Paul Smith Boxers

New year, new pants – that’s how the old
saying doesn’t go. Everyone harks on about essentials, but I don’t think enough
time is spent harking on about our most needed essential: The humble boxer (If
you’re wearing pants or Y-fronts, then leave now. Close the door behind you).
Seeing as we’re in the second month of 2008, it’s more than likely that you’ll
have some underwear that should have been thrown out a long time ago.

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adminPaul Smith Boxers

Topman Trench coat – get it before everyone else does

The thing with Topman is that it’s too
popular for its own good. Buy a jacket from the Oxford Circus branch and you’ll
have passed five people wearing the same jacket before you get to the tube
station. The Topman design branch aims
to redress this problem by issuing much smaller quantities of pieces.

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adminTopman Trench coat – get it before everyone else does

Trends: Watch & Wear- Le Freak c’est Chic!

The time has come for the return of the eccentric dresser. But before you all stop reading this, firm in the belief that I have finally cracked, I promise that I am not subliminally feeding you pages from ‘An Idiot’s Guide to … being an idiot’ but instead providing you with an outfit that will allow you to get freaky without the raised eyebrows- more crinkled blazer than straight-jacket.

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Will ReidTrends: Watch & Wear- Le Freak c’est Chic!

Travel smart with One True Saxon


Are you a fan of killing two birds with one
stone? In a figurative sense of course, we don’t condone bird-murdering on
Brandish. One True Saxon‘s
spring/summer range has popped up online and they’ve made a travel brochure
that features a city soundtrack, bars, restaurants, clubs and places to start a
fight before yelling ‘Leave it Dave, He’s not worth it!’. Maybe not that last

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adminTravel smart with One True Saxon

Ralph Lauren polo shirts – They’re not just for Chavs anymore

The thing about brands is that different
people have different relationships with them.  For people like the fabulous Henry Conway,
Ralph Lauren polo shirts might conjure up images of days out at Ascot, Croquet
and Daddy embezzling money from the government (Ba-doom-chish!). I just think
of Chavs, or as they were called back in my day, Essex boys. Without giving you
my life story – I’m saving that for another post – when I was at secondary
school, fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts were all the rage. In those days, you
spotted a fake by looking at the number of legs on the horse of the logo. Fakes
had 3 or less, real ones had 4. This led to a horse-logo-checking habit that’s
stayed with me to this day.

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adminRalph Lauren polo shirts – They’re not just for Chavs anymore

111Vox Sale

Let’s just face it, Scandinavians are better than us. They’ve got better cheekbones they’re taller, their cities are cleaner, and they have more money. You can let it annoy you or you can just accept it as a fact of life.

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admin111Vox Sale

Now’s the time to go high end clothes shopping

There’s never been a better time to get
high end clothing. With all the high street stores being raided on the first
few days of their sales, high end stores don’t sell nearly as much. Around this
time, most stores are forced to sell their clothes at the price they got them
for. Which why Matches are selling this Marc
Jacobs cable knit cardigan
for the relatively low price of £175.

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adminNow’s the time to go high end clothes shopping