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Top Five: weekend bags

By Isabelle on May 29th, 2007

Chances are after this atrocious Bank Holiday weekend you’re dying to get away somewhere where the weather doesn’t taunt you mercilessly. If you need some travel inspiration and tips check out Lost Weekend, our new travel blog for men. We’ve picked out five great bags that will keep you looking stylish whilst lugging around the essentials for a much-needed break. See after the jump for full product details.

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Cool Analog Belt

By admin on May 25th, 2007

Agbelt Unless you’re a girl, over sized and conspicuous belt buckles are pretty naff. You only have to think of a particular design and the label that its lumbered with to feel all cringey and jelly-like.  An American eagle means you’re a Hell’s Angel. A skull and you’re a goth. Any band names makes you fourteen. MOSCHINO in large, dimante letters: Twat.

It’s high time that men should call out to be able to wear something bold and refreshing at waist level without the fear of arrest, persecution or being laughed at by their mates. And Analog Clothing have answered that call. The Analog Segment Belt (£29.99) has a simple enamel and chrome design. The deep yellow looks great for summer, and you can pretty much wear it with anything from a dark pair of jeans to pale shorts. Just make sure you don’t end up covering it up with a baggy top!

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Retro birds courier bag

By Isabelle on May 24th, 2007

BirdiebagAs a human of the lady persuasion I love things with little birds on, and this bag is no exception. Managing to combine sweet little retro birds with good pocket skills this vintage style courier bag nevertheless manages to look quite, well, manly. it is a woman’s bag but don’t let that stop you, I think it’s a lot better than some of the manbags out there.

On top of all this it’s reduced to a very reasonable $38 from Gama Go which leaves you plenty of money for stale bread. For the birds obviously, see where I’m going with this? I could go down the "spending money on the non-feathered variety of birds" route, but I won’t.


Paul Smith paisley dressing gown

By mofgimmers on May 23rd, 2007


I’ve been toying with the idea of buying myself a paisley smoking jacket for a while now. I fancy the idea of strutting ’round my house and smoking a pipe and coupling up a paisley smoker with a cravat or something. Well, with perfect timing, Paul Smith have designed this killer paisley dressing gown which can either be seen as high bedroom fashion, or as a super retro H.A.P.P.Y dresser.

It’s a 100 per cotton and made from what’s described as an
archive sky blue paisley cloth. Traditional in looks with two pockets and tie fastening and available in a range of sizes, it retails for £80. Click here and get your card out.

[via RetroToGo]


Vintage silk scarf

By mofgimmers on May 21st, 2007


More psychedelic goings on here with this smart paisley silk scarf. The silk scarf is perfect for those of you who fancy yourself as a bit of a dandy… but not only that… for the more macho bloke, this scarf is also very mod-esque. Coupled with a sharp tailored suit, you can strut peacock style down to the paper shop when you’re buying your milk and cigs.

This scarf was found on eBay and is going for just under a tenner (a bargain!) and a great addition to the wardrobe to wear this summer.


Burton mesh black and blue belt

By ShinyMedia on May 17th, 2007



This mesh belt is a nod to the sporty trend without going the full be-shellsuited hog. The bright blue is also in vogue so for a mere tenner you can update your look in a myriad of ways. Ok, only two ways but that’s pretty good for the cost of three pints in a London boozer. Wear with pale grey trousers and a short sleeved grey shirt for a modern look.


Pink embroidered silk tie

By mofgimmers on May 17th, 2007

TieSo, you’ve checked the floral shirts and retro gear out. What about those of you who aren’t brave enough to go the whole hog and get decked out in flowers? Well, one way of brightening up a plain shirt is with an exciting tie, and this Debenhams effort is a great paisley number that exudes retro cool.

Going for a very reasonable £11.20 (in their current sale), this tie is 100% silk and dry clean only. It’s pink, but that didn’t stop a certain panther being the hippest cat on the block.


Peckham Rye knitted tie

By ShinyMedia on May 17th, 2007


Peckham Rye make the most perfect ties, avoiding being trendoid (yes that’s a word!) skinny they’re just the right kind of slim. The colour is so deep and rich on the tie it’s well worth £55. Their knitted ties give great texture to an outfit, and look good teamed with a shirt and cardigan. In this warmer weather you might want to wear it with a short or rolled sleeve shirt and a lightweight anorak or parka.

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Boombox briefcase

By ShinyMedia on May 17th, 2007


Sometimes you have to mean business, but still want to express your personality. Well if part of your personality is loving oversized musical appliances from the ’80s check this baby out! A normal briefcase in everyway, except it has an awesome boombox design on the side. Kevin Byrd is the man behind this magnificent creation which isn’t available to buy but it might be if you put in a request on their website.

[via Gizmodo]

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Monsoon manbags

By ShinyMedia on May 16th, 2007


Monsoon have got the best manbags at the moment, combining neutral canvas with leather for an aged feel which are perfect for taking on holiday. The leather trims give an air of professorly insouciance, these are made for storing your heavy philosophical tomes. More importantly they look like an old find you might have been carrying around for years which will add chic to any casual outfit. See after the jump for product links.

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Cassette tape zippy purse

By ShinyMedia on May 14th, 2007


More cassette tape craziness on Brandish with designer Marella Foschi’s purses. Just like Honorable Mention’s cassette tape belt buckle
we featured last week each item is a one off. You can choose from a
range of colourful linings and zips to get the combination that suits
your outfit for a reasonable $43 including postage. Each one is handmade and has a durable felt lining making it perfect for your change for the bus.



Topman 50′s sunglasses

By mofgimmers on May 14th, 2007


The weather has been a bit patchy of late… but we have to stay optimistic that the sun will come out with his hat on (hip hip hip hooray). With that, we can’t go around squinting because that would make us look mightily unattractive wouldn’t it?

To give the bog standard aviators a swerve, you might prefer to go a bit Michael Caine and get these great 50′s sunglasses to save your retinas from setting on fire. A trip to Topman and parting with £12 will see you looking chic and suave.

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Rich men lover designer manbags

By ShinyMedia on May 11th, 2007

A recent study by the Luxury Institute revealed that when it comes to buying bags wealthy men are much more label conscious than their female counterparts.
The Luxury Institute focuses on the top 10% of America wealthy and found that men opted for designer labels 73% of the time compared to wealthy women, who went for the label 50% of the time. The most fabulous manbag I could find is this Dior confection which will set you back $1585 from e Luxury and yes it really is for men!


Cassette tape belt buckle

By Isabelle on May 10th, 2007

The tape-mad will love this belt buckle from Honorable Mention. You can choose from any retro blank tape that jogs your memory, or choose a pre-recorded one. I picked this nice yellow one ($15) because I like the typeface but you can also wear such illustrious musicians as Milli Vanilli, Dolly Parton or Tiffany on your belt but why anyone would pick U2 is beyond me. Similarly, I find it hard to believe why anyone would want to put R.Kelly near their crotch but you can thanks to Honorable Mention.

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Cassette tape wallet

By ShinyMedia on May 9th, 2007

I think I’m the only person in the world who still has any tapes, admittedly making compilations for friends is so much easier with cds but I used love carrying around my chunky walkman and rewinding the tapes with biros or pencils. Even better was taking them apart, unscrewing them with the point of a knife and carefully sellotaping the broken tape back together. So obviously when I saw this cassette wallet from Topman my heart leapt, it’s £10 which is a damn sight more expensive than my first tape (Bryan Adams, shamefully).

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