Pink embroidered silk tie

So, you’ve checked the floral shirts and retro gear out. What about those of you who aren’t brave enough to go the whole hog and get decked out in flowers? Well, one way of brightening up a plain shirt is with an exciting tie, and this Debenhams effort is a great paisley number that exudes retro cool. Going for a …

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mofgimmersPink embroidered silk tie

Topman 50′s sunglasses

The weather has been a bit patchy of late… but we have to stay optimistic that the sun will come out with his hat on (hip hip hip hooray). With that, we can’t go around squinting because that would make us look mightily unattractive wouldn’t it? To give the bog standard aviators a swerve, you might prefer to go a …

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mofgimmersTopman 50′s sunglasses

Cassette tape wallet

I think I’m the only person in the world who still has any tapes, admittedly making compilations for friends is so much easier with cds but I used love carrying around my chunky walkman and rewinding the tapes with biros or pencils

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ShinyMediaCassette tape wallet

Retro Karhu Bag

Whilst browsing for a neat new bag, I stumbled across this great little Karhu bag. Karhu are a Finnish sports company who have had a great line in retro trainers and apparel, this being one of the stand-out products. This Karhu Originals shoe bag was originally a golf shoe bag from the 1980s, but it has returned in with a …

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mofgimmersRetro Karhu Bag