Greek-Cypriot, Paris-based designer Eritokritos launched his eponymous collection for women in 1994, which quickly established itself in the hearts of women with a penchant for quirky design and colourful prints. About 5 years ago, he translated this design ethos to menswear and opened a store in the Marais in Paris to showcase this work. Next time you’re in Paris, its …

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Reine et Roi

This baby is just break-your-heart cool, the kind of classy cool that makes me want to go skateboarding with a copy of something by Sartre in my pocket. They are essentially rip-offs of the Nike windbreakers, and yet somehow they look like they’re the real deal. Like the Nike versions are just crude and inferior copies which is quite a …

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adminReine et Roi

Apolis Activism

This season’s hottest fashion accessory is a conscience. Stella McCartney, always the most ethically aware of designers has recently launched a line of organic cosmetics, which contains only natural ingredients, none of which are derived from or tested on animals. Meanwhile other designers are falling over themselves to design for any number of charity initiatives such as (Red). Is this …

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adminApolis Activism

Spencer Hart founder makes art out of whisky barrels in new exhibition

Whisky makers Glenfiddich have laid down the gauntlet to four world-renowned designers, challenging them to create art using whisky barrels for an exhibition. The four designers are Spencer Hart founder Nick Hart, Creator of classic album artwork Storm Thorgerson, Penguin books designer David Pearson and iconoclastic design duo Timorous Beasties. To make the challenge even more interesting, each designer has …

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adminSpencer Hart founder makes art out of whisky barrels in new exhibition

Nudie Verner worker coat

I know, I know, it’s another coat. I didn’t really want to post another coat, especially those of the trench variety, as I was sure that we had found all the ones worth having. I was wrong. The Nudie Verner worker coat doesn’t reinvent trench coats; it just adds enough to it to look like an original idea. Whilst it …

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adminNudie Verner worker coat

Rykiel Homme polka dot socks

Sometimes you can neglect the bare essentials. With all this time spent on jeans, cardigans, shirts and whatnot, socks are pretty neglected. A unique pair of socks show that you’ve made an effort with your whole outfit, not just the main pieces.  I don’t approve on polka dots on much, but they look great on these Rykiel Homme socks. Costing …

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adminRykiel Homme polka dot socks

Pump Up the Volume

There’s a scene in Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party where Bev sits Angela down and says to her ‘Now, what I want you to do when you’re putting your make-up on is take a minute, look in the mirror and say to yourself “I have beautiful lips. I. Have. Beautiful. Lips” Can you do that for me?’. Recently my internal conversations …

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adminPump Up the Volume


There’s been a lot of flannel shirts about lately for people rocking the rockabilly trend, but as that fashion dies a bit of a death, it seems the flannel shirt might be breaking ranks and whoring itself out to other trends. Or maybe it’s just too good to let die. Whatever. Fact is, they seem to be sticking around getting …

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Luxurious Crate denim jacket

If you’re a fan of the luxurious, you’ll love this. This Crate denim September jacket is extremely luxurious, as it’s made from 100% cashmere. You can’t get more luxurious than that. It’s well suited for the last few days of autumn and would layer well with a chunky cardigan if you want to wear it into winter.  It’s also a …

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adminLuxurious Crate denim jacket

Filippa K Moleskin classic coat

Trench coats are great and all, but they’re reaching saturation point now. While they’re still in fashion, they probably won’t be come next winter and timelessness is a big factor when picking out a good winter coat. There’s also the kerrrrazy notion that you may not even like trench coats. Imagine that? If you’ve had enough of trench coats and …

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adminFilippa K Moleskin classic coat

W.E.S.C Grey scarf

You’ve probably noticed that we quite like scarves here at Brandish, given that we’ve covered them numerous times. But, believe it or not, there are still scarves out there that Brandish hasn’t heard of! Oh the horror!The brand which has managed to escape our tentacles – until now – is W.E.S.C. The name stands for ‘we are the superlative conspiracy’ …

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adminW.E.S.C Grey scarf

Rick Owens leather jacket

Ever felt like spending an entire month’s earnings on one jacket? No? Well if you didn’t before, you will now after looking at this Rick Owens leather jacket. Firstly, I feel obliged to say that this jacket costs £1,205. Before you ask, there are no misplaced decimal points in that price. Secondly, I’m actually in love with this jacket. Well, …

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adminRick Owens leather jacket

Yay or Nay: Topman red trench coat

As you should already know from keeping up with your only source for fashion news and (that’s Brandish, if ya didn’t realise it), trench coats are back in. We featured a couple of the more impressive looking coats over the last few weeks, including a scary one, a fascist one and a musical one. Generally however, trench coats are pretty …

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adminYay or Nay: Topman red trench coat

Michael J Krell silk-lined hoodie

You can never have enough hoodies. These days, it’s rare to find a plain hoody that really stands out from the crowd. Michael J Krell’s hoody  allows you to add a touch of luxury to your hoodie collection, with the inside being lined by silk. That’s right, actual silk. The price is $124 which, if you live in England, is …

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adminMichael J Krell silk-lined hoodie

Cheapy of the day: Cheap Monday Tee for £4.99

And this one is really cheap, in both name and price. Usually I’d be wary of any item of clothing that cost £4.99, but this tee is from ace design team Cheap Monday, who feature regularly in Urban Outfitters collections. Obviously it was the brand coupled with the price that got me excited in the first place, but then I …

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adminCheapy of the day: Cheap Monday Tee for £4.99

R.S.I. clothing shouldn’t cause you too much pain hopefully

Despite using an ancronym that also stands for a affliction caused by too much "mouse action", R.S.I. (Red Star Industries) don’t seem to be suffering from anything other than a heavy dose of creativity; I really love their work. Steeped in post-apocalyptic and industrial imagery, their graffiti-like print are quite stark and striking, using a minimal amount of colour to …

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adminR.S.I. clothing shouldn’t cause you too much pain hopefully

Topman bomber jacket

Military-inspired clothing is now a mainstay in male fashion and that pleases me to no end. Other than giving instant finesse to any shirt or jacket that has been militarised, epaulets, my female colleagues have confided in me, are very alluring to the fairer sex. I guess it’s true what they say about a man in uniform… In that case, …

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adminTopman bomber jacket

Cheapy of the day: ASOS Cardigan

£28 for a great looking 100% thick-knitted cotton cardigan. What more do you really want? Yes, a brand new Porsche Carrera GT would be nice, but show me a man who can get me one of those for £28, and I’ll show you a liar. Or a thief. Either way, I wouldn’t give him £28. I’d buy the cardy instead. …

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adminCheapy of the day: ASOS Cardigan

Abercrombie Mount Washington winter coat

I know duffel coats, especially duffel coats with fur lined hoods, are meant to be "out" this season, with trench coats replacing them as the in thing. But how are these fashionable surrogates going to keep you warm in a category four blizzard? With their cocky yet sophisticated style? I don’t think so. The only answer is this Abercrombie Mount …

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adminAbercrombie Mount Washington winter coat

André 3000 ventures into fashion

Everyone’s favourite vegetarian André 3000 has announced plans for a range of menswear and womenswear to follow shortly after. The Outkast star told WWD that "It will be based on vintage classics with modern twists," and will feature a denim line manufactured from Japanese salvage fabrics. André is known for his dandyfied dress sense so even if he waters his …

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IsabelleAndré 3000 ventures into fashion