Fila Bowling Bag

Fila look to follow in the footsteps of
Puma, creating accessories that are fashionable enough for independent stores
and accessible enough for Footlocker to stock it.

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adminFila Bowling Bag

Christmas Wish# 4: More bags! Energie ‘funk it’ up

Energie, a brand I seem to be featuring a lot lately, were known first and foremost for their impeccable bags. Their most famous design is this ‘funk it’ bag which has become a staple of their collections, even with that awful name. All names that are plays on swearwords should have been banned since FCUK came out with all those …

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adminChristmas Wish# 4: More bags! Energie ‘funk it’ up

Christmas Wish List #2: Zillion Caps

Dear Father Christmas, I have been a very good boy this year. I have been going to bed on time without making a fuss and have not argued with my sister once. Therefore, I think I deserve one of Zillion’s kimono fabric caps, like this one pictured. Zillion is the brain child of French photographer David Guarino, who scours Tokyo …

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adminChristmas Wish List #2: Zillion Caps

Christmas wish list #3: Longchamp /Michel Gaubert

DJ Michel Gaubert has a hard life. When he’s not djing at one of the world’s most exclusive fashion shows, he’s djing at one of the world’s most exclusive parties. And when he’s not doing that, he’s designing bags for an exclusive high end label. Like I say, a tough life. The lifestyle of an international DJ necessitates a lot …

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adminChristmas wish list #3: Longchamp /Michel Gaubert

Christmas wish#1: That Mariah Carey song banned and this Paul Smith Scarf

Don’t you hate it when people just talk about what they want for Christmas? It’s all me, me, me. Who gives a flying baboon what other people want? I was recently looking at other scarves to get myself and I realised that since I bought a cashmere scarf, I’ve turned into a totalitarian scarf snob. I can’t accept anything less …

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adminChristmas wish#1: That Mariah Carey song banned and this Paul Smith Scarf

Peckham Rye skinny tie

With designers increasingly looking back at Davie Bowie album covers for inspiration these days, it’s no wonder that the skinny tie is popular again. Skinny ties are basically ties for people who don’t like ties. The anti-tie, if you will. Simply making it skinny has rid it of its stuffy bank clerk image that fat ties still hold. But apart …

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adminPeckham Rye skinny tie

Westwood scarf

Ever wondered why older ladies always wear a wee neckscarf with their winter coats? No? Well you’re not paying enough attention to women of a certain age in that case. We have a lot to learn from them – their survival skills are second to none. If there’s ever a nuclear winter, all that will be left is a bunch …

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adminWestwood scarf

Oki-Ni deerstalker

Just as two wrongs don’t make a right, two rights sometimes don’t make a right either. In fact, two rights can make plenty kinds of wrong, as witnessed by this Fair Isle Deerstalker new to Oki-Ni. I like fair isle as much as the next man – I’m a big fan of any traditional British craft. Deerstalkers likewise are normally …

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adminOki-Ni deerstalker

Trend Watch: week-end bag from Chris & Tibor

Chris and Tibor are a London-based design duo who love London and who can blame them? They work together on a collection of bags, which are all named after London streets of places. Their current collection is called the Jack the Ripper collection, reflecting their East London base. The label began in 2005 and their A/W 2006 collection (their first …

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adminTrend Watch: week-end bag from Chris & Tibor

Lukesville shoulder bag

We do love our bags here at Brandish. We love them in all shapes and sizes – from satchel to weekend bag. But I have a special affinity to the smaller bag, like this Lukesville shoulder bag. Just big enough to carry a book, an ipod and some keys, the only problem with the shoulder bag is the price. While …

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adminLukesville shoulder bag