Yay or Nay – Bib Shirts

Judging by what a lot of high-street stores have in stock, bib shirts (like the one to the left) seem to be popular right now. I’m not sure why. From a distance it just looks like the wearer has been sweating profusely in a asymmetrical pattern. Not the look anyone wants to go for.

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adminYay or Nay – Bib Shirts

Gilded Age

As you might expect from their name, Gilded Age clothes are made with a healthy dose of nostalgia for times passed. The brand uses traditional processes of production to create garments lavished with so much care and attention you can see it in every stitch and fibre. Gilded Age have sought out factories which use some of the oldest machinery …

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adminGilded Age

Dior SS 2008 Hoody

As I’ve said before, I’m really not impressed with the S/S 2008 Dior range. My main gripe with this collection – aside from the ill-fitting jeans – is the fact that much of it is too derivative. The hoody on the left is pretty representative of their collection – ugly and derivative. It looks like a GSCE student’s attempt at …

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adminDior SS 2008 Hoody

Nom de Guerre High Collar Coat

If you’re not so flush with cash that you can afford a proper overcoat as well as a casual jacket for winter, this High Collar coat from Nom de Guerre offers a good compromise. It’s smart enough to be worn when you need to look posh, but will look equally at home when you’re on a night out or down …

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adminNom de Guerre High Collar Coat

Dolce & Gabbana double breasted pea coat

Pea coats are all the rage at the moment. We’ve featured them numerous times and we thought we’d found all the double breasted pea coats that were worth finding. We were wrong. This Dolce & Gabbana herringbone coat features every popular trend without looking over designed. With all that said, I could have done without the shoulder flaps. But apart …

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adminDolce & Gabbana double breasted pea coat

Dior SS2008 Leather Jacket

The Dior SS2008 collection has been underwhelming so far, seemingly taking out everything that worked and leaving everything that didn’t. Seeing as we’re optimists here at Brandish, we’ve picked an item from the collection that’s actually quite nice. I’m fully aware that ‘quite nice’ is the worst compliment you can get, as it’s something someone would say about a packet …

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adminDior SS2008 Leather Jacket

Acronym Grey Sweat

It’s a bit of a bugbear of mine (one of many) when you have clothes where every inch of them is spangled or bejewelled or ripped or embroidered or printed. I think it looks really crass. On the other hand, when an item is loaded with lots of small details, like this sweatshirt from Acronym, I really like it.  Head …

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adminAcronym Grey Sweat

Concrete Hermit T-shirts

Concrete Hermit is a ‘post-neo-old-skool’ T-shirt, print and book shop in London’s fashionable Shoreditch. They work with a number of selected graphics artists to produce their products which are as quietly anarchic as they are desirable. Their products are also available through their web-shop where you’ll find amongst, other things, these monster T-shirts by Motomichi, which ably illustrate the Concrete …

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adminConcrete Hermit T-shirts

Yay or Nay: Visvim suede hybrids

Visvim are a high end Japanese clothing brand. They tend to focus on Bape-esque copies of popular American trainers. Personally, I’ve never understood this trend or its popularity. Paying £300 for what it is essentially a pair of fake Nike Air force ones doesn’t appeal to me. Visvim have been doing the same things with Converse All-stars and now these …

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adminYay or Nay: Visvim suede hybrids

Baracuta Tweed Jacket

Tweed is a trend that hasn’t quite taken off yet, which means there’s plenty of time for people to jump on the bandwagon without looking like they’ve jumped on a bandwagon. Baracuta have jumped onto this trend with this tweed jacket. Elasticated cuffs don’t suit most jackets but they’re perfect for this, giving the jacket the modern twist that most …

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adminBaracuta Tweed Jacket

Apolis Activism Trench Hood

Moral stalwarts with an eye for fashion, Apolis Activism, have concocted this slightly strange but very wearable hybrid from the purest American cotton, a little environmental awareness and a lot of imagination. The jacket takes some of the design elements from the classic trench coat: the double breast, the shoulder flaps – and gives them a biker twist with some …

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adminApolis Activism Trench Hood