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Bison brooch from Orange Button

By Isabelle on September 7th, 2007


I think this Bison brooch is meant for women but it’s way to cool to give to a partner or loved one. I love cutout wood badges, they remind me of US Tv shows where the dad has a ‘den’ and he keeps all his hunting trophies and college flags… Go-oo Tigers!
Wear it with a gruff beard for a outdoors-y look that says ‘no one can get as close to me as my pipe’. It’ll cost you $32 yankee dollars from Orange Button but you’ll have to get the air rifle and paranoid demeanour yourself.


Tartan headwear by FU-R

By admin on September 6th, 2007

There is a consolation to the weather taking a turn for the worse – it means that I get to purchase lots of lovely winter-suitable clothing. And it’s not just insulating jackets, jumpers and boots that get my fashion-juices ‘a flowing. Think of all those accessories…

My first head wear purchase of the season will definitely be this FU-R Andrews hat. I’m not too sure what type of hat it is, but I certainly like it, especially as it only costs £10. And it’s guaranteed to keep your head warm as well as looking great.

[Via Antenna]


Philip Lim’s ’08 eye wear collection preview

By admin on September 5th, 2007

Glasses These shades are a preview of Philip Lim’s eye wear collection to be released for the designer’s spring ’08 range. The unisex aviators will come in four colour schemes, with navy and red joining the yellow and cream ones shown here.

Less rounded than normal aviators, the sunnies still have a distinctly feminine look, despite their unisex tag and would be suited to the man with more "delicate" features.

Once released, the sunglasses will retail for a fairly reasonable £120.

[Via Notcouture]


Still Life NYC leather fedora

By admin on August 31st, 2007

Still Life New York City are the purveyors of the finest head wear on their side of the Atlantic, creating hats in the styles that were popular in by gone eras. Each of their many styles is associated with a quote from a celebrity, playwright or author, which immediately makes the hats ten times cooler. I’m particularly fond of the Hunter S Thompson fedora, despite its slightly pimpish qualities.

The big draw for me though is the above leather fedora ($200) which although it looks like it would be worn by Justin Timberlake, isn’t endorsed by the star. This would look great twinned up with a half-length black leather jacket and a smart tee underneath.


Get high with All The Kings Men Midi laptop bag

By admin on August 31st, 2007


I love the understatement of style and colour on the All The Kings Men Midi laptop bag, but what makes it super special is the fact that the straps are made from 100% genuine airliner seat belts. So that fact isn’t amazing in itself, but I think adds a touch of class and sets the bag apart from all the others.

The main body of the bag canvas, and is large enough to hold a 15" Macbook, plus a little extra room for your sarnies and a jazz mag. Prices are from about £90, and the bag goes on sale on the 5th of September.


Roman invasion: The Invicta Mini Sac returns

By admin on August 30th, 2007


Back in early 1980s Rome, a new fashion trend exploded that saw the citizens of the ancient city all take to wearing brightly coloured, stripy day-packs, with young and old sporting the Invicta Mini Sac as both a fashion accessory and practical carry all.

And now it’s back, crossing both the continent and the Atlantic, and set to become the latest primary-coloured-craze since Crocs to sweep the globe. Fashionable or not, I love the simple, truly continental style of the Invicta Mini Sac, and it looks like the perfect sort of bag that you could take to the beach. And even if every Tom, Dick and Harry starts posturing about in one, remember what they say about being in Rome…


Incase Sling Pack bag

By admin on August 20th, 2007

Incase, the same fellas who make some of the niftiest iPhone covers going, have created this neat little back pack that’s designed for your laptop (Macs specifically) but also everything else. Pared down to one strap, the Sling Pack’s (£45) draw is in its simple, economic styling and practicality, with room for all your accessories, plus a "fur" lined compartment specifically made for your beloved iPod to sit in.

[Via Uncrate]

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Marks and Spencer weekend bag

By Isabelle on August 20th, 2007

WeekendbagGood weekend bags are a special find and this buckle front bag is a pretty snazzy affair. In a rich chocolatey brown it’s the perfect size for a short break and it’s sturdy enough to lug to a festival. With lots of pockets for maps, cds, or just to segregate dirty socks from the clean the bag is pretty good value at £49.50. It’s from Marks and Spencer which means if you decide to splash out there’ll be less risk of you running into the someone with exactly the same bag than if you’d been to "Trendy Young Things R Us".


Roll-Top Chrome backpacks

By admin on August 17th, 2007

Looking like something you’d get in an army surplus shop but infinitely more chic, the roll-top Chrome backpack (£75) isn’t just a pretty accessory. While the bag itself will keep your goodies safe from harm and dry as a bone, it also goes that extra mile by featuring a roll-top cover that envelopes the pack to ensure that not even the most torrential of downpours can penetrate through.

Designed for couriers and serious day walkers, the Chrome "Pawn" pack is also ideally suited to the urban warrior who needs to keep their Mac and latest edition Harry Potter safe from the elements.


French Connection stripe belt

By Isabelle on August 15th, 2007

French Connection’s stripe belt is a nice way to add some interest to a plain outfit. The silk tie fabric is reminiscent of Paul Smith and lends some schoolboy style and an air of insouciance. For only 22 quid use it to brighten up plain grey trousers or go the whole hog and belt up some knee length shorts. Just don’t use it banker style in a bar on a Friday night tied round your head.


Theo Gato

By admin on August 7th, 2007

I love this uncomplicated collection of bags and wallets from Theo Gato, which are absolutely striking in their simplicity. Devoid of often unnecessary zips and buckles or superfluous compartments, each accessory is functional, yet beautifully designed.

I’d be glad to use each item for it’s intended use (I’d be particularly keen to swan into the gym with that mean looking duffel bag), but the one that I’d have no qualms trading for my dear grandmother is the laptop bag shown above. Suitable for a 17" laptop, the textured leather gives it a sophistication that sets it apart from all the vinyl and acrylic, city-boy computer bags.

[Via NotCot]


Dosh Wallet

By admin on August 6th, 2007


Made from flexible and semi-flexible polymers the Dosh Wallet (AUD$49.95) is packed with clever features for modern lifestyles. Apparently. Not that I care, I just want my wallet to look good when I flash the cash. So it’s fortunate that this money holder is one of the best looking wallets I’ve ever seen.

And to be fair, the "clever features" are rather handy. As well as the standard credit card and note sections, there’s also a compartments specifically designed for sim cards, keys, business cards and, er, condoms. Presumably those polymers prevent unsightly markings caused by "unused" protection.

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Mhi by Maharishi multi-tool

By admin on August 3rd, 2007

If you’re one of those men who likes to look good no matter where you are or what you’re doing (say, putting up flat-pack furniture or fending off wild animals in the woods) then this is the tool for you. Maharishi have released this Leatherman-type multi tool (£19.99) as part of their lifestyle range. So even when you’re swearing at your new Ikea Gnöller coffee table because it has one leg shorter than the rest, you can find relief in that fact that you’ve messed up in style.

Other than the handle screwdrivers and blades that are part and parcel of a multi tool, this one comes in a neat-o presentation case that, in accordance with Maharishi’s military stylings, looks like an ammunition box.


Monsoon Teacher’s Satchel

By admin on August 2nd, 2007

Satchels and other "men’s bags" (I find the term "man bag" slightly unsavoury) can be awfully expensive – take the Fossil Perry Messenger Bag for instance. It’s an absolutely gorgeous accessory to have slung over your shoulder, that we can see. But, at £160 – £80 Stateside – a lot of men will have a problem justifying spending that much money on something they’ll probably just use for a few books and a carton of Ribena.

So I was more than pleased to see this great looking teacher’s satchel making up part of the Monsoon autumn/winter menswear range. I love the subtle colour scheme which is perfect for dark winter jackets, but I also love the price – £25. The satchel is big enough for a 15" laptop or a change of clothes, so it is practical for the price and it means I can finally shed my ungainly (and slightly smelly) rucksack.

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French Connection autumn 2007 collection

By admin on July 31st, 2007


Call me ignorant, but does "summer fashion" really apply to men? Whereas women get all sorts of colourful dresses, tops, skirts etc., blokes are lumbered with shorts and t-shirts. It’s not really fair is it?

It’s why I love autumn/winter collections – there’s a lot more to choose from, simply because the colder months need more clothes to keep you warm. So you can understand my excitement when French Connection launched their new autumn range this week. It means there’s a whole new range of jackets, jumpers, shirts, trousers and a multitude of accessories to choose from.

Keep reading after the jump for my pick of five top items from FCUK new collection.

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