign a pre-contract with another club in January. However, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has revealed he has offered Gerrard a new contract, but insists its a big decision for the 34-year-old.

“For Steven, for everything that he’s done here in the 16 years here, he’s a man that deserves the utmost respect and should be given that time to consider it, because it’s a big move,” said the Liverpool manager.

“There are probably many things that Steven will have to think about in a decision like this, but it certainly won’t be money. I’ve spoken to him often and at length and that won’t be the case.”

Gerrard started on the bench against Stoke last weekend ahead of speculation insisting the two had a spat. However, Rodgers has been quick to quash all such rumours.

“One thing is clear, I love working with Steven Gerrard, he’s arguably the best player who’s ever played in the Premier League. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of working with him here and I hope that continues, but I need to give him the opportunity to think as long as it takes in order to decide what he wants to do next.

“I saw some things on Sunday which were unfortunate in terms of rift between him and I, but if there were two words I would use to describe our relationship it would be ‘honesty’ and ‘respect’.

“He’s been an outstanding player – it’s not so much the number of games that he plays now, it’s the level of the game and that’s something that I’ll work with him and look at.”

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