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Yoshida x Mug Bag collection

By admin on June 27th, 2008

mugxyoshida.jpgWhenever you usually see a bag collection there’s a standout bag and some duds. That isn’t the case with this Yoshida and Mug collaboration. All of the colours are wearable and I’d even consider getting the tote version – although they’re still attached to femininity in my mind.

Making a change from all the Japanese stuff I usually post, this collection is available in England – Dover Street market to be specific. Prices start from around £100.


Heat pressed bags

By admin on June 27th, 2008

Despite this amount of organic jeans available, there still isn’t much in the way of eco-friendly bags. If you’re looking to save the planet through your bag purchases, you’ll be interested in these heat pressed bags by Gregor Timlin. The design came about because Timlin wanted to make a bag that was eco friendly and inexpensive to manufacture.

While the methods behind this bag are impressive, right now they’re the bag equivalent of those MBT shoes – practical but hideous. Unlike the MBT’s, it’s just a prototype, so there’s still time for the bag to change its look.


Tusting leather tote from Browns

By admin on June 26th, 2008

tusting leather tote browns.jpgCotton bags are becoming so ubiquitous these days I’m on the brink of cutting all mine up into strips and weaving them into some sort of über-tote.

A far better idea is Tusting’s leather bag from Browns, much more of an über tote than any half-assed craft project I’ve ever made. The bitter chocolate colour is versatile and chicer than plain black and simple design stays true to its humble tote roots. It comes with a pretty serious price tag (£245) but the subtle style will last you for years.

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Sugarkane asymmetrical glasses will fit your wonky face nicely

By admin on June 20th, 2008


They say facial beauty is all about symmetry, don’t they? In which case, these asymmetrical specs will be perfect for the remaining, ugly 95% of the population. They’re by Sugarkane, and the quirky frame isn’t all they have to recommend them.

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Nooka Zoov Gold Watch

By admin on June 20th, 2008

nookagoldwatch.pngLupe Fiasco has a lot to answer for. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been on the lookout for gold watches lately and I came to the conclusion that his song called, um, ‘Gold Watch’ has subconsciously influenced me.

The major problem with most gold watches is that they’re usually ‘utility’ watches, made for the kind of man who likes to pretend that he’s in the army and needs to know how many metres underwater his watch can go. This Nooka watch is for a realistic person, who just wants his watch to look nice. Get it from the Nooka website for £156.

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When We Were Casuals – for all your Fila, Reebok and, um, deerstalker needs

By admin on June 19th, 2008

deerstalker.jpgSay what you like about 80s football hooligans, but even while they were battering people’s heads in with metal poles, they had style. Or that’s the popular perception nowadays anyway – I’m sure they couldn’t ALL have been clad in Lacoste. Of course we don’t call this style of dress hooliwear, or whatever – it’s “terrace fashion”, sweetheart.

When We Were Casuals is a site that caters to the gentleman who likes his Fila, Adidas and Barbour gear. Yes, you can find Reebok Classics there, but you can also get some slightly more unusual bits and bobs – howsabout a Christy’s Deerstalker with silk lining? You know it’s just the thing you need to finish off your outfit. Only £40, too.


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Moscot Nebb Glasses

By admin on June 19th, 2008

Like colourful glasses but hate Wayfarers? Then check out these limited edition Moscot Nebb glasses. The result of a collaboration with designer Chris Benz, these are what wayfarers would look like if they had some more class.

Like all true limited editions, there are only 200 of each pair available in both sunglass and prescription style. The Moscot site even lets you choose the colour of your lenses so if you’ve always wanted a pair of purple sunglasses with yellow lenses, now’s your chance.

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WISHLIST: Prada Lifestyle Sets

By Will Reid on June 16th, 2008

prada.jpgWhile most men opt for the safe bet of ties, socks and other traditional Father’s Day gifts, I have always wanted to get something better. I spend weeks and months searching for something perfect in its masculine luxury, but when your dad works for Tesco’s your options are sadly limited. As a result, I often end up presentless and apologetic by the Third Sunday of June (like today, for instance.)

I was a fan of Isabelle’s ‘Caviar’ ties but only this afternoon (how horrendously cruel is that?) found these Prada Lifestlye sets.

Cards, Shoe Shining, Airline Comfort Kits- check out all these great belated gift options at

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Pantherella purple socks

By admin on June 12th, 2008

pantherella socks.jpgIf you’re into the trouser turn up trend, you’ll know that wearing turn ups with socks was supposed to be a massive taboo. Most fashion followers have paid no attention to this rule, instead taking it as an opportunity to show off their fancy socks. These Pantherella purple socks would make a great addition to any sock drawer.

These are great for time when you want an outfit to clash in a subtle manner. If you have an outfit based on navy blue, purple socks match perfectly with them – giving off the effect that you make an effort but you don’t try too hard. You can get these from Start for £12.


Casio Calculator watch

By admin on June 6th, 2008

casiowatch.jpgWhilst I do love all the watches we’ve featured on Brandish, they’re all a bit…serious. They all fit the bill when you’re trying to smarten up an outfit, but what about when you’re trying to loosen up a little? At times like this, it would be nice to contrast a smart-ish ensemble with a playful retro watch – like this Casio watch.

There’s lots of things to love about this watch. It’s cheap at £28, the rubber strap is more comfortable than a metal one and most importantly, it has a calculator. I can’t think of any time where I felt I’ve needed a calculator, but it’s nice to have the option.


Steven Alan Weekend bag

By admin on June 3rd, 2008

orange bag.jpgBags are usually available in muted tones as people seek to match it with as many items as possible. In those times when you want a bit of colour contrast you may need a bag that stands out a little more. That’s where this Steven Alan bag comes in.

It’s surprisingly versatile for an orange bag, lending itself to any splash of colour based outfit. The size of the bag means it’s best for either a night over or a heavy shopping trip and it looks particularly fetching with the nautical look. It’s available from Oki-Ni for £99.


It’s time to branch out with these Marks and Spencers socks

By admin on June 3rd, 2008

colourful socks.jpgIt’s easy to assume that socks shopping will be easy. You assume that stores will have socks with designs and plain socks, all in a variety of colours and made from good quality cotton that won’t get a hole in a couple of weeks. Sadly this isn’t the case. When this happens you have to branch out.

Although I would never usually go there, M&S have some great colourful socks that are well made and downright cheap. This assorted pack of socks cost £10 and come in sky and navy blue, red and pink.

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By Will Reid on May 28th, 2008

trilby3.jpgThis week I happen to be in the rather happening city of Mumbai. This former Bombay is, according to US Vogue, the new “It-City” but after landing yesterday I must admit that the gruelling heat wave soon quashed my hopes of glamour and a jet-set style wardrobe. In my stone grey Topman shorts, white belt, Karate Kid t-shirt and flip-flops I realised I was missing something and as soon as I stepped into the light of Indian sun I realised that what I needed was a hat. In my opinion, the trilby is a classic ruined by our own style icons but Browns is trying to change this and the CA4LA collection they have started to stock has a great variety of classic hats with a modern twist. My fave is this hat above with blue brim, white trim and black crown. With badge and feather included, what’s to stop you from pulling a Geldof and strutting out of airport lounges stealing bottles of wine (that’s an actual observation.)

Trilby, £135, Browns

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Caviar print ties from Etsy

By admin on May 27th, 2008

toybreaker silk caviar tie bsd.jpg
Expressing yourself through the medium of a necktie is a dangerous thing. Thankfully Toybreaker’s screenprinted ties are million miles away from the novelty Winnie the Pooh/Simpsons/Taz/Whatever ties that you see reluctantly balding middle managers wearing on the tube into work.
The Caviar range depicts a smattering of your finest fish eggs over slim silk (but crucially, not skinny) ties. There are four colourways to choose from, Beluga, Salmon, Sturgeon and Wasabi Tobikko and colours have been Pantone-matched. Buy them now on Esty at the discounted rate of $75.


Beard mask will shield your shame

By admin on May 27th, 2008

beardwear beard cover.jpgBeing a woman I’ve never had to cope with beard angst, moustache angst maybe, but I totally feel for you if you have a smooth babysoft chin and crave manly face fur.

Which is why I’ve unearthed this beard cover to hide your shame (39 EUR). It’s the brainchild of Aamu Song and Johan Olin, two Finns who make a variety of exciting things. I think it doubles up as a nifty tan template, wear it all summer for an oddball tan line which will detract from your bald visage.


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