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F by Friis Woodman Bag

By admin on March 5th, 2008


Looking to jump accessory first into the
plaid/tartan/check trend? Of course you are, you’re on Brandish and by
extension, have an amazing sense of style and fashion. So, as a person with an
amazing sense of style and fashion, you’ll be looking to start early on the
check on check trend (as spotted by our sadly departed Tim). Now you can fulfil
your check on check needs by accessorizing with this F
by Friis woodman bag

Apart from looking good, the bag also has
detachable handles – handy when you want to carry it in your hands like a true
sophisticated gentleman – and more pockets and compartments than Bear Grylls
will know what to do with. It’s available for the very reasonable price of £45
(with free delivery) from

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Issey Miyake Twelve 365 watch

By admin on March 3rd, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, Issey Miyake
does make items other than aftershave. His range of watches are quite popular
amongst those who can afford them (trust fund kids) and they’ve created several
innovative designs. The pick of the bunch is this twelve 365

The face is as uncluttered as it could be,
seeing as the watch displays day of the week, date and seconds. The most
annoying feature of numberless watches is that it makes telling the time
harder. The twelve 365 watch has fixed that, angling the casing where the
numbers would have been. Price points aren’t available right now, but we can
assume that it’ll be real expensive.


WTF? Golden Goose “Buckle Closure”

By admin on February 29th, 2008

GoldengooseI’m sorry but what the hell is this? It looks like some sort of bridle. Like something Maggie Gyllenhaal would’ve worn in The Secretary.
I love that Yoox are just like “It’s a buckle closure. You want more information? It’s brown and it’s a gift idea”. And when you look at the ‘More Images’, they just show it unbuckled. Yeah, that’s what I’m curious about, how the buckle works.

There’s only one of them so it can’t be for shoes. Perhaps it’s for luggage. What the hell is it? Am I being thick?
It’s only £18 so maybe I’ll get one anyway and see what happens. I can wear it speed-dating. Kinky!


Black leather Gloves from Active Endeavors

By admin on February 27th, 2008

Aed32724_blackLeather driving gloves were all over the catwalks at the most recent menswear shows, worn with suits for a suave Italian look.  It’s going to be a key look for AW 09. You can get ahead of the game with these black perforated versions by Obesity and Speed, currently reduced to a very reasonable $50 from Active Endeavors
See this is how sale shopping should work – buying ahead. Leather gloves can be painfully expensive so if you see any others about – snap em up! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Paul Smith Bracelet

By admin on February 26th, 2008

These bracelets from Paul Smith have been around for a while but they’re proper nice. They’re quite masculine for a bracelet and they manage to straddle the hippy-luxury divide by being both a beaded bracelet but also made of silver.
It’s jewellery for the man who doesn’t wear jewellery and at £75 it’s quite affordable. The website says it’s 40cm long, but I think that’s a mistake as that would be longer than the average belt.
Available from the Paul Smith online store.

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Lukesville Red watch

By admin on February 15th, 2008

It’s always nice to have one piece that
doesn’t fit with the rest of your outfit. It’s best to start with an accessory,
then work your way up to that bright red trench coat you’ve been dreaming of.  So why not start with this red Lukesville watch?

This watch is great and all but be warned:
Lukesville are about to get huge. With upcoming features in loads of men’s magazines (i.e Nuts, Zoo, Front – every poor excuse for a wank you can think of), they’ll probably be on the Lyle &
Scott terms of ubiquity come August. The watch is still great though. It costs
£180 and is available from Lukesville’s online shop.


Jil Sander Rucksack

By admin on February 11th, 2008

The problem with a backpack is that you can all too easily look like a teenager – and not in the good way that I look like a teenager (wrinkle-free and full of vim and vigour) but in a very very bad way (the way that Cher looks like a teenager).
And yet backpacks are very practical. Who wants to be carrying a bag? You might need your hands for all sorts of things in the course of a day (eating, waving, defending yourself from an assailant). And a shoulder bag is not a good option, constantly slipping and bumping against your hip.
Jil Sander has a solution: this delightful rucksack in grey leather It’s pure luxury in a quietly confident way – smart enough to show you mean business but slouchy enough to show it doesn’t have delusions of grandeur.
Available from Oki-Ni.

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VMAN 10- Spring/Summer 2008- Boy Toys

By Will Reid on February 11th, 2008

Vman10_boytoyl1_2The next issue of VMAN magazine looks set to make the monthly magazine pile if the following taster is anything to go by. The editorial in question is ‘Boy Toys,’ a story on the latest men’s accessories. It is a feature that mixes trademark V-publication graphic design with great photography by Erwan Frontin for a dynamic and embarrassingly alluring take on this season’s must-haves. I’m not sure whether it is the Transformer-style set design, fluorescent backgrounds or pure robo-brilliance but for some reason this spread draws the reader in and you can’t help thinking how clever the V-team is. I know its clichéd but I can’t think of a more suitable way to sum up this editorial than to say, “Mission accomplished.”

See after the jump for the second picture.

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Kanye and Estelle: American Boy

By admin on February 5th, 2008

KanyeThe UK just doesn’t know what to do with it’s Black musical talent. Look at our Black British singers and you have a catalogue of perennial under-achievers: Beverly Knight, Jamelia, Craig David, Kele Le Roc, the list goes on. It’s as true in music as it is in fashion: we just don’t know how to cash in on our homegrown talent.

Estelle is one such artist who could be huge if she’d had the right backing and right promotion – have you heard the track she did with Ben Watt? Amazing. Her next single, American Boy, is probably make it or break it for her as the label’s pulled out the bucks to get Kanye West to lend his support on this cute little ditty about love across the cultural divide.
In the lyrics Kanye shows his appreciation for his dapper British cousins: ‘Dressed smart like a London Bloke. Before he speak his suit bespoke’.

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Stock up on Peckham Rye ties while you can

By admin on February 4th, 2008


Although it’s definitely still winter
outside, spring is coming. It has to be. And when spring finally shows its
face, you’ll be left with some tough fashion decisions. The hardest one will be
‘how the hell do I stand out when everyone’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans?’

The answer to that question would
be: accessorize. Thankfully, Elements
have a half price sale on, so you can a Peckham
Rye tie
for a bargain basement price of £22. That’s only £7 more than a ‘premium’
Topman tie. While you’re there, you can pick up this Lee
puffa jacket
for £43.50, this Lukesville
tweed jacket
for £85 and this Nerve
for £162.50.

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Paul Smith Socks – everybody needs the essentials

By admin on February 1st, 2008

Don’t underestimate the power of socks.
Okay, it’s not like they can put you in a chokehold or anything – but they can
ruin a perfectly put together outfit. Match your Nike running socks with a pair
of shoes and you’ll look like you get style tips from Larry David, regardless
of well dressed you are. Put it this way; if you have a brown pair of shoes,
you need these Paul
Smith socks

The best thing about the sales is the
amount of essentials you can get for Topman prices. These fine cotton socks are
available at £8, 50% off the previous price. Make sure to stock up on enough
sale essentials to get you through the next couple of seasons and then repeat
the same routine this time next year.


Mulberry Leather Folio

By admin on February 1st, 2008

We’ve featured countless man bags here, but
- I can’t believe I’m typing this – there are times when man bags aren’t really
appropriate. You can’t carry a couple of CV’s inside a man bag without it
looking deflated and, in turn, making you look like you don’t know what
accessory suits what occasion.

These times are thankfully few and far
between, but they do occur. When one such occasion arises, a Mulberry
leather folio
will do you wonders. The most impressive feature of this
folio isn’t the leather but the array of business card, mobile phone and pen
pockets that all cram their way inside a very slim folio. The folio’s are
available from Psyche at £250.   


Moore and Giles Leather Messenger Bag

By admin on January 31st, 2008

As you’ll all know, the little details are
what separate good pieces from great ones. Some would say that the devil’s in
the details – but not Brandish, because that phrase doesn’t make sense. A
perfect example of good detailing is this Moore and Giles leather messenger

Whilst from the picture it looks like any
other leather bag – a bit Dunlop even, if you excuse my French – on the inside
it turns into a picture of perfection.

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A.P.C go all nautical

By admin on January 31st, 2008

When stylists create looks, they often make
un-wearable pieces workable. This trick of the eye usually leads to a
collection full of underwhelming individual pieces and great looks. A.P.C avoid
this problem with their nautical-themed S/S 2008 collection. As well as having
eye catching overall looks, the collections also full of wearable individual
pieces. The pick of the bunch is this leather
strapped weekend bag

If bags screamed, this would yell “Match me
with anything Brown or Blue!! I’m versatile!! Don’t forget to wear brown shoes!
Or blue! Don’t forget, I’m versatile!” In case you were wondering, the bag
would yell every statement because it was excited. I mean, it is the first bag
to ever speak, at least to my incredible knowledge. The bag costs £105 and is
available from A.P.C’s website.


Nixon Dark wood watch: Perfect your lumberjack look

By admin on January 28th, 2008

There are some areas in life where people
like familiarity. Watch faces are probably one of those are. Whenever designers have tried
changing watch faces into something a bit more radical, it’s turned people off.

Nixon aim to change this trend with their dark
wood watch

With more than half the face covered in lumberjack-y
wood, the actual time is only peeking out the bottom.  Although it is quite a surly burly watch, you
do get the impression that it’s something John Wayne would have worn if he was
still alive. Or into fashion.

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