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Comme Des Garcons x Chromehearts

By admin on April 4th, 2008


Whilst collaborations are pretty standard,
it’s still interesting to hear of a Comme
Des Garçons and Chromehearts jewellery collection
. Looking at the
collection, it seems the idea of a CDG and Chromehearts collaboration is a lot
more interesting than the actuality of it. The shirts were almost too boring
for words – apart from the words I just typed – and the jewellery is good but dull.

Despite my knee jerk reactions, I’m sure
these will look much better in person when they launch in Dover Street Market
this spring.

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Who hates the term ‘manbags’?

By admin on April 4th, 2008

bagcollage copy.jpg

The Guardian had an article up about men with messenger
– I refuse to call them ‘manbags’ – Although I just did. Damn. They ask five people ranging from Topman’s design director to NME’s editor about what’s in their bags, what make their bag is and how they feel about the term ‘manbag’.

The answers as to what’s in them are relatively the same; books, notebooks, ipods, phones, everything that’s too big for your pockets. The fuss over ‘manbags’ is a silly one. They’re just a replacement for rucksacks – not an example of a new breed of man emerging. The reason they’re popular is because they’re functional and fashionable, with the emphasis on functional. There’s nothing more to it than that.


Surface To Air Beige Leather holdall

By admin on April 3rd, 2008

s2air bag.jpg

Despite a deluge of beige coats in all shapes
and sizes, it’s still rare to see a beige bag of any kind. The only one I can
recall is a Topman version that’s just sold out in their sale. Surface to Air
must have seen a gap in the market as they’ve brought out this leather
weekend holdall

The problem with holdalls like this is that
carrying anything of substance in one can be a real pain. This bag is best for
carrying clothes as opposed to electrical equipment, so it’s best used for long
stays at a girl/boyfriends house. It’s available from the surface to air
website and costs 375 Euros.

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Dolce and Gabbana Watch

By admin on April 3rd, 2008


Watches that ask philosophical questions
are the new black/brown/whatever the old thing was. If you’ve ever wanted
a D&G watch but felt they were missing that intangible ‘it’ factor, then
this Dolce
& Gabbana High Security watch
is the timepiece for you. It manages the
amazing feat of asking ‘why not today’ whilst showing the time and the date. All that’s missing is a
free call to a life coach.

Cynicism aside, this is a very pretty
watch. The leather straps are buttery soft and the face is surprisingly
readable for something that seems so cluttered in pictures. You can get these
for an RRP of £175 from any large boutique.


Monsoon Fraser sunglasses

By admin on March 31st, 2008

monsoon fraser sunglasses.jpg

Sunglasses can be tough for the timid, you need to shield your eyes but you don’t want to look like trendy wanker but mid-90s Oakleys are way too Sloane. Aviators are always a safe bet, but if you fancy something a little different then Monsoon’s Fraser sungalsses have a little bit of everything for everyone.
The frame is chunkily retro and the silver hinges gently reference Wayfarers without being too square and will only set you back a mere £18.


American Apparel sunglasses

By admin on March 28th, 2008


Urban Outfitters are clearly trying to expand their online market. First, they introduce several top quality brands to their online store and then they unleash this collection of sunglasses  on us.

Fighting for the same market as American Apparel has even made them lower their price point, with all these sunnies costing a mere £15.

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Noticed on the Runway- The Ties at Bottega Veneta

By Will Reid on March 27th, 2008

brandishreidbv.jpgThere is so much style to wade through after show season that we’re all wasting our free-time on While looking at the detail shots of the site’s Bottega Veneta coverage, I spotted this interesting neck detail on a few of the models. There is the embarrassing chance that a few of the models simply weren’t able to put on a tie (forgive the bitchiness but you know the type) however if that were the case I would still be praising the DIY fashion brilliance.

The collection itself was aimed to provide a male uniform and the collection was very straight-laced, but this detail added a great edge. I think this may be something I try out myself as it completely elevates the look. Safety pin ties- what a brilliant idea and unexpected cause of sartorial envy.

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Trends: Watch and Wear- Fashion’s Pick ‘n’ Mix

By Will Reid on March 26th, 2008

brandishreidtrendwatch.jpgSince the beginning of time, life, and our own existence, man has been fascinated with choice. From peace protests to monumental civil rights movements, we have always had a taste for the mish-mash aspect of life. This obsession with accessibility has been translated onto the season’s catwalks, designers showed a mixture of fabrics and styles to form a collage of culture and a sartorial storyboard of their travels.

From Dries Van Noten to Miu Miu, this was a look that designers embraced and with its increasing popularity among the fash-pack it is one that I’m sure will make a splash in the coming months.

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Luke 1977 ‘Cool Hand’ red dial watch

By admin on March 25th, 2008

luke 1977 watch red dial.jpgRed’s a bit of an unusual choice for a watch but a subtle flash of colour doesn’t go unnoticed and the Cool Hand watch is a classy timepiece.

It’ll give a sober suit or simple outfit of v-neck jumper and jeans a bit of pep and the large face is an unusual but attractive quirk. The black finish steel bracelet and domed red dial carry on the individual theme and stylish good looks.

If red’s not your thing the watch also comes in plain black, white or tan all of which are available from Luke 1977 for £220.


Tartan wallet from Dover Street Market

By admin on March 18th, 2008

dsm tartan wallet.jpg
No word from Grizzly Bear about the provenance of that madras shirt but I’m not giving up on checks yet. This tartan wallet from Dover Street Market (£53) is a satisfying mix of colours which somehow looks more edgy than OAP. It’s a great way to add a bit of pep to a formal outfit and a cheery flash of colour will make parting with your cash less painful.


Aston 12 Sunglasses

By admin on March 14th, 2008

Although spring isn’t even properly here,
people have already started whipping out the sunglasses. As much as I love
shades, there’s something odd about people who wear them inside, in the dark or
(and this is especially weird) on the underground. What do they have to hide?
How can they see anything? Do they have black eyes? Inevitably, this curiosity
leads me to stare at people in sunglasses like they were zoo exhibits.

But I digress. This pair of Aston 12 Sunglasses
are the coolest mix of aviator and wraparound. I’m not sure you’d want glasses
to cover every side of your viewing area but who cares when it looks this good?
The glasses are £41 and are available from the American Apparel website.


Cuckoo go a bit A.P.C this spring

By admin on March 13th, 2008


If you were saving up some money before you
got an A.P.C bag, then you’re out of luck – it’s sold out. Luckily Cuckoo have
a canvas
that’s seemingly inspired by the A.P.C equivalent.

It would be unfair to accuse Cuckoo of
copying APC’s weekend bag and just making it smaller but there are several
striking similarities, as you can see from the above picture. The only
difference seems to be that Cuckoo’s bag is made from flimsier material. If you
like APC’s bag but have no need for a weekend bag right now, then this bag
should fit all your nautical needs. Plus it’s only £45. They’ll even make short shorts look a bit less…


Burton stockings lady cufflinks

By Isabelle on March 10th, 2008

Burton_cufflinks_lady_stockingBurton have come a long way, their Black Label range is one of
the few great high street ranges for men but they still have a few duff
items like these ‘Stockings Lady’ cufflinks (£12).
I had to laugh when I saw them but I shudder to think of the kind of person who would actually buy these. The only purpose I can see fit for them is as a birthday present for someone you hate, only slightly better than say, a didgeridoo or a pair of comedy pants.


Ksubi Aviators

By admin on March 7th, 2008


I would say it’s a bit premature to start
looking at sunglasses, but then I realised that we’ve been looking and A/W 08
collections for the last few months. We’re probably very late in talking about
something that we’ll only wear in a couple of month’s time. So, in conclusion,
it’s actually a perfect time to start looking at sunglasses.

The classic aviator design has never been
toppled as the sunglass choice for men, despite several pretenders to the
crown. Ksubi realised
this and built on the original design, instead of trying to change it. These
are also available in gold, black and white. You can get these from the googletastic Ksubi website for


Paul Smith Belt

By admin on March 6th, 2008

Ps_belt If you’ve seen it go wrong, you might be reticent
about the splash of colour trend. I mean, a splash is fine, but too much
splashing can create a jarring effect. Seeing as accessories are the best way
to add colour to an outfit, why not start with this sky
blue Paul Smith belt

The great thing about the belt is that it’s
not meant to match. You don’t have to wear a matching sky blue watch and bag in
order to pull the look off, just have co-ordinating colours that draw attention to
the vibrant belt. The belt is available from the Paul Smith website for £75.

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