Uniqlo double breasted pea coat

Regular readers may have noticed that I like Uniqlo. A lot. Whilst their cashmere range is uninspiring, they have a great range of coats in store, including their own take on the overexposed trench coat. more interesting than the already passé trench is this double breasted pea coat. With this pea coat, Uniqlo have managed to copy higher end coats …

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adminUniqlo double breasted pea coat

Wood Wood Pixel Print

I was in Paris recently and saw a guy in the street wearing a T-shirt with little pixelated Space Invader-style designs all over it. It was sooooo cool, but stricken with shyness all my French word became like crumbs of baguette in my throat and I couldn’t ask him where he got it. Boy did I kick myself. But the …

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adminWood Wood Pixel Print

Unconditional Ghost Hoody

Unconditional is one of my favourite labels. Actually, it might be my favourite. I love their fine gauge knits, which are always in the best colours; I love their tees, with their deep chest-flashing necklines; and I love Concrete, their shop off Carnaby Street which always smells gorgeous. This “Ghost” hoody is a bit of a staple for the label. …

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adminUnconditional Ghost Hoody

Ethical Shopping (yawn!) from Howie’s

It’s difficult trying to be maintain a moral sensibility in today’s consumerist society. You want to do your bit for the environment, but you don’t want to seem like a self-righteous miserablist. Howie’s is a label who can help. They do as much as they can to lessen the impact of their clothing production, but they’re quite realistic about it, …

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adminEthical Shopping (yawn!) from Howie’s

Che Big Poppa Biggie from Nossa

This T-shirt from Nossa throws up interesting issues about popular culture and those who populate it. Che Guevarra has stopped being a person and is now an icon. Many people know nothing about his life or what he was fighting for but everyone knows the famous image of him on a red background which is used as a shorthand for …

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adminChe Big Poppa Biggie from Nossa

Shades of Greige bomber jacket hotness

You’ve got to hand it to those Shades of Greige guys: they’ve got a great line in plain, honest, no nonsense everyday wear, which always manages to look effortlessly cool. Their lines have an almost folky feel to them, as if the Amish have commissioned them to update their wardrobe. This commitment to simplicity is reflected in their name – …

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adminShades of Greige bomber jacket hotness

Trend Watch – Puffer Jackets from All Saints

We’ve already discussed how puffer jackets have been called back from the fashion dustbin where they’ve been languishing, unloved for a long time. This one is from All Saints and is available from their on-line store. I’ve not been that into All Saints for a long time but now I’m revising my opinion. I still think a lot of their …

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adminTrend Watch – Puffer Jackets from All Saints

Superdry leather jacket

Superdry, maker of those awful Osaka 6 shirts, also have some items that won’t make you look like someone who thinks Razorlight are cutting edge. The best of a pretty dire range is this leather jacket, which costs a reasonable £190. I should like it; it has military epaulettes and enough pockets to fit everything you’ve ever wanted in, but …

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adminSuperdry leather jacket

Reiss online store

Reiss occupy a bizarre place in the fashion market. Their prices are near designer level, yet they’re a little known brand. COS has also recently muscled in on their patch with a much more affordable range of clothes that appeal to the same set of shoppers. Yet Reiss are fighting back the best way they know how, by opening another …

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adminReiss online store

Fame, Fortune and Fashion awaits at ASOS.com

On-line retailers, ASOS.com are going from strength to strength and are fast becoming the dominant force in on-line fashion retail. They’re not resting on their laurels though and have been doing their bit to support new fashion talent. Earlier this year, ASOS ran a competition to celebrate 100 years of London College of Fashion. Emerging design talent from the esteemed …

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adminFame, Fortune and Fashion awaits at ASOS.com

Play dress up at H&M

H&M like to do things in reverse. Usually, you’re supposed to have an online store before you get a virtual fitting room. But – hope you don’t mind me swearing – those gosh darn rebels at H&M don’t care for rules. In fact they made the rulebook and tore it up again just to show how much they don’t care …

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adminPlay dress up at H&M

Pea-Coat Watch – Junk de Luxe

Another hot trend for this season is the pea coat. This is a trend that was simmering away last winter but has now come to a rolling boil, with several versions on the catwalk and in the high street. The pea coat started life as standard issue for the navy. They are typically double-breasted, made from heavy worsted wool and …

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adminPea-Coat Watch – Junk de Luxe

Beyond the Valley

Beyond the Valley is a collective of designers of both clothing and accessory designers, most of whom are Central Saint Martins, RCA and Goldsmiths graduates. These plucky youngsters clubbed together and set up the Beyond the Valley store and gallery on Newburgh Street, just off London’s Carnaby Street. If you haven’t been, its worth a look in if you’re London …

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adminBeyond the Valley

Nothing’s Fine, I’m Torn… Kris Van Assche at Dior Homme

I want to like him, but I’m just not sure about Kris Van Assche’s first collection for Dior Homme. What do you think? Obviously I was sick to death of the stuff Hedi Slimane was sending his models slouching down the catwalk in – same old monotone, same old silhouette – and was definitely as ready for a change as …

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adminNothing’s Fine, I’m Torn… Kris Van Assche at Dior Homme

1815 – Pringle’s new line

This season Pringle are launching a new line, aimed at a younger crowd. The 1815 collection, named after the year the Scottish label was born, takes Pringle staples – knitwear, waxed jackets and the diamond pattern – and edges them out. Well, a little bit anyway. You’re not going to shock your grandmother in any of these, but there’s a …

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admin1815 – Pringle’s new line

Return of the Puffer Jacket

Its often said of fashion that if you stand still long enough you’ll come back into fashion. You’ll have to endure a long time being a social lepper in your Accupuncture trainers and Maharishi trousers, but you probably will be cutting edge again at some point. Only the old adage isn’t quite right. Take puffer jackets for example. Alexander McQueen …

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adminReturn of the Puffer Jacket

Organic cotton

Today is Blog Action Day, or more probably today is the day after Blog Action Day. Anyway, inspired by this, and my natural piety, I decided to look into organic cotton. Katherine Hamnett, as you’d expect, has been using organic cotton since the nineties. On her website there’s some slightly hysterical "information" about non-organic cotton production (which apparently causes 200,000 …

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adminOrganic cotton

Belly laughs thanks to Threadless t-shirts

One of the dangers of a comedy T-shirt is that you may be the only one who finds it funny. You could think you’re the height of wit and everyone else just thinks you’re an oafish bore. We’re big fans of innovative site Threadless, as they lessen that risk. An ongoing competition, the site brings Web 2.0 to T-shirt design. …

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adminBelly laughs thanks to Threadless t-shirts

10% discount for Brandish readers at Brigade Store

I don’t know much about Cleveland other than that it’s a city and it’s in the States somewhere. It’s not really a name I’d associate with fashion (unless you’re talking about 1970s uber-model Pat Cleveland), and yet it is home to Brigade, one of the most fashionable stores you’re likely to find. At Brigade you can get your mitts on …

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admin10% discount for Brandish readers at Brigade Store

Print’s Charming, hoodie from Peg Leg NYC

I love this graphic print hoody from Peg Leg NYC. It’s a really inspired design where the garment design and the textile design complement each other perfectly – the pocket is positioned so it fits perfectly with the print on the body. This is the label’s second year and I feel like they’re part of an encouraging trend where we …

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adminPrint’s Charming, hoodie from Peg Leg NYC