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Retro Karhu Bag

By mofgimmers on May 5th, 2007


Whilst browsing for a neat new bag, I stumbled across this great little Karhu bag. Karhu are a Finnish sports company who have had a great line in retro trainers and apparel, this being one of the stand-out products.

This Karhu Originals shoe bag was originally a golf shoe bag from the 1980s, but it has returned in with a range of suggested uses by the company which includes this fine hold-all becoming a laptop bag (enough space for a 12-inch Mac apparently). Retailing for 49 Euros online.

Find out more at the great RetroToGo website.


French Connection tie

By ShinyMedia on May 2nd, 2007

TieWhat a perfectly proportioned tie! Not too city trader wide, and not too trendoid indie kid thin this tie is exactly the kind of thing you should be looking for at the moment. The tie is £25 from French Connection and comes with a discreet grey stripe to add interest. Now as well a tie thickness you should also be paying attention to the dimple. Internet debate rages at to whether you should dimple or not but basically a forced dimple looks too try hard, but a natural dimple is a nice touch. Former GQ writer Owen Edwards maintained that you should stick with the first knot of the day.

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Top Five: Summer brights

By ShinyMedia on April 30th, 2007


Neon brights are in, but you don’t have to make like a London clubkid and wear purple harem pants with orange juice cartons around your neck (methinks it’s time for a UK version of Blue States Lose). Topman’s retro cut short-sleeved shirt (£25) would look great with turned up dark denim jeans for a rockabilly look. Another tack is to take the sporty look with neons, like with this yellow Souvenirs & Gallery anorak (£42) or 55DSL’s messenger bag (£16), which looks like the colours of a Twister ice lolly. Another one from Topman, this cute blue belt (£10) is just the thing to add a touch of panache to an outfit.  Finally, New Balance’s yellow suede trainers (£51) add a flash of colour which can’t be beaten.

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American Apparel sheer jersey scarf

By ShinyMedia on April 27th, 2007


What with layering being totally in sheer jersey is pretty hot right now, and this American Apparel scarf comes in thirty, yes thirty! different colours. It’s great for snuggling up to when the sun goes down and you’re left freezing with nowt but a shirt to keep you warm. It only costs eight pounds so you can buy a few and mix and match them to suit your outfit.

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Top Five: High street sunglasses

By Isabelle on April 26th, 2007

If you still own a pair of wrap-around shades throw them on the floor, them stamp on them. You can’t beat a classic pair of aviators for timeless chic, and theres lots of styles to choose from on the high street. Wayfarers are the latest style to make a comeback, and they’re great for adding a retro touch to any outfit. I’ve featured Monsoon’s aviators before, but these red ones are great for adding a subtle flash of colour. See after the jump for full selection and product links.

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Paul Frank ‘Big In Japan’ watch

By ShinyMedia on April 24th, 2007

Pfwatch"I got the style but not the grace, I got the clothes but not the face, I got the bread but not the butter I got the winda but not the shutter" starts Tom Waits’ great song ‘Big In Japan’. Maybe you’re 5"7, or in an obscure indie band, either way if you feel you’re big in Japan you should get your hands on Paul Frank’s Big In Japan watch. Costing £67.50 from Pussy Home Boutique it’s got a handsome leather strap and red stitching with a large retro face, so it’s a pretty good buy, but you will be singing "I’m big in Japan!" every time you see it.

Click here for more watches on Brandish


Top Five: bags

By ShinyMedia on April 16th, 2007

Manbags have come a long way from Kel from Kath and Kim’s grey pleather pouch. There are many bags on the high street to choose from, starting with the bag that kicked off the whole trend. The cotton tote was a staple with young men in Japan for years before becoming trendy with emo kids and hip young things over here. Burton’s bag is a lovely holdall perfect for a weekend away, or just for storing your laptop. Similar classic style, but slightly smaller, Zara’s satchel is perfect for everyday use. Lastly, Ollie & Nic make wonderful women’s bags and their burgeoning men’s collection features the same quality and style. See after the jump for the top five and product links.

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