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Trapper hats make a comeback

By admin on September 2nd, 2008

[Picture from Facehunter]

It’s time for us all to start dressing like Lightspeed Champion. Seriously. Take a look at any highstreet store and you’re bound to see a mixture of chunky cardigans, clear lens glasses and trapper hats. Add these together and you have Lightspeed Champion’s look. Out of these three defining pieces, the trapper hat is the one that looks to make a big comeback.

As usual, Topman are quickest off the mark, covering all bases of the trapper hat from (fake) fur hats to Number Nine-like knitted ones. ASOS are also stocking up on trapper hats, with three currently in stock; even River Island’s online store – usually pretty threadbare – has a trapper hat available. [You can check these hats for yourself after the jump]

Given that it’s only the start of September, it’s fair to say that this will be a key headpiece for this season. The only question is whether Lightspeed Champion will carry on wearing them when he sees so many people copying his style.

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More from L.A Gear

By Jonathan Smith on September 2nd, 2008


This morning we heard of L.A Gear’s return, and now I can bring you more information including an interview with the girls who brought the company back from the grave, all courtesy of those bloody helpful chaps and chapettes over at Sneaker Freaker!

L.A Gear has teamed with Patta and Club Zonder Filter to bring you the ostentatious Fireball, pictured above. Loud and proud the Fireball has many details that will appeal to the lady sneaker freak, although there is no news on a release of a guys version I’m sure if you cut off the bow on the heel no one will ever know!

Check out the interview with Kristel and Josine and further information on L.A Gear here, also check out the L.A Gear website here, it unfortunately doesn’t yet have a product catalogue, though by the looks of things there is one on the way with releases for both mens and ladies.

[Image: Sneaker Freaker]

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V&A’s Cold War Modern badge collection

By admin on August 29th, 2008

cold war modern v&a badge collection.jpg
There’s nothing like a good badge to add a bit of interest to your outfit. I’m not talking about those cheesy badges you get from head shops when you’re 14 but more the homemade, pictoral and arty make a nice little addition to a plain top or tee.
The V&A’s Cold War Modern badge collection is near perfect with slogans like ‘Blast’ and ‘Fall-out’ and my favourite, a pigeon. Who doesn’t love pigeons? At the bargain price of £3 they’re well worth the purchase and will look a lot better than your usual ‘take me to your dealer’ cobblers.

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Posthumously cool with Robert Geller and Marcello Mastroianni

By Jonathan Smith on August 27th, 2008


Marcello Mastroianni, the celebrated actor and style icon has a new posthumous string to his bow being the inspiration for Robert Geller’s line of eye glasses from his A/W 08 collection.

Being cool is no easy feat so give yourself a leg up the ladder of style with eye wear usually reserved only for dead Italian actors, but be quick because by the looks of things they are almost entirely pre-ordered up. Available for pre-order over at Blackbird.

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Bobby Womack: Making square glasses look good

By admin on August 21st, 2008

[Click picture to enlarge]

While the term style icon is overused, I would like to nominate Bobby Womack up for the entirely made up award of coolest glasses wearer. His overall style wasn’t amazing, but he wore square glasses better than anyone I’ve seen (not that I’ve seen many people wearing square glasses).

After reading his autobiography, I felt compelled to anoint him with this title. Aside from wearing glasses well, Womack’s worked with, toured with or played for everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Sam Cooke to Janis Joplin. In fact he was the second to last person to see Joplin before she died (the last was her dealer, according to Womack). He was also the inspiration behind ‘Mercedes Benz’ and convinced Sam Cooke to not release ‘A change is gonna come’ (it was only released after Cooke died).

With clear glasses getting more popular by the day, why not step outside the box and follow in the footsteps of Mr Womack?


River Island coral tie

By admin on August 15th, 2008

river island coral tie.jpg
Cheap and cheerful this tie is a quick fix to brighten up your wardrobe, the bright coral is such a good colour.

Ok so it’s polyester and you might get bored of the colour but as a wardrobe pick-me-up it’s second to none. At only £9.99 from River Island it’s definitely worth a punt, taking your outfit from normal to formal never looked this good.

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Valet profile Alexander Olch

By admin on August 14th, 2008

alexander och valet interview ties.jpg
By the time he graduated from high school Alexander Olch was in possession of an impressive collection of 300 ties. He started off life as a film student but when he gave out ties as a wrap present to the cast the requests from friends started coming in and he’s not looked back since.

His website features a selection of ties that physically made me drool, and I don’t even wear ties! The crispness of the superfine wools and the soft weaves of the tweeds are pure eye-candy. To read more about Olch and his love for ties check out the feature at Valet


Anthony Peto trilbies under £40 at Matches

By admin on August 7th, 2008

matches_apetohat.jpgFor those considering a late purchase, there’s still enough summer left to get in an adequate amount of hat-wearage. have recently suggested the masses switch things up by trying a bowler, although A Continous Lean is encouraging hat eradication altogether (along with Wayfarers)

Matches, winding up its summer sale, is making the choice a little easier by offering a range of Anthony Peto trilbies down £70 to a very reasonable £38. Pick one up and head down to the nearest festival before the sun disappears for another year. Just leave your Ray Bans at home.

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Justin Timberlake puts Ashton Kutcher (and his trucker cap) back in their place

By Kimberley Foster on July 30th, 2008

jt_fashionrockscover.jpgJustin Timberlake has lashed out at Ashton Kutcher over who was first responsible for making trucker caps cool. Yes, really.

The twinkle-toed singer made the call in an article for Vanity Fair’s Fashion Rocks supplement, where he claims that he and William Rast buddy, Trace Ayala, should be credited for starting the trend, and not the Punked! host.

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A Vintage Find: My Retro Sunnies from Rokit

By Will Reid on July 29th, 2008

vintage.jpgI’m currently down in London, lapping up the (dubious) sunshine and attempting to dress in a way befitting of the cramped, and quite frankly torturous, morning tube journey. Turns out they’re not too pleased about being next to someone wearing a blazer with Margiela-esque shoulderpads. Basically, the heat is ridiculous and so yesterday I wondered into Convent Garden and bought some vintage sunglasses at Rokit.

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Hats of Meat, animals you wear on your head

By admin on July 25th, 2008

hats of meat baseball cap beef pork yarmulke.jpg
Click image to enlarge

Just because it’s Friday, we bring you the awesomeness that is Hats of Meat. Choose from a brisket yarmulke, pork chop fedora or be a leader of the pack and send in a picture of your own carnivorous creations.
You might think these people are simply horsing around, but no they are in fact upholding a centuries-old tradition of meat wearing which started with Montezuma’s “sombrero de la pollo in the 14th century.


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WISHLIST: Stephen Jones ‘Cactus’ Beanie

By Will Reid on July 22nd, 2008

Cactus.jpgStephen Jones, the milliner extraordinaire and all-round fashion hero, has just released his collection for Spring/Summer 2008 and it is the ‘Cactus Hat’ from this ‘Desert Rose’ JonesBoy collection that takes place as the 19th thing on our WISHLIST.

The ‘Cactus Hat’ is a mixture of wool and beads and shows a desert landscape (or at least the kind of desert where each cactus plant is perfectly tipped with a vibrant orange bead.) So who needs the summer? We might not be getting any sun but now you can wear the season on your head while actually staying warm.

Cactus Beanie, From £90, Stephen

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Timo printed wallets available on asos soon!

By admin on July 18th, 2008

timo wallet subway new york.jpgClick on image to enlarge

Launching on asos next month (is it just me or are they one of the best menswear e-tailers at the moment?) is the exciting range of Timo wallets.

Created by New York-based artist Timo Weiland the wallets are slim and simply designed but come in a range of photo-quality prints which range from illustrations to graphics and pixelated images. Weiland also has a specially commissioned collection by Icelandic artist Frosti örn Gnarr Gunnarsson (pictured bottom right).

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Koffski shoulder bags

By admin on July 11th, 2008

murse13.jpgAre you a man who constantly needs to reaffirm his masculinity? Then you’ll love these gun holster shaped Koffski shoulder bags. According to the official website Koffski users are “elegant and resolute, exuding an air of confidence. Women will just love him”. As we all know, the picture of elegance is a man pretending he has a gun.

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WISHLIST: Topman Blue Signet Ring

By Will Reid on July 10th, 2008

bluesignet.jpgNow, I’m not really a jewellery kind of guy and apart from my vintage Omega watch and ragged friendship bracelets I really don’t indulge in the decoration of my exterior.

However, I do quite like this signet ring from Topman and the mixture of edgy ‘blue metal’ and classic signet ring is undoubtedly cool. It would require little other jewellery but would work perfectly with silver pieces such as necklaces and mangles (that’s bangles for those less acquainted with strange fashion-lingo.)

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