Marks and Spencer weekend bag

Good weekend bags are a special find and this buckle front bag is a pretty snazzy affair. In a rich chocolatey brown it’s the perfect size for a short break and it’s sturdy enough to lug to a festival. With lots of pockets for maps, cds, or just to segregate dirty socks from the clean the bag is pretty good …

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IsabelleMarks and Spencer weekend bag

Roll-Top Chrome backpacks

Looking like something you’d get in an army surplus shop but infinitely more chic, the roll-top Chrome backpack (£75) isn’t just a pretty accessory. While the bag itself will keep your goodies safe from harm and dry as a bone, it also goes that extra mile by featuring a roll-top cover that envelopes the pack to ensure that not even …

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adminRoll-Top Chrome backpacks

French Connection stripe belt

French Connection’s stripe belt is a nice way to add some interest to a plain outfit. The silk tie fabric is reminiscent of Paul Smith and lends some schoolboy style and an air of insouciance. For only 22 quid use it to brighten up plain grey trousers or go the whole hog and belt up some knee length shorts. Just …

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IsabelleFrench Connection stripe belt

Theo Gato

I love this uncomplicated collection of bags and wallets from Theo Gato, which are absolutely striking in their simplicity. Devoid of often unnecessary zips and buckles or superfluous compartments, each accessory is functional, yet beautifully designed. I’d be glad to use each item for it’s intended use (I’d be particularly keen to swan into the gym with that mean looking …

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adminTheo Gato

Dosh Wallet

Made from flexible and semi-flexible polymers the Dosh Wallet (AUD$49.95) is packed with clever features for modern lifestyles. Apparently. Not that I care, I just want my wallet to look good when I flash the cash. So it’s fortunate that this money holder is one of the best looking wallets I’ve ever seen. And to be fair, the "clever features" …

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adminDosh Wallet

Mhi by Maharishi multi-tool

If you’re one of those men who likes to look good no matter where you are or what you’re doing (say, putting up flat-pack furniture or fending off wild animals in the woods) then this is the tool for you. Maharishi have released this Leatherman-type multi tool (£19.99) as part of their lifestyle range. So even when you’re swearing at …

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adminMhi by Maharishi multi-tool

Monsoon Teacher’s Satchel

Satchels and other "men’s bags" (I find the term "man bag" slightly unsavoury) can be awfully expensive – take the Fossil Perry Messenger Bag for instance. It’s an absolutely gorgeous accessory to have slung over your shoulder, that we can see. But, at £160 – £80 Stateside – a lot of men will have a problem justifying spending that much …

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adminMonsoon Teacher’s Satchel

French Connection autumn 2007 collection

Call me ignorant, but does "summer fashion" really apply to men? Whereas women get all sorts of colourful dresses, tops, skirts etc., blokes are lumbered with shorts and t-shirts. It’s not really fair is it? It’s why I love autumn/winter collections – there’s a lot more to choose from, simply because the colder months need more clothes to keep you …

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adminFrench Connection autumn 2007 collection

This Old Thing tiered ties at Hintmag

This Old Thing, Brooklyn’s menswear label have teamed up with Hint Magazine to produce a special run of their popular rickety ties. Designers Tommy Cole and Roy Caires recently came upon a secret stash of the official, controlled-supply uniforms they use to make the ties and are producing a limited edition range for Hint Shop. These are the exact opposite …

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IsabelleThis Old Thing tiered ties at Hintmag

Brandish (and Sean Lock) says don’t: Novelty ties and socks

I’ve got nothing against genuinely humorous t-shirts but "komedy" ties and socks say nowt more than "My friends and family couldn’t be bothered to find out what I really wanted for Christmas". I went to see Sean Lock (who incidentally looks just like my dad) doing a warm up show for Edinburgh recently and he did a whole sketch about …

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ShinyMediaBrandish (and Sean Lock) says don’t: Novelty ties and socks

Eve Design typewriter letter rings

Call me traditional (or anything else for that matter) but I’m just not a fan of jewellery, mainly because it generally looks stupid on us blokes. Men wearing single studs in their ears should have gone out in the early ’90s, but still there’s fellas young and old sporting cheap bits of metal embedded in their lobes. Then there’s bling… …

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adminEve Design typewriter letter rings

Oliver Goldsmith ultra cool 1960s glasses

Whenever I visit, I can’t help but think that it was a site designed purely to cater for Elton John, a man who famously spent £2 billion pounds on flowers in one week. I’m not doubting that the scarcity and artistic integrity of some of the pieces are truly being reflected in the price tag, but does anyone (except …

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adminOliver Goldsmith ultra cool 1960s glasses

Fossil Perry East/West messenger bag

Mmmm… this bag looks good enough to eat! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so taken with a man-bag before, although I’d like to believe that we’re moving away from that line of thought and can be mature enough to refer to  them as "satchels" or, as this one is termed, "messenger bag". Still, you don’t have to stop …

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adminFossil Perry East/West messenger bag

Atmos – Head Porter bag collaboration

Slightly kinky, Atmos and Head Porter have come up with these super-shiny patent-leather messenger bags, which look like they could hold everything and anything including furry handcuffs, a rampant rabbit and a two-litre bottle of super-saver bulk-buy KY jelly. Not that I’d know aboout that sort of thing. The bags come in two colour schemes – red and purple and …

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adminAtmos – Head Porter bag collaboration

Find something unique at Etsy

We love finding quirky things at Brandish, things that you can bet no one else will be wearing or carrying. That’s why we love Etsy, not only the preserve of all things twee, they also have some pretty cool I like this Jim Jarmusch and Tom Waits tee ($20), if you ever get caught in an argument about which person …

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IsabelleFind something unique at Etsy

Man bag theft worries

Recent research has confirmed what I have always known when men tote a bag around they generally stuff it full of expensive gadgetry, while women like me like to fill our bags with receipts and snotty tissues. General Insurance’s Andrew Beard said: "Man bags have quickly become a mainstream accessory, helping men lug around their ever more valuable stash of …

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IsabelleMan bag theft worries

Ghetto Blaster bag

Carrying on the bag theme (no pun intended), this Ghetto Blaster bag has really caught my attention. Apart from making you look like an 80s B-Boy, the attention to detail is phenomenal! It’s a lined holdall, complete with small inside pocket and a size of around 30cm x 45cm, so plenty of room for your weekend gear. It’s also got …

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mofgimmersGhetto Blaster bag

Dunlop Cessna Bag

Dunlop, once the joke of the trainer world… if you wore Green Flash at my school, you got bullied and now? They’re too cool for school… have gone through a great renaissance with their classy lines of retro sportswear and accessories. One treat I’ve found in my quest to buy myself a new bag is this cracking Dunlop Cessna Bag. …

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mofgimmersDunlop Cessna Bag

Avery Coonley House cufflinks

Cufflinks don’t often make an impression on me. Afterall, they’re usually obscured under blazer sleeves and more often than not are just a couple of chunks of metal keeping your cuffs together. But these Avery Coonley House cufflinks ($40) certainly made me look twice. It may be because their appearence is made all the more imposing because of their relative …

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adminAvery Coonley House cufflinks

The Barcelona laptop bag

The Barcelona Bag laptop bag is made from the finest leather and is a triumph in classic design. Obviously, with it being a laptop bag, it’s got modern twists and features that include a protected compartment to keep your laptop from harm, numerous inside pockets including special holders for your mobile phone, PDA, and MP3 player. It also features convenient, …

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mofgimmersThe Barcelona laptop bag