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The best laptop for fashionable men?

By shinychris on May 25th, 2012

If style is a big driver in your choice of IT hardware then the smartphone – or perhaps it’s over-grown sibling the tablet – might well be the kind of tech that you need to be focussing on.  If however you actually need to use the device for anything as mundane as working – and you are not are not a TV reporter or wedding photographer (I mean, what do you actually use a tablet for, anyway) – the critical criteria for best laptop might well focus on spec rather than style.  In broad aesthetic terms, the same rules that apply to people in high fashion circles generally dictate what constitutes the best laptop: in other words, the thinner, the better.  A secondary – and perhaps less concrete – rule of fashion then comes into play: you get what you pay for.  Perhaps the most sensible way, then, to begin the quest for the best laptop for the fashion conscious man is to get an idea of price ranges at  Once you know what your budget can buy you can start to narrow the field of choice.

Working out the spec you need for the software that you’ll be running is not such an issue as it used to be just a few years ago, with the power and capacity of the average laptop now more than adequate for the vast majority of applications.  If you feel that you would still like to find some objective advice on laptops form a source that is not primarily interested in selling you anything, try looking here:

Right at the top of the price range you’ll find the sleekest laptops under the banners of ultrabook and ultraportable.  The ultrabook category describes light and portable – and therefore thin – laptops that still deliver top end performance.  The lightest example of these serious machines is currently Toshiba’s Satellite Z830, which weighs in at just over a kilo, and has a 128GB memory which is solid state, allowing super fast data transfer.  Intel’s new Hyper threading technology allows the dual core i3-2367M processor to behave like a quad core – for those of you yet to embrace tech geek that means: fast enough!

The Dell XPS 14z claims to be the thinnest laptop to incorporate a DVD drive – something that they simply did not have space to accommodate in the Toshiba Satellite Z830 – and has a larger 14inch screen, compared to the Satellite Z830’s 13.3 inch display.  At just 25mm thick the XPS 14z certainly doesn’t look flabby, but at a weight of just over 2 kilos it is too heavy to officially be included in the ultrabook category – although this distinction may be a little irrelevant to the manly men out there who can manage to heft an extra kilo around town.

For those that want to go for extreme anorexic chic, the Acer Aspire S3 is just 17mm thick (or thin).  This ultra slim profile comes at the cost of wired connectivity, as the Aspire S3 is too thin to incorporate an Ethernet cable port, and internet access is Wi-Fi only.

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What David Gandy Can Do For Your Style

By shinychris on May 14th, 2012

Written in association with High and Mighty

As a man, you may feel a bit reluctant to look to the catwalk for fashion inspiration, and with the weird and not-so-wonderful pieces that often make their sorry way down it, you’d be forgiven for your hesitance. However, one feature of the most high-profile catwalks should be allowed to infringe upon your wardrobe choices, no questions asked.

That special feature is model David Gandy. With his dark hair and tall stature, he could so easily be just another male model, but his masculine face and well-built body mean he’s a man real men can aspire to.

If you too have the stature to tower over most men, you could do much worse than to take a few tips from the model’s repertoire when building your own style. Online store High and Mighty caters specifically for tall and large men, so could help you find the clothes that fit for your own spin on David’s winning look.

In recent photos posted to his Vogue blog, David is seen with a goose of all things, wearing dark denim jeans with turn-ups, work boots, a brown leather belt, plain t-shirt and cream scarf. He finishes the look with a chocolate brown jacket for farmer-meets-history teacher cool. His facial hair rounds off a perfect casual style for the masculine man. Oh, and the goose isn’t a requirement. In fact I’d advise against it; hissing isn’t sexy in anyone’s book.

So now you’ve got the idea; simple styles worn to emphasise masculinity, yet not shying away from “softer”, more fashionable accessories that show an awareness of what’s on trend – it’s time to build the look.

Go for earthy shades like browns, olives and tans when choosing boots and belts. You can introduce brighter shades with your scarf or t-shirt, but don’t go for cartoon-worthy colours. If you are tall with very long legs and a short torso, choose longer-length jackets to elongate your upper body.

If your torso is long, wear your jeans as high as possible and expose your belt buckle by half-heartedly tucking your t-shirt in, a look perfected by David in the goose shots.



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POLL: Men’s braces – Yay or Nay?

By Gerald Lynch on April 3rd, 2012

I like a good belt, me. From a thin braided offering to a chunky biker buckle, they’re my proffered gravity-defying trouser accessory. But as the years pile up, and the pounds pile on, my paunch is finding itself more and more at odds with my waistline adornments.

So what are my other options? I’d rather walk about in my underpants than wear elasticated trousers. They make me think of the super-sized people who have to hire a golf-cart  to get around Disney World without keeling over. And losing weight just isn’t going to happen when Subway have just launched a £3 lunch time meal deal.

As an upstanding citizen (and one happy not to get an ASBO for flashing my tighty whities) the job falls to braces (or suspenders if you’re a US reader), the shoulder-strapping saviours of trouser hems since being popularised in 1822 by Albert Thurston.

But they’ve had a bit of a chequered history, have the humble old braces.  While they’re currently on the rise thanks to the popularity of the suited-booted Mad Men look, in the UK at least they’re still closely associated with the skinhead style championed by the National Front right-wing movement of the 1980s.

Also, this image of former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, caught recently taking out the rubbish wearing little else OTHER THAN BRACES makes a little bit of sick rise to the back of my throat. Sorry Ken, I’d pick you over Boris any day of the week, but this look’s more Albert Steptoe than Albert Camus.

So, have braces weathered the unsavoury associated storm of the Eighties to shine through in 2012 as an on-trend “boardroom-chic” accessory? Or are they still just a way of keeping the thumbs of shaven-headed yobs occupied instead of forming fists?

Take our poll below and let me know what you think! My dignity depends on it!

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Sharp & Dapper: Accessories for the self-respecting gentleman

By Laura on February 20th, 2012

I was recently introduced to Sharp & Dapper. Based in London, the company has revived a classic gentleman’s accessory and brought it into the 21st century.

The Shirt Companion, is designed to help any self-respecting gentleman to keep his shirt tucked in and his socks pulled up. The unique ‘suspenders for men’ eliminate the hassle of continuously having to tuck in a shirt, by simply attaching the four individual braces between your shirt & socks.

Established and handmade in London’s Notting Hill and with art direction from Aneel Kalsi of Wallpaper magazine, The Shirt Companion is also worn by barmen in top class London venues such as Milk & Honey. An accessory they can rely on for the right image and impression.

Tom Soden, (Group Bar Manager of Diageo) is amongst the many who have become strong advocates of the Shirt Companion, stating:
“I bought a pair of Shirt Companions just over four months ago and I can honestly say that I haven’t worked a day without them since. It seems funny but they have become as essential to my working day as a pair of cuff links or my watch. S&D lives up to their name, it makes you look sharp & dapper. In addition to me feeling confident and fresh, customers immediately see I am a professional, experienced bartender working for a world-class company.”

The Shirt Companion is available now from Sharp & Dapper and comes beautifully packaged in a set of four braces.

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Mr Porter celebrates 1st birthday with the pocket square project

By Laura on February 20th, 2012

One of our favourite online retailers, MRPORTER.COM, is turning One years old, and to celebrate they have teamed up with a number of designers to produce exclusive pocket squares for the site.
Brands involved include:

Alexander Olch
Band of Outsiders
The Elder Statesman
Jean Shop
Oliver Spencer
Our Legacy
Richard James

This limited edition project is sure to turn the pocket square into a collector’s item, with only 50 of each square available.

The pocket square project is just one of a series of initiatives celebrating MR PORTER’s first birthday. From tomorrow a special MR PORTER birthday microsite will bring together a menu of anniversary content, including the launch of an interactive global treasure hunt.

The designer squares go on sale tomorrow on

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The Leather Satchel Company

By Laura on January 1st, 2012

Satchels have been big this year and we don’t expect this trend to disapear anytime soon. While there are a lot of companies making satchels, we highly recommend The Leather Satchel Company.

The Leather Satchel Company make custom satchels for the same cost as many off the shelf competitors, meaning you get a one of a kind bag for a great price. On their website you can pick from an impressive array of colours and style combinations.

After placing my order for a classic chocolate brown leather satchel, I received an email from their workshop to discuss in depth what I was going to use the satchel for and to make sure it would suit my needs. In the end I opted for the 14″ with briefcase handle and strap for a degree of flexibility.

Among some of the many other options to customize your bag include adding deeper gussets to allow you to slide in ‘more books’ in your satchel and Backpack Straps, perfect for cyclists.

All satchels are hand-crafted in Britain from top quality, natural heavy leather by artisan leather-smiths. This standard design features a long adjustable shoulder strap and is stitched using a colour matched blend of cotton and nylon for extra durability. The straps and fasteners are then finished with silver buckles and finally the satchel is riveted for completeness. All satchels come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee.

Here is a peak inside my satchel.

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Herring Shoes launch luggage collection

By Laura on December 31st, 2011

Classic British shoe maker, Herring recently extended their brand by branching into Luggage. The new luggage range includes everything from wash bags to large weekend holdalls, all finished in a super soft dark brown waxed leather.

In keeping with their heritage, Herring has named each bag after a London landmark. Our favourite is the Dorchester, a weekend-sized holdall with two external zip pockets, sturdy webbing strap handles and a large internal zip pocket. The base is stiffened with brass stud detailing to help preserve the leather. A close second is the Ritz wash bag.

Prices of the Herring Shoes Luggage collection range from £45 to £175.

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The Courier Ruc Case by J. Panther Luggage Co.

By Laura on December 30th, 2011

The Courier Ruc Case by J. Panther Luggage Co. from J. Panther Luggage Co. on Vimeo.

J. Panther Luggage Co. launched just over a year ago after 2 years of intensive development. Now they are well established in the luggage market and have quite a loyal following. Their products are designed and tested in NYC then handcrafted and finished by New England artisans who’ve been making upscale luggage for generations.

The Courier Ruc Case is their first new product since launching, and we love it! Drawing upon the versatility of their Ruc Tote and the more sporty features of the deluxe Perfect Weekender, this is the perfect work-oriented bag. What stuck us most is that its been designed to withstand the roughest treatment en route to the office, yet it is still bound to leave a good impression once there, unlike the many more sporty cycle bags available.

The Courier Ruc Case has been hand-built from water-resistant Horween leather and has a unique highly functional three-way carry system. The leather handles of the classic briefcase are augmented by two further options. Twin straps to the rear provide simple yet efficient ruck-style carry, with the third option of a shoulder strap. The bag opens up fully in a book-like style and will fit most laptops. In addition it has a variety of compartments and pockets that will accommodate tools ranging from iPads and tablets down to pens and business cards.

The Courier Ruc Case retails for $990 USD and is available here.

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Limited edition Mission Workshop waxed Canvas Sanction bag

By Laura on December 23rd, 2011

Mission Workshop have just released a new limited edition version of their Sanction bag.
Constructed out of waxed canvas, this pack is fully waterproof and light weight.
As with the standard issue Sanction it features multiple weatherproof pockets, urethane coated zippers, and fits most 15’’ laptops making it the perfect bag for the weather-conscious urban bicyclist.

The limited edition Sanction bag retails for $219(USD)

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Making of the Herring Shoes Oak Bark belt

By Laura on December 23rd, 2011

There is always something wonderful about listening to master craftsmen discussing their trade. The passion towards their craft is often contagious and gives us a new appreciation for familiar objects.

One video that recently caught my attention was the making of the Herring Shoes Oak Bark belts in the Tanner Bates factory. The video walks us through how this beautiful belt is made. John Hagger’s attention to detail and sourcing local materials is inspiring. Using the same leather often used by harness and bridle makers, the belt features a solid brass hand made buckle hammer riveted and is hand-stitched with Irish linen thread.



Complete the Ivy League look with Filofax

By Laura on November 21st, 2011

As the world around us becomes increasingly digital, there is something refreshing about keeping somethings ‘analogue.’

I often get teased about the fact that I carry around a calendar and don’t just rely on my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone, and have found some really useful organization apps, but they just don’t give me the same sense of satisfaction as I get from putting pen to paper (I should probably mention here I still prefer to use a fountain pen).

My old fashioned preferences aside, who said a good calendar can’t be a great accessory? I have been eyeing the latest offerings from Filofax for a while now, and love the Malden organiser.

The Malden, comes in a beautiful glazed buffalo leather finish in a range of colours. In my opinion it is also the perfect accessory to complete the Ivy league trend which has been so popular this fall.

Available in four sizes ranging from £55- £100 you can pick one up here.


Silas x London Tradition Duffle Coat

By Laura on November 17th, 2011

The duffle coat truly is a classic winter staple. It’s popularity can be traced back to the British Military for introducing and perfecting the design.

One of the best duffel coats we have seen so far this year has to be the collaboration between Silas and Maria and their British cohorts, London Tradition. Made in England, this shortened, hooded classic features horn toggle fastenings, and a tartan lining.

Over all it is a beautiful, conventional, expertly crafted duffle, that is bound to last you years.
Available in both grey and navy colorways this jacket will set you back £329.

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Freehands Gloves launches in Europe with a 50% off Groupon Deal this Thursday

By Laura on November 1st, 2011

Freehands, the gadget lovers gloves launch this week in Europe with a special Groupon offer in the UK for 50% off any order this Thursday November 3rd, 2011.

Freehands, are the leading brand of gadget gloves in the US and now they have set their sights on capturing the European market; and just in time for winter.

These unique gloves were designed by New-York-City based Josh Rubin, the founder of, when he found himself answering his iPhone with his nose to avoid taking off his gloves. The hassle of the glove-or-phone conundrum came up at dinner with his father, Stanley Rubin, who conveniently manufactures and sells gloves over the last 25 years. In a matter of minutes, sketches were drawn, the scissors were out, and the Freehands glove was born.

Freehands Gloves come in two designs for keeping hands warm, Conductive tips or Flip-Fingers. There are tons of different styles, colors, and Thinsulate insulated high quality materials like cashmere, leather, fleece, rag-wool, and Polartech to chose from.

The Conductive Tips are great for any touchscreen device as special materials conduct electricity like your finger normally would so you don’t have to take off your gloves to use the device. The Flip-Fingers are ready for anything winter throws at you while keeping your hands toasty by giving you access to your fingers by using built in magnets to hold back the flipped finger caps when you need them.

If like me you constantly have to check your phone, these gloves are the perfect winter accessory. Don’t forget to check out the Groupon deal Thursday to get a pair halfprice!!


Tanner Goods Cast Silver Double Wrap Wristband

By Laura on September 28th, 2011

When it comes to jewellery we really believe less is more. Which is probably why we are big fans of Tanner Goods latest Double Wrap Wristbands.

The Portland-based workshop create these beautiful wristbands from calfskin and a hand-cast sterling silver clasp to serve as the centerpiece.Held in place by waxed linen thread lashings, it is offered in three colourways: Black/Natural, Saddle Tan/Black and Cognac/Natural.

You can pick one up now through the Tanner Goods online shop.

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The Terry Richardson Casio Collaboration

By Laura on September 28th, 2011

Terry Richardson, yeah the pervy guy behind American Apparel, recently released a double book, called “Mom & Dad.” To launch the book, the world acclaimed photographer Richardson, is exhibiting picture of his parents at the Colotte in Paris.

The exhibition is joined by a small pop-up store, which includes a selection of products such as t-shirts, G-shock and BabyG Casio watches. Despite what we may think of Richardson, these watches are pretty damn cool. The watches come in a brilliant red plaid, mimicking his trademark button-down shirts.

Mom & Dad is being held at Colette now through November 5 and you can purchase the time pieces online and in store today.

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