Irrational hate #1: Toggles

Toggles are the ugliest things in the world. Why do designers insist on using them? They look more like blunt daggers rather than something you’d use to button your coat. They’re unnecessarily over-sized and can be guaranteed to make coats look like something secondary school kids would wear. They can’t even button a coat by itself – they need the …

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adminIrrational hate #1: Toggles

YMC Double Zip Jacket

YMC – You Must Create – emerged from Duffer of Saint George many moons ago with their particular brand of quirky colourful designs. This shiny nylon mod-inspired mac is a bestseller at Oak and is also available from YMC’s on-line store. The jacket has versatility built into the design with a choice of two front zips, depending on how slim …

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adminYMC Double Zip Jacket

Jeans to bike in from Self Edge

Continuing my quest to uncover the most stylish bike wear, I’ve come across these jeans from Iron Heart and Self Edge designed with the cyclist in mind. The catchily titled SEXIH03 are fashioned from the heaviest weight Japanese denim, making them extremely hard-wearing. They also have a number of features designed for extra comfort and resilience when you’re pedaling: Extra …

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adminJeans to bike in from Self Edge


Print designer Wayne Pate runs a bit of a cottage industry under the name GoodShapeDesign, screen-printing his striking designs onto cotton tees and heavy stock paper, both of which can be purchased through his website. Boasting a “simple minded approach to concepts and ideas”, he rates the quality of the materials he uses for his products on a par with …

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Freemans Sporting Club so-bad-it’s-good T-shirt

When I was younger I had a friend who’s family had framed posters of wolves howling at the moon and eagles in flight. Their holiday snaps would show mother draped supine and dreamy across tree stumps or sitting beatifically in a stone circle. There was something endearing about the family’s unselfconscious naffness. There’s something of same tree-hugging pseudo-spirituality which has …

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adminFreemans Sporting Club so-bad-it’s-good T-shirt

Vane’s shawl necks

I love a shawl neck – the kind of collar which creates a sort möbius strip around your neckline. It’s like a less bulky hood and I find it very pleasing on the eye. Vane’s latest collection contains a number of shawl necks, including this black and white striped number. Its modelled in a street style on their website but …

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adminVane’s shawl necks

Men in ponchos?

I must admit, I have next to no clue about what’s in and out in women’s fashion, but I am reasonably sure that ponchos aren’t in. Could this be why fashion labels seem determined to push these things onto men? It makes perfect sense. There’s probably a ton of out-of-work poncho makers who banded together to conspire on how to …

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adminMen in ponchos?

Trompe L’oeil t-shirts, Martin Margiela does it best

There’s been a lot of trompe l’oeil T-shirts around for a while. From the classic 1970s tuxedo tee a whole family of descendents have emerged: from a tie and braces, to a leather jacket, a camera, or a scarf. It’s become quite the craze. It’s a favourite of designers Castelbajac and Margiela each of whom regularly include trompe l’oeil designs …

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adminTrompe L’oeil t-shirts, Martin Margiela does it best

Patricia Field launches Barbie line and puts a rude word on a T-shirt

Man, I loves me some Patricia Field. Whenever you hear about something cool that happened in New York, it always comes back to Pat. The whole club kid phenomenon, Pat was there, John Waters’s early film shoots, Pat was there, Sex and the City, Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada, Pat was there. She’s the embodiment of New York …

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adminPatricia Field launches Barbie line and puts a rude word on a T-shirt

Wemoto T-shirts and Hoodies

Wemoto is an über-cool German street label with a great line in prints. Started by three friends, Stefan Gregor and Patrick, the boys have got 5 collections and a number of impressive collaborations under their belts. This season, their T-shirts are fairly standard skate and street wear : big slogans and pop art inspired bold prints. They’re not going to …

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adminWemoto T-shirts and Hoodies

Trend Watch – Star Print Hoody

A few weeks ago now, I spoke about the star print hoodies that I’ve seen a few places: Rykiel Homme, Energie and my fave, Pharmacy Industry. Well here’s another from Brandish favourite, ASOS. A star print works brilliantly under jackets and coats and is just the right combination of sophistication and street. ASOS are also carrying this version in white …

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adminTrend Watch – Star Print Hoody

Your jumper’s lovely Hubbell – Rykiel Chunky Knit

Sonia Rykiel is well known for her knit-wear for both men and women. Women’s cardigans and jumpers have typically been huge awe-inspiring creations with mouth-wateringly plump cables and ribs. The menswear knits, however, have mostly been confined to soft wool, fine-knit jumpers in Rykiel’s trademark horizontal stripes. Boring! Until this season that is. Rykiel Homme is taking advantage of the …

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adminYour jumper’s lovely Hubbell – Rykiel Chunky Knit

RVLT hoody from Limitees

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare and a lot of patience, you might want to make your way over to Danish label Revolution’s website to check out their collection. In fact I think it might be collections, plural but I can’t be sure as I lost interest after getting stuck in a flashy Flash loop. Hrumph. Far …

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adminRVLT hoody from Limitees

Marc Jacobs leather jacket

Whilst pea and trench coats are great for dressing up and down, sometimes I don’t want to look even slightly smart. When I go to a slightly rougher side of town, I want to dress extremely casual and wearing a pea/trench coat of any kind instantly smartens you up. Leather jackets are perfect for times like this. Marc Jacobs leather …

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adminMarc Jacobs leather jacket

Do lambswool the right way with APC

A couple of years back, a friend of mine bought a jumper from a high street store which should remain nameless. The jumper was lambswool and polyester blend. Now, for me, there’s no excuse for mixing soft lambswool with harsh polyester in the first place, but this was such a high content and loose knit, you could actually see little …

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adminDo lambswool the right way with APC

Artful Dodger hoodie

  Artful Dodger have been a huge part of the streetwear renaissance along with LRG and a few other brands. The market had reached saturation point after rappers flooded the market with cheaply made, uninspiring pieces, leaving space for streetwear aficionados who wanted something of quality. From the autumn/winter collection there are many great pieces but this embroidered hoodie  is …

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adminArtful Dodger hoodie

Something to distract Heather Mills-McCartney

As reported in a fab photo shoot by Mario Testino for Men’s Vogue, furs are back on the catwalk this season – but this time it’s for men. Before we go any further, I want to make a couple of things clear: I’m a vegetarian and so would never wear fur. I think its cruel and unnecessary and would never …

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adminSomething to distract Heather Mills-McCartney

Spiewak double breasted pea coat

Pea coats are the coat of choice this winter. They had a bit of a scuffle with trench coats, but consumers seem to have decided that the trench coat is too much of a fad. This had led to a rise of designers making pea coats, with streetwear designers Spiewak getting in on the act with this brown double-breasted pea …

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adminSpiewak double breasted pea coat

Be your own light show with Henrik Vibskov’s Disco Jacket

OK, I know what you’re going to say, but come on, this is fun! By some strange alchemy, Mr. Henrik Vibskov, has managed to combine a mirrorball and a bomber jacket and this is the result. Imagine wearing this down the roller-rink – you’d be the talk of the town! In fact, just put it on, pump up the music, …

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adminBe your own light show with Henrik Vibskov’s Disco Jacket

Your Eyes Lie Black and White Tees

There’s no denying it. Sometimes your eyes do lie to you. Sometimes you just can’t be sure if you’re seeing a candlestick or two faces looking at each other. However you can be sure that what you’re looking at on Your Eyes Lie‘s website is the real deal, as these guys not only design the hottest, wittiest, smart(Alec)est T-shirts, they’ve …

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adminYour Eyes Lie Black and White Tees