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Love and Hate BMX gloves

By mofgimmers on June 27th, 2007


Save yourself the pain and regret of getting love’n'hate tattoos on your fists (also, don’t bother getting ACAB on your forehead) by purchasing these ace BMX gloves which say… well.. ‘love’ on one hand and ‘hate’ on the other.

Retailing at £16.99 (click here to buy) from BMX types Bicycle Union, these Love/Hate gloves not only look great, but provide you with mucho comfort. They’re not so thick that your hands will profusely sweat (they are intended for extreme sports after all), but thick enough to keep yer digits warm. They come in a variety of sizes (S, M, L or XL) and are much more interesting than your average mitten. Be bold and brave and get yourself a pair of these evil rascals.


Burton straw hat

By Isabelle on June 27th, 2007

I’m so glad Burton have seen the light and decided to put a regular straw hat up on their site, their natural straw stetson is only £14 and looks a damn sight better than their artificially faded monstrosity I mentioned last week. With hats there’s always a danger you’ll end up looking like a idiot so it’s best to err on the side of good taste. The "vintage style" hat on the right looks as if  it’s come from a local theatre group’s prop department, whereas the regular hat just looks like a nice hat to keep the shade off your head. Why unnecessarily

complicate things?

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Top 5 sunglasses

By admin on June 25th, 2007


Apparently it’s Summer, but I’m not sure, considering I got soaked twice this weekend. Not that I was at Glastonbury or doing anything even remotely outdoorsy. I was walking to and from the shops. Bloody rain.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be Summer, so we should all be slapping on suncream, wearing hats and protecting our eyes from harmful rays. In regards to sunglasses we should be buying those with the lenses best suited to keeping out UV light… like we actually care about that. We just want to look a rock star with a hangover.

Personally I prefer the aviator style, but it looks like the classic Wayfarer look is in this year. Here are 5 different, badass shades that you can choose from, just so you don’t end up looking like Dame Edna.

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Rapha/Paul Smith cycling cap

By mofgimmers on June 23rd, 2007


Paul Smith, after all these years, is still promoting a retro English way of like. Smart suits, spy hole cameras and now, teaming up with Rapha, we can get our hands on these great vintage cycling caps.

These Rapha/Paul Smith caps are limited to a run of 200 (per style) to celebrate Le Grand
Départ of the Tour de France in London. Available in two colours, both caps based on the Rapha Cap
design and are made from a combination of
tweed and houndstooth to give them a distinctly dapper look. Click here to find out more, and more importantly, to buy one. Currently retailing at a very reasonable £30.

[via RetroToGo]


Amp Street Shining Wallet

By mofgimmers on June 20th, 2007


Decent wallets are hard to come by. You either get tiny ones that hold piss all or, big ones that look like something your dad would have. Whatchu gonna do ’bout it?

One great option is this AMP Street wallet featuring the maniacal grin of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It’s retailing at €39 (about £25) and a must have for cinema fans… and fans of iconic images in general. It’s a canvas wallet with hand screen print
  on the outside. The interior made of genuine soft, smart
  and very durable leather in dark
  black colour and has 4 credit card slots, a small coin compartment closable by
  a zip.


Brandish says don’t: Chinese symbol ring

By Isabelle on June 20th, 2007

RingMen’s jewellery can be tricky, it’s nice to adorn yourself but when faced with a Chinese symbol ring always say no. Fair enough Burton have got a dodgy reputation, but some of their stuff is very nice and we’ve featured it on Brandish a fair few times. So why the Feng Shui circa 1997 ring? The blurb on the site doesn’t even explain what the ideograms mean. This ring reminds me of Changing Rooms, black gloss paint, dodgy tattoos
and Woolworth’s home section. If I saw anyone wearing it I would immediately assume they still lived with their mum, and their idea of haute cuisine would be a Ginster’s pasty. Don’t do it!


Topman bandana

By admin on June 20th, 2007

Probably more catered to the nu-rave set, I still can’t help but like this Topman bandana (£4). It’s less the design and more to do with the fact that it reminds me of Dexys Midnight Runners, one of my favourite bands when I was a kid. I also reckon the New Wave-Nu Rave-Hobo look is going to be big this year, so get out your vests, turn your trousers up to your knees and gets dem glo-sticks out! Too-Rye-Ay!


22 carat gold woven belt for 20ltd

By Isabelle on June 19th, 2007

GoldbeltThere are a few things which even the most hardened fashion spendaholic will balk at purchasing, and I’m pretty sure that this gold belt is one of them. Made by Marie Helene de Taillac for 20ltd the belt is handwoven from 22 carat gold (is this starting to sound like a fairytale?) and is part of a limited edition set of twenty.
Retailing at £11,950 I don’t think I could ever bring myself to touch it, let alone wear it but if you’ve got a spare 12 grand knock yourself out because gold is the colour of this season.


The Jack Spade Reyn Spooner hipster wallet

By mofgimmers on June 12th, 2007


There is no question that the Jack Spade Reyn Spooner Hipster Wallet is a bit of a gobful, but that shouldn’t matter. The Hipster backs up any tongue tied fumblings with a super cool retro style.

The wallet is made from Reyn Spooner’s Lahaina Sailor reverse print that features Hawaii’s state bird, flower, tree, and flag, and was originally introduced in 1964. Features include four card sleeves, interior zipper pocket, and a bill sleeve with divider.

Retailing at $95 and available to buy if you click here.

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Monsoon weekend bag

By Isabelle on June 12th, 2007

Monsoon are really excelling themselves with their bags this season, they’re all pretty decently priced and look quite smart too. I like this large khaki holdall, the contrasting green and striped straps give it a casual chic. The muted tones will look good with most outfits and be suitable for anything from a short business trip, impromptu citybreak or stag do. Costing a reasonable £40 it’s well worth upgrading from your shabby old camping rucksack.


Superdry Kojak Sunglasses

By admin on June 12th, 2007


Superdry, the company that produces those "Osaka" prints that you
see from time to time, are in the the midst of releasing their new
Summer range. I was going review one of their t-shirts, but when I saw
these I just had to bring them to your attention.

Inspired by the lollipop-lickin’, follically challenged ’70s TV sleuth Kojak, these glasses (£24.99) are a cooler and more original alternative to all the over sized, bug-eyed Victoria Beckham style sunnies that everyone seems to be wearing. Who loves ya baby?


Ted Baker Mortar Satchel

By admin on June 11th, 2007

Personally, I don’t carry anything about my person that doesn’t fit into my sagging pockets or can’t be transported in my clumsy hands. Does that mean I can’t own this bag? Hell no. When a bag looks this good, you don’t need to care what’s inside. In this case, it’s very much what’s on the outside that counts.

Made from tarnished leather with brass-studded straps, the Mortar satchel (£120) from Ted Baker compliments the casual, bookish/nerdy look but would look just as good with a slick Mod suit. So what if you don’t have anything to put in it. Stuff it with old socks or something.


Paul Smith Pinhole Camera

By mofgimmers on May 31st, 2007

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 17th folks!) so it seems like a perfect opportunity to spoil yer old pa, or better still, if you’re a parent yourself, to get yourself a little present. Often, gifts on Father’s Day revolve around some new socks or some crappy tankard with some ale… well why not get something a little more unusual this year?

Paul Smith (yes, that one) has decided to make up some pinhole cameras! For £20 you get a complete kit which constructs a 35mm pinhole camera with innovative light tight clamshell design. Made of super tough 1mm black cardstock with plastic spools advance. Assembles in 1-2 hours with no cutting or glue. Step by step illustrated instructions. Produces professional results from all types of 35mm film. Aperture 16mm, focal length 20mm F stop: F/130, 75 grams. Size w-110mm h-70mm d-3. A winner! Click here to find out more


Pyramid studded Topman belt

By Isabelle on May 31st, 2007

Maybe it’s thanks to emo but fetish influences made a big appearance on the catwalk. This doesn’t mean you have go down the rubber gimp suit route (although if that’s what you want that’s fine too!) but a leather jacket, shiny fabrics and studs are all a subtle nod to the trend.

Topman’s narrow belt (£12) is a great example with its small mixed metal studs and it would look good used to discreet enliven a work outfit.

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Steak Button Thermometers

By mofgimmers on May 30th, 2007


Proper chefs have a pretty good idea of how long to cook their steaks. That’s because they’re chefs. However, for those of you, who are like me, can let things go a bit awry in the kitchen, things can get tricky when you’ve got someone asking for a rare steak. Help is at hand!

These Steak Button Thermometers are retailing for $15 and are reusable. A 1" diameter gauge tells you whether your meat is rare, medium, or well done. Well worth investing in and saves you from a few disgruntled stomachs.

Available from Sur La Table.

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