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Was that the Beatles I just heard? 10 songs directly influenced by the Fab Four #BeatlesWeek

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The Beatles are an ubiquitous, omnipotent presence in the world of music, and you’ve only got to glance through a book like the fantastic Isle of Noises by Daniel Rachel to see that pretty much every successful contemporary songwriter still cites the Fab Four among their influences. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – supposedly… Perhaps most notably, Noel …

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10 of the most underrated Beatles songs – #BeatlesWeek

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You could argue that there isn’t a bad Beatles song out there, since even their silliest songs make for a great listen. Four unrefined young men from Liverpool, with not a musical qualification between them, showcased their raw talent as they pumped out incredible melodies, bizarre chord progressions and creative songs in astonishingly quick progression: 12 studio albums, 13 EPs, and 22 singles in just eight years. Find me …

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Brandish interviews Tom Doyle, author of ‘Man on the Run’, for #BeatlesWeek

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‘If you’ve been an astronaut and travelled to the moon, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?’  In 2013, Tom Doyle authored the fantastic Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s. It traces the very interesting period of 1969-1981 – typically known for drugs busts, Wings, and financial problems – and sheds a new light …

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Alan Partridge was right – why Wings are the band Beatles could have been #BeatlesWeek

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OK, so I am not entirely serious, but up until a few years ago most of those snobby pop culture critics had a bit of a problem with Paul McCartney’s 70s output. It may have been that while Lennon was undergoing primal scream therapy and singing about Working Class Heroes Macca was playing happy families on his remote Scottish farm. Or more likely that at the height …

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The day I met Paul McCartney #BeatlesWeek

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In the dark days between Christmas and New Year 2007 I went to Northern Jamaica to be the second camera operator on a crew making a pilot food programme. It was an incredible trip. Sun, sea, sand, beautiful scenery, friendly and interesting local people and lovely food, of course. We worked long days and there were some tough moments – …

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Oi – let’s all stop having a go at Paul McCartney! 10 reasons why he’s still great #BeatlesWeek

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It’s become worryingly de rigeur in recent times to let out dramatic pantomime groans every time Paul McCartney crops up in conversation or turns up on telly. How has Paul become the target of such scorn? Is it because he kept making music after The Beatles broke up and has had the good health and good fortune to survive? Arguments pitting …

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#BeatlesWeek: the Fab Four in film & TV pop culture

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Image via Fotolog As we know, there are a whole host of references to the Fab Four in popular culture – with the rosy eyes of nostalgia and fresh new generations discovering new ways to celebrate the band, their iconic status seems to gain more and more traction, confirming their universal appeal. Not only did the Beatles send tidal waves through …

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Who was The Fifth Beatle? We look at the Top 10 contenders including Brian Epstein and George Martin #BeatlesWeek

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With the movie, The Fifth Beatle, based on the life of Brian Epstein, set for release later this year we look at the Top 10 contenders for the coveted title.  1. Brian Epstein (1934 – 1967) If anyone has a claim to the Fifth Beatle tag it is probably Epstein. The Beatles’ first manager and music Entrepreneur/Svengali, he was unwavering …

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The best of Beatles-themed clothes & accessories #BeatlesWeek

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There’s a reason why we still see Beatles references everywhere; a reason why Beatles T-shirts still wander the earth on bodies of all ages, and a reason why you won’t find any sorry old Beatles albums in the bargain buckets in HMV: the best selling band in history just never goes out of fashion. So enduringly popular are the Fab Four …

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#BeatlesWeek insight: the radio stations dedicated only to the Beatles

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It’s quite incredible when a band can produce enough material, let alone be popular enough, to spawn dedicated radio stations that are still attracting listeners – an incredible fifty years after said band formed. But the Beatles have somehow managed it, and there are at least two radio stations (Beatles-A-Rama and Beatles Radio) fuelling a diet of pure Fab Four music 24 hours a …

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A hard day's night

Why A Hard Day’s Night is the ultimate pop movie #BeatlesWeek

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Simon Poulter of What Would David Bowie Do on the Beatles’ celluloid masterpiece So many pop stars have turned up in movies that it hardly warrants attention any more. Perhaps you can blame Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender, the first of his many cheese-ahoy visits to celluloid for creating the inextricable precedent that with chart fame comes screen time. This …

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Would a 1971 Beatles album been their best? #BeatlesWeek

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Just Imagine… Imagine, if you will, that John had never met Yoko, that George had been allowed to contribute more than just Something and Here Comes The Sun, that Ringo had more to his canon than novelties like Octopus’s Garden and Yellow Submarine, and that Paul hadn’t felt it necessary to issue the writ that effectively wound-up The Beatles in …

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Boyhood and the Beatles: The Black Album from the film #BeatlesWeek

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  If you’ve seen Richard Linklater’s recent cinematic masterpiece Boyhood, you’ll be familiar with the scene in which Mason (played by Ethan Hawke), presents his son, Mason Jr. (played by Ellar Coltrane) with a gift for his 16th birthday: a compilation of songs from each Beatle’s solo career, fused in one aptly named The Black Album. I’m not going to …

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Everton or Liverpool? Which football team did The Beatles support? #BeatlesWeek

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Pink Floyd are Gooners, The Smiths are City fans, Jacko loved Fulham FC (apparently) but what about the football allegiances of the biggest band of all time? It isn’t simple – believe me. When The Beatles were growing up in the 40s and 50s the team you supported in Liverpool said a lot more about you than just your football …

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Top 10 Best Beatles Buys: including Vans pumps, Apple onesie and Yellow submarine wellies! #BeatlesWeek

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It may have been 50 years since they first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and ‘broke’ America, but The Beatles legacy remains not just in their music, but in their spin-off merchandise too. T-Shirts, Russian dolls, coasters, cufflinks. You name it, you can buy it – much of it is tacky and just uninspired reproductions of album covers etc. …

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