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Pete Doherty launches jewellery line, Albion Trinketry

By Laura on December 2nd, 2010


Yesterday Pete Doherty launched his jewelry for Joseph.

The Babyshambles frontman teamed-up with jeweler Hannah Martin to create a collection which includes cuff links, pendants, rings and necklaces – called Albion Trinketry. According to Doherty, the line was inspired by a time when men carried pocket watches and wore their best clothes on Sundays.

The line will be sold exclusively at Joseph.

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Perfect Bow Ties By Pierrepont Hicks

By Laura on December 1st, 2010

If you haven’t caught wind of it yet, bow ties are making a big comeback at the moment. Finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge, but I recently stumbled across the amazing Pierrepont Hicks, and well…be prepared to have necktie envy.

Pierrepont Hicks was founded by an American couple, Mac and Kat. Mac apparently takes care of the numbers and Kat handles design, which she is no stranger too. With experience working in fashion + publishing in New York for over ten years, Kat has spent time at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gourmet + ELLE magazines.

There ties are all produced in New York, by master craftsmen, who practice traditional tie workmanship patterns. Apparently a single tie can take sixteen steps to create and they emphasize just how important it is not to skip a single step – something that is very evident in the craftsmanship.

Check out 5 of our favourite bow ties in the gallery below.


Flannel Shirt Cuff Links From Tatty Devine

By Laura on December 1st, 2010

We love these tiny flannel shirt cuff links from Tatty Devine. The simple design would add a casual edge to any cuffed shirt. The classic lumberjack check is etched into white acrylic, then inked by hand, allowing them to include a great deal of detail such as the pocket with angled checks, collar, cuffs and placket, with tiny buttons painted on. Each cuff link is the size of a buttonhole and available here for £54


ckeckshirt cuff link


Security Tag Accessories

By Laura on December 1st, 2010

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 4.46.55 PM.png

Accessories can be a great way to dress up an outfit, simple cuff links, a pocket square, scarf, the list goes on. However, this is one accessory I am not sure I would purchase any time soon. The pin is made from 18k-gold-plated sterling silver and is meant to look like the security tags stores put on clothes to prevent theft. Art director Justin Gignac, claimed that the piece stems from his desire to elevate the mundane and overlooked items in our everyday lives. Justin explains the security tag “is one of those things that I’ve ignored for years. What better way to call attention to it then make it gold and throw some diamonds on it.”

To me it just sounds like he has been reading a bit to much about DuChamp recently.

Security! is available with ($700) or without diamonds ($550) here. Of course I am sure you can go down to your local retailer and pick up a more authentic version for a fraction of the price.

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Top Winter Accessory: The Snood

By Laura on November 30th, 2010

The Snood, despite its unfortunate name, is one of the biggest accessories in men’s fashion this winter.

They have been around in women’s fashion for the past few seasons, but don’t let this turn you off. This winter the shops are full of great masculine snoods in great colours and chunky knits. This great winter accessory will not only keep you warm, but adds great dimension to any outfit.

Check out 5 of our favourite snoods this season

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Winter Head Warmers: Five Hats To Keep You Warm

By Laura on November 29th, 2010

Here at Brandish we don’t want any of our readers going cold this winter, so we are sticking with theme of how to keep warm today.

We lose more heat through the top of our head, than any other part of our body so it is critical to keep it covered in order to stay warm. In fact if you prioritize keeping your head warm, you will have won half the battle in keeping your body warm. This winter essential comes in all kinds of different styles, colours and materials. So with that in mind we have picked 5 of our favourite hats to help inspire you this season.

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Top 10 Pantone Inspired Gifts For This Holiday Season

By Laura on November 16th, 2010

Pantone has been defining pigments for almost 50 years, and sets industry standards in colour. Its matching systems and guides are essential for designers and artists for referencing and producing the precise hue, tint or shade.

In addition to their colour guides they also have a whole range of products inspired by the now infamous coloured chips. So if you are looking for the perfect present for the design or art lover in your life this holiday season check out our top 10 Pantone inspired gifts

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ASOS Nomad Trend Gallery.

By ThomasHewetson on October 11th, 2010

nomad.jpgASOS have just unveiled a new trend for the Autumn and it actually does their own brand collection justice. It’s a well thought out, solid collection that’s accessible and well styled, continuing the outdoor trend that has lasted a few seasons it seems to have taken the best elements of some them such as Fairisle knits, but left out the worst, like mens fringed moccasins. Here is how ASOS described the collection and below is a gallery of some of the picks of the collection. View the full collection HERE.

‘Scanning the wilderness of North America, Scotland and Scandinavia, Nomad is a look grounded in the history of cross-continental adventure. Playing with ethnic patterns and texture is vital, with Navajo and Fairisle mixing like never before. It’s a look obviously influenced by the wandering tribes and their distinctive take on the functional, yet is equally at home in town. It’s time to take a journey to the great outdoors…’

Click on the picture to start the gallery including links to the products.

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Another Winter For Fairisle?

By ThomasHewetson on August 12th, 2010

In the past couple of winters Fairisle knits have become a staple item to keep you warm in our cold winters. The trend also seems to be holding it’s ground with yet more garish patterns lined up for you to wear in the coming months. Alongside all of the styles below, I suggest you check out charity shops as you can get some real finds, but the problem is, first of all, you never quite get rid of the smell no matter how much you wash it, and secondly, the vintage styles tend to have very baggy arms which looks cute on women, but less desirable on men. The selections below are all available at Hip.

ymcfair.jpegHat by Y.M.C £40

farahvin4.jpgCardigan by Farah Vintage £85

ymcfairsle.jpgCrew by Y.M.C £110

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J.W. Anderson Autumn Winter Rings At Oki-Ni.

By ThomasHewetson on August 6th, 2010

jw4.jpegAfter the Love and Hate four finger rings which sold out pretty quick on Oki-Ni, the J.W. Anderson accessories once more appear to be a sought after and build on the contradiction theme that is present throughout the collection. Assassin or saint? Made from horn, these are actually reasonably priced at £56 and I think I might have to purchase the Assassin one.



Barbour The Tyne Bobble Hat.

By ThomasHewetson on August 4th, 2010

barbourbobble.jpgBetter known for their waxed jackets than bobble beanies, Barbour’s continuing relevance in the fashion world continues next season. This bobble beanie made of 100% Shetland wool with a metal tab logo on the front is going to be perfect for winter and just like the Liddesdale jacket bridges the gap between urban and country life perfectly. Availble at End for £29

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W.M.J.Mills & Co Shelter Island Duffel Cobalt Blue.

By ThomasHewetson on July 13th, 2010

duffell5.jpgWith a high end take on the barrel bag, W.M.J.Mills & Co have employed a nautical colourway to the classic style. Made from #8 cotton duck canvas, the bag is water resistant, machine washable and each made by hand. Available at Oi Polloi for £135.

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ASOS Canvas Rucksacks.

By ThomasHewetson on July 9th, 2010

asosbackpack.jpgASOS have done a really good high street version of the smart rucksack. Coming in two colourways of black and mustard with a leather look trim and a toggle drawstring, they have a vintage feel to them that will compliment some chinos this summer. Available at ASOS.

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Burlington Invisible Socks.

By ThomasHewetson on June 30th, 2010

burlington3.jpgThere is nothing worse than wearing socks with certain items such as deck shoes and suede loafers. There is also nothing worse than not wearing socks and having sweaty smelly summer feet. Luckily Burlington who you can trust to make quality socks which will last, have developed their own version of a ‘trainer sock’. Available at ASOS.

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Order Burberry Prorsum SS/11 Online.

By ThomasHewetson on June 22nd, 2010

burberry11.jpgYou can order the Burberry Prorsum outerwear and accessories from the Burberry website. The show was brilliant and you can watch it on the site too. What stood out for the fashion blogs of the world was the use of studs and Brandish is no exception. Bringing a bit of rock n’ roll to country heritage, a lot of leather was used and the sleeveless biker jackets are as beautiful as I’ve seen. Christopher Bailey has done it again.

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