The other side of the 80s – Ben Vendetta’s Wivenhoe Park review

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Personally I am with Jarvis Cocker, who takes the view that 80s were quite possibly the worst decade to be young in post war Britain. AIDS, Thatcherism, looming nuclear apocalypse, Stock, Aitken and Waterman – boy did we suffer. Still there was some great music made in the 80s and almost none of it made by fellas in frilly shirts, …

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Psych round up: Wicked Whispers, Bill Ryder Jones, Scott Walker

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The Wicked Whispers were named as one of the bands to watch for in 2013 by this fella – and he strikes me as a man with excellent musical taste. So I wonder now if the Everton dressing room is resounding to the sounds of the new Wicked Whispers single Voodoo Moon. It’s another Doors meets The Zombies keyboard driven …

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Rock and Roll Is Dead – ace new Twitter inspired novel from Steve Lawson

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If you are a serious bass player chances are that you’ll know the name of Steve Lawson. Over the years he has written countless articles about his beloved instrument, recorded a series of acclaimed albums, and via social media, delivered some very interesting perspectives on the future of the music industry. He has fascinating views on Spotify. So we have …

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Is this the last word on Mod? Richard Weight’s MOD: A Very British Style on its way

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And yes that cover looks great too. The images were taken by ace photographer Dean Chalkley who has lots of images of contemporary mods (and a film too – see the bottom of the page) on his site here. Anyway back to the book. There have been plenty of Mod books before, but this looks like being a fairly definitive …

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The US State with a Union Jack in its flag, the war in which we didn’t fight but grew vegetables and other weird episodes from British Imperial history

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As everyone in the UK knows there was once a time when the Union Jack flew in many, many places across the world. Now, a website about style, football and gadgets isn’t really a  place for too many value judgements on the British Empire. Suffice to say that we did some good things, but we also inflicted an awful lot …

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New books for Smiths/Morrissey obsessives – Morrissey International Airport and an updated Mozipedia

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There was a time when stalking pop stars was largely the preserve of oddballs with way too much time and money on their hands. Not any more though for in among the Japanese super fans and Scandi wouldbe groupies you are probably going to meet someone looking for material to turn into a book. Step forward Dickie Felton who has …

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