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Liberty Embossed Leather Holdall

By admin on May 23rd, 2008


As far as I know, Liberty of London didn’t have an online accessories store until fairly recently. It’s pretty slim pickings at the moment but these embossed leather holdalls half-caught my eye. I say half caught my eye because while I do like the shape and design of the bag there’s just something off with the bag.

I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s wrong with this bag – apart from the £395 starting price – but there’s a very strong whiff of ‘tasteless Russian billionaire’ about it. If you can get past that smell, then you can get these from the Liberty online store.


Maharishi sample sale

By admin on May 21st, 2008


If you like Maharishi and are in London, then you’ll be pleased to hear that they’ve got a sample sale going on from now till the first of June. For a sample sale, it’s running for a pretty long time – but I’m sure that’s to accommodate for people who might be waiting till payday. Check after the jump for the directions.

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Sometimes it is too late to hop on the bandwagon…

By admin on May 21st, 2008


These are for the kind of person who thinks Razorlight are the greatest band in the world, reads FHM and thinks that Kanye West geezer has some great tunes. If you’ve ever wanted to look out of touch with pop culture, then you can get these shutter shades from ASOS.


Arlington leather messenger bag

By admin on May 20th, 2008


For some bizarre reason, I’ve been fixated on finding the perfect leather messenger bag. I really can’t explain why, but I think my subconscious has decided on a look that hasn’t reached my conscious brain yet. Getting away from the inner workings of my mind, this Arlington leather messenger bag is perfect for whatever look my brain has decided for me. It would also look good for those days when you’ve had enough of a black messenger bag.

Another important point to mention is that this bag costs £65, which is a, dare I say it, cheap price for a leather bag. It’s not Primark prices, but you’re unlikely to see a bag of this quality for this price.


Monocle x Comme des Garçons: Scent One – Hinoki review

By admin on May 19th, 2008

monoclehinoki.jpgNew male fragrances that aren’t endorsed by David Beckham are pretty rare these days, so it’s refreshing to see a magazine like Monocle decide to make one. Given the care they’ve taken in designing their magazine and website, it’s an almost certainly that that Hinoki will be given the same amount of care and attention.

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Go all Clark Kent with these glasses

By admin on May 19th, 2008

optic glasses.jpg

If you’ve been suitably superhero inspired, you’ll know that the starting point is the specs. While metallic blues look great on their own, geeky spectacles give it an extra boost. These Salt Alec glasses transform any Joe Schmoe into Clark Kent, who dressed much better than Superman.

While these are great for all those who do need glasses, if you don’t you might feel like a fraud. Just how a lot of people feel like idiots wearing sunglasses – preferring to squint when they walk down the street – you’d surely feel a bit silly pretending to need glasses. If you can get past that then these are retailing from £142.

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WISHLIST: River Island Marvel Cap

By Will Reid on May 14th, 2008

riverislandmarvel.jpgNow I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one disappointed with Met Gala-attending celebrities lack of Superhero costume inspiration. In fact, Zac Posen was the only attendee who matched up to my high standards of fancy-dress. Therefore, I was delighted when I came across this River Island cap with Marvel Comic decoration (Persil, Armani, River Island- what isn’t Marvel on at the moment!) The only River Island I have ever entered outside the realm of cyber-space was in Fife, Scotland and the fact that the staff could collectively set up a tattoo and piercing parlour helped me to never return. Add to this that I was once told I don’t have a “hat-face,” I was understandably cautious of putting this on my WISHLIST. No longer shall I worry as this cap has enough Wham! Zap! Pow! to last me at least another month of pretending I could wear it.

Marvel Cap, £12.99, River Island


Adidas Fieldwork Bag

By admin on May 13th, 2008

adidasbag.jpgAdidas Originals have always had great accessories but you’d have to be quick off the mark to get them. Most of their pieces don’t even reach the official website, so it’s hard to find a bag like this Adidas fieldwork bag.

The styling is clean and timeless, giving the bag a longevity that check-laden bags don’t have. The problem with bags made from this material is that it can’t really cope with heat well. For example, if you’re wearing shorts, it’s likely to start sticking to your legs. Despite this, this bag is an investment as opposed to a trend-led buy and you’ll be using it for years to come.

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Ksubi x Kanye sunglasses collection

By admin on May 8th, 2008


It’s rare to see a hip-hop artist so readily accepted by the fashion elite like Kanye West has been. The only other contender is Andre 3000. However, Mr. West is on a level of his own when it comes to designer collaborations. In addition to his Air Yeezys, his clothing label Pastelle also has an upcoming sunglasses collection with Ksubi.

While they look great, they also look pretty similar to the American Apparel sunglasses Isabelle posted yesterday. As the amount of sunglass designs are limited at best, this usually wouldn’t be a problem. But seeing as the AA glasses are going for £30 and Ksubi’s own glasses are retailing at around £100, it’s a bit ridiculous to try and sell these for $2000. If price is no object to you, then you can get these from October.

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Penfield Oxon bag

By admin on May 7th, 2008


Whilst leather bags are great and all, there’s just something very un-summery about them. The material is pretty heavy and doesn’t cope with hot weather very well. Canvas, on the other hand, is a lighter material and copes much better in the sun. If you’ve been trying to complete a couple of looks, then look no further this Penfield oxon bag.

Available in college professor-like brown and nautical stripes, these bags have the added bonus of being able to complete two separate looks. If you’ve been slowly building on your nautical look, then this will the piece that will finish it off and all for a pretty reasonable £50.

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Topman Classic Sunglasses range

By admin on April 25th, 2008

topman linda farrow sunglasses aviator wayfarer.jpg

It’s almost but not quite spring, which means it’s time to stock up on madras shirts, short shorts and sunglasses. Topman are on the case, they have launched a range of sunnies in conjunction with Linda Farrow called ‘The Classic Sunglasses’.
As well as Linda Farrow the four other guest designers this season are Bernard Wilhelm, Oliver Spencer, Kim Jones and 0044. You can’t currently get the Kim Jones ones online but fear not I have it on good authority (aka the Topman press office) that there will be a delivery next week .

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Jil Sander leather & mesh holdall

By admin on April 17th, 2008

jilsandermesh.jpgWhilst perusing Oki-Ni recently, I came across what has instantly became one of my favourite pieces from S/S ’08.

This navy Jil Sander leather/mesh holdall will leave all your stuff open to the elements (and prying eyes), but who cares? It looks amazing. At £979 though, it’ll take a few ‘finance re-adjustments’ before I can get my hands on it.

More pics after the jump

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Comb your moustache in an unsettling manner

By admin on April 17th, 2008

moustache necklace comb.jpg
We’re of a slightly follicular bent today, I’m trying to persuade Will to get a flat-top (he’s got youth and good looks on his side so I don’t know what’s stopping him!) and now I’m bringing you a comb for your moustache.
I imagine there would be nothing more unsettling than the sight of someone calmly combing their moustache but this little comb is actually quite cool. It’s $120 from Makool and is solid sterling silver.


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‘Marc Jacobs Surplus’ recycled military goods

By admin on April 13th, 2008

militarymarc.jpgMarc Jacobs has tapped back into the military theme that inspired some of Marc by Marc’s S/S collection last year, with a new range of recycled military goods.

Previews of the ‘Marc Jacobs Surplus’ line include this M-65 and German Mountain duffel bag. The duffel looks great, but might be hard to pull off without looking like you’ve just come back from tour of duty.

Reasonably priced, as you come to expect from M. by M., the jacket is $79 and the bag is $65.


Leather accessories, courtesy of Tanner

By admin on April 8th, 2008

tanner.jpgMore bags, this time they’re from TANNER. Cut, sewn and handstitched from single hides, the messengers are constructed to be ‘functionally sound, utilitarian, and durable’. So rather good then. Since they’re handmade from scratch, custom adjustments can be made for pocket sizes or stitch colour. Of course, all the fun in owning a bag like this is watching the leather mature over time – well worth the investment.

Tanner good & accessories, including their expanded range of belts and wallets…

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