QPR’s Joey Barton reveals death threat letter

Oliver Baines Football Leave a Comment

QPR midfielder, Joey Barton has revealed he received a death threat via a letter when playing for Marseille last season, in France. BBC News reported that Barton had posted a picture of the letter on social media to show everyone what what he had to put up with.

The letter was addressed to Marseille’s training ground, La Commanderie, where he spent most of the 2012-2013 season.

Barton Tweeted – “Found some old “fan mail”. Amazing what some people consider “A little friendly advice” these days…?

The letter reads: “A little friendly advice: as soon as you finish your season in your current club, I advice you to leave France immediatly [sic]. “In fact, if you’re not left France before June 1st, I will come to you specially Marseille smash your head shots baseball bat.”

It goes on to describe how Barton’s body will be found, using expletives. A name and address for the purported sender is included on the letter, which is signed. The former Manchester City man later tweeted: “Not sure what’s more offensive, the grammar or the intent?”

Footballers put up with all kinds of abuse, but this is too much.