J.Lindeberg Belts

Everyone needs a belt. It’s a scientific fact. While it’s pretty easy finding a nice plain one for work, you may want something a bit more stylish when you go out. Offerings seem pretty slim for those who don’t want a studded neon pink jelly belt or a horrible eagle emblem. Luckily J.Lindenberg have come to our rescue. J.Lindeberg’s belts …

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adminJ.Lindeberg Belts

Double-edged Sword

It’s quite hard to pin down exactly who or what Surface to Air is. One thing I know, they’re enviably cool. They’re a collective of designers, film-makers, photographers etc who seem to have carte-blanche to get inject their goth chic into any cutting edge project, happening or campaign they choose. It’s enough to make a boy sick with jealousy. They …

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adminDouble-edged Sword

Paul Smith Wallet

Wallets make the world go round, so the old saying goes. Without one you’d just be left carrying your money and cards in your pocket loose, like some kind of simpleton. With wallets being stuck in your pocket for the large majority of the time, you’d want a certain ‘wow’ factor when you do bring it out. Paul Smith’s leather …

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adminPaul Smith Wallet

10% discount for Brandish readers at Brigade Store

I don’t know much about Cleveland other than that it’s a city and it’s in the States somewhere. It’s not really a name I’d associate with fashion (unless you’re talking about 1970s uber-model Pat Cleveland), and yet it is home to Brigade, one of the most fashionable stores you’re likely to find. At Brigade you can get your mitts on …

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admin10% discount for Brandish readers at Brigade Store

Shawly Not

Scarves, like everything else above the waist this season, are getting bigger. The most fashionable necks this winter will be hidden in yards of fabric. It’s practical too: when it’s too hot for a jumper but too cold for a T-shirt, you can just swaddle yourself in a big scarf and you’re all set. I’m very glad about this. I …

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adminShawly Not

More Bitter Than Sweet

The jeweller behind Bittersweets NY must be a right sicko – but I like her. This nameless designer says that her jewellery is inspired by everyday objects, but her ‘everyday’ includes maggots, earthworms and fake vampire teeth. She must lead an upsetting existence. Still, the jewellery she makes is witty and beautifully crafted, as witnessed by this dagger and heart …

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adminMore Bitter Than Sweet

Designer Spotlight: Urban Spectacles of wood

Glasses have never been particularly innovative. Even if you spent hundreds on a pair of Gucci glasses, they’ll just look like a £10 pair with a logo stamped on it. Standing out with a pair of glasses has become near impossible, unless you want to wear a monocle. Urban Spectacles of wood don’t make monocles, but they do – as …

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adminDesigner Spotlight: Urban Spectacles of wood

Psycho Bunny neck ties cost seriously psycho money

If I was a big-ass businessman earning the equivalent of a small, African nation’s GNP annually, it wouldn’t be paisley and polka dot neck-ties that I’d be wearing into the office; it would be these nutty ones from Psycho Bunny. Actually scratch that, I’d wear either of the above ties now, sitting at my desk in my underwear, if I …

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adminPsycho Bunny neck ties cost seriously psycho money

Desperately Seeking: Juicy Couture Fingerless Gloves

I love Britain, I really do. There’s too many reasons to go into as to why I feel this way about this green and pleasant isle, suffice to say that I believe it’s one of the best countries in the world to live in. For most things anyway; one thing that really gets my goat is that it seems all …

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adminDesperately Seeking: Juicy Couture Fingerless Gloves

Topman Leather Gloves

The good thing about leather gloves is that they’re never out of fashion. Sure, they’re never in fashion either, but at least you’re not freezing your fingers off just trying to keep up with trends. With the right outfit leather gloves can look pretty suave, but with the wrong one you could like a bit Patrick Bateman. Although even that’s …

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adminTopman Leather Gloves

Red Dunlop bag from Topman

It’s officially winter now, and Topman have got a great Dunlop bag to brighten up your autumnal outfits. The red colour is amazing, and just looking at it I feel cheered up! It reminds me of tinned cream of tomato soup, which is another perfect antidote to rainy grey days. The bag’s retro stylings make it look great with office …

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IsabelleRed Dunlop bag from Topman

Top five scarves, including a budget effort from Topman, Lee’s preppy-style neck-wear and the daddy of all scarves by Steven Alan

Reasons to love winter #21: Scarves. Actually, that should include all winter related accessories. One of the worst things about male fashion that for pretty much two seasons out of the year, there are no accessories for men. Sure, we get some smart satchels and belts but, other than a slew of stupid looking baseball caps, that’s about it. Then …

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adminTop five scarves, including a budget effort from Topman, Lee’s preppy-style neck-wear and the daddy of all scarves by Steven Alan

APC beanie rivals grandmother’s best efforts in the “tea-cosy” knitwear category

After all those Christmas mornings spent moaning about the knitwear that granny sent you, it turns out that you actually should have been thanking her for prepping you in the future of fashion. You snotty little ingrate, you. A.P.C.’s winter accessory range features a heavy cable-knit peaked-beanie, which is a smart and original variation on the cotton/lycra versions that have …

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adminAPC beanie rivals grandmother’s best efforts in the “tea-cosy” knitwear category

Triple 5ive Soul Metropolitan Canteen bag

Perfect for battling through urban warzones (or simply walking through Hackney) the Metropolitan Canteen Bag (£40) from Triple Five Soul combines medi-pack looks with everyday practicalities. Spacious enough to accommodate a 15" laptop, the MCB also provides for your documents, mobile and music devices or just a couple of extra clips of ammo. It also has a neat plaid design …

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adminTriple 5ive Soul Metropolitan Canteen bag

Fang cufflinks from Stephen Einhorn have definite bite

I’m not really a cufflinks man – they’re usually too fiddly and no one gets to see them if you’re wearing a suit. I also dislike the way they knock against desk tops when you sit at them and put your hands down, but that’s just my own personal neurosis. However, I may need to readdress my cufflink phobia after …

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adminFang cufflinks from Stephen Einhorn have definite bite

Top five fingerless gloves for the coming winter

I always though fingerless gloves were the preserve of the homeless and grubby old men digging up potatoes on allotments, but it appears that they’ve made it on to the autumn/winter season’s must have list. Although I still reckon they’re slightly pointless (aren’t the fingers the bits that get most cold?), there are some pretty sweet examples of gloves sans …

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adminTop five fingerless gloves for the coming winter

MosMea explanation mark bag. Designed for women, should be worn by everyone

Just so there are no pretenses that could potentially lead to you feeling like an idiot, this is a ladies bag, designed for women, by a woman. Wear this in the right (or wrong, possibly) circles, and someone is sure to point out this indubitable yet, in my view, irrelevant fact. While not essentially masculine, I think this satchel by …

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adminMosMea explanation mark bag. Designed for women, should be worn by everyone

DB Clay wallets: Vegan, vegetarian and dolphin friendly

DB Clay has just launched its new website and with it a whole range of eco-friendly and super stylish wallets. Made from a vinyl-free material called "Tope", the wallets are free from hazardous chemicals that can leach out through your jeans and into your skin, resulting in horrible diseases such as cancer and haemorrhoid’s. And if that’s not enough, the …

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adminDB Clay wallets: Vegan, vegetarian and dolphin friendly

Retro sunglasses from Original Penguin

Original Penguin, purveyors of the finest polo shirts anywhere on this good and gracious planet, have launched a range of sweet looking eyewear. Ignore the fact that our ever-darkening skies render the practical qualities of sunglasses useless – we all know that we only don a pair to look cool. These Aruba sunnies (£160) have a definite 1980s quality about …

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adminRetro sunglasses from Original Penguin

Bison brooch from Orange Button

I think this Bison brooch is meant for women but it’s way to cool to give to a partner or loved one. I love cutout wood badges, they remind me of US Tv shows where the dad has a ‘den’ and he keeps all his hunting trophies and college flags… Go-oo Tigers!Wear it with a gruff beard for a outdoors-y …

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IsabelleBison brooch from Orange Button