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dVb- Men’s jeans by Victoria Beckham

By Will Reid on March 12th, 2008

1522articleimage_2The latest news on the fashion circuit is of Posh Spice’s new venture-into the world of men’s jeans. According to an article on DNR, Beckham "despises skinny jeans on men." Ouch, first we have to endure the horror of her Barbie-pink twin-set and now we are treated to her ever so subtle sartorial touch. (I really do try to reserve my criticism but give a guy a break!) "Guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops–exactly how you see David when he’s out in his jeans and T-shirt," is the advice Victoria gives to the new generation of denim-doyens.

They are made from Japanese denim and design features range from the ‘aged-leather’ waistband logo to the purple pocket lining.  With the woman’s collection being stocked in stores from Colette to Harvey Nichols, it will be little surprise that the same stores are already enquiring about the brand-tastic bootlegs (denim not drink.) Prices range from £110 to £143 and the designs hit the market in August.

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Why Short Shorts haven’t caught on

By admin on March 12th, 2008


The last few days have been a bit of a short shorts fest here at Brandish. While they can look good, I’m still not convinced. For
me, short shorts conjure up images of Club Tropicana-era George Michael and
that’s not a look I wish to emulate.

It’s my theory that George Michael is the reason that the whole short shorts
thing hasn’t caught on. Most people don’t like to admit that Club Tropicana
is a great song and call it a guilty pleasure. This then leads to years of
angst, as they rename George Michael songs to a Radiohead B-side in order to
avoid heckling from their friends, who are also secret Wham lovers.
They then spend years pretending to like artists like Joanna Newsom, while
going home and listening to Wham’s greatest hits. Short shorts evoke all these
painful memories in an instant and repel any potential buyer. That’s just my
theory, feel free to add yours.

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Aquascutum AquaMac Tompkin

By Will Reid on March 11th, 2008

Only a few years ago, Aquascutum was an ancient brand on the verge of becoming one of fashion’s victims- because fashion has no mercy and all that Liz Hurley-tagline jazz. However, in the past few years it has managed a complete turnaround and is now at the forefront of style. It’s latest fix- the AquaMac, is a his ‘n’ hers item that is on trend but enviously practical. Introduced as a “stripped-down modern trench coat” on the Aquascutum site, it has Raglan sleeves for that Miami Vice roll-up look and is a. available in a range of colours, b. a raincoat and c. foldaway! Could you ask for any more in a future classic? Available in all sizes from S to XXL and just over eight colours, it is reasonably priced at £295. Order yours online now.

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Trends: Watch & Wear- A Daily Dose of Dalí

By Will Reid on March 10th, 2008

00100m_2From Dalí’s lobster phones and melting clock faces to Damien Hirst’s butterfly works- Surrealism is something that we can’t seem to get out of our systems. We buy into the singers who prance around in vintage band uniforms (Gwen) and the art but something we rarely show an interest in is surrealist fashion.

The reason? It’s just too embarrassing to pop down to Tesco’s with a pair of devil horns protruding from your well-styled scalp. Well not anymore. This post will allow you to test the look without looking visually-testing and trust me when I tell you that it is easier than you think.  See after the jump for more information on where this look began and (wearable) items you can put on your shopping list to mimic it.

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WISHLIST: Shag Fleece Hoody from American Apparel

By Will Reid on March 7th, 2008

ServeaspAbout a week ago, my colleague Jason posted on a pair of pretty cool purple trainers. Continuing on the trend of purple items (remember what I said about us inheriting last’s season’s woman trends?) I bring you this Shag Fleece Hoody from American Apparel.

It is zip-up and light enough to wear during the summer and thin enough to layer with other items during the colder months- British summer included. It is unisex and therefore more fitted which for some is a devil in disguise. It has a kangaroo pocket and ribbed waistband and cuffs. The shag is on the outside which may sound cheap but trust me is better than the knit-rag effect of having it anywhere else. Available in brown, mustard, blue and soon black, it is little wonder that this is one of the brand’s highest rated items.

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Everyday Fashion Miracles: The Sartorialist

By Will Reid on March 6th, 2008

Gccelweb_2I know that it is an obvious choice and not avant-garde in the slightest, but The Sartorialist is one of those gems that just makes you smile. Increasingly, Scott (Mr. Sartorialist himself) Schuman is incorporating more and more menswear into his revolutionary blogging venture. The photos within this post (all property of The Sartorialist) are just a few of Scott’s archive of great shots. Street-style is a major influence within the fashion world right now and everyone from Henry Holland to Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy are taking inspiration from the World’s various street-walkers (no naughtiness there.) Also, despite the location of these shots usually being fashion shows and parties, most of the looks are wearable and Scott makes sure to interview his subjects, getting information on suit sources and blazer bargains. Take a look for yourself and help me spread the fashion virus throughout the Globe (God knows some people need it.)

See after the jump for more examples of Mr. Schuman’s fantastic stuff.

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Rocksmith Kid ‘n Play T-shirt

By admin on March 3rd, 2008


We’re starting to feel like Calvin Harris
here at Brandish. I don’t mean we’re turning into a poor novelty act, just that
we’re obsessed with the eighties and early nineties at the moment. This rocksmith
allows you to finally pay homage to Kid ‘n’ Play in a suitable

The reason this t-shirt works is because
they didn’t just print the movie poster verbatim onto the shirt. It also still
amazes me that Kid’s hair was actually that high. If you’re as amazed by a high
top fade as I am, you can get this from for $32.

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Oscar Fashion- Javier Bardem

By Will Reid on February 29th, 2008

06mIn previous years, the Oscars were associated with daring stars pushing fashion’s limits; Cher in Bob Mackie, Jack Nicholson in a beret, Sharon Stone in her husband’s shirt tucked into Vera Wang. However, to the displeasure of writers, editors and readers everywhere, the Oscars now represent a plucked image and dull figments of a mediocre stylist’s imagination. Talking about the lack of fashion daredevils at this year’s Oscars, John Waters in WWD said that "Stylists have ruined everything…Nobody wants to be Björk. I love Björk. We need Björk."

But fear not, this year it was the men who had the sartorial X-factor. Case in question- Javier Bardem in Prada (I have my suspicions that his outfit played a part in his Best Actor win.) Back during fashion season, we at Brandish, along with the rest of the industry, ridiculed Prada’s menswear show and it’s content of mini-skirts and "boy-kinis." Soon after, I assured you that the Prada collection would find a way of being wearable. Oh how nice it feels to be right for once.

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HBB Scary Children Tee

By admin on February 28th, 2008


Everyone knows children are scary right? Their long gangly legs and arms? Freaky. That hungry look they give when they’re waiting for the swings to become free? Unsettling!
I’m just kidding, I love the little bastards, but I also love this T-shirt by HBB from Your Eyes Lie. Nothing says ‘husband material’ like a man with hundreds of half-starved children all over his top.  It’s only ten pounds and would look great with everything. Everything I tell thee!
I like the way they’ve made use of the print so it becomes more like a pattern. We’ve seen a lot of that lately. It gives you a lot more flexibility with necklines and jackets and the like as you don’t have to worry about where the print will sit, you can just have these creepy little faces peering over the top of your boat neck jumper. Brill.


All Saints macintosh

By admin on February 28th, 2008


The humble macintosh or trench, as you will be well aware, has been “in” lately. It’s been hot, sexy, now now now! Not quite wanting to let go as we move towards Spring, All Saints have released this cropped version – all the detailing’s there but without the long skirt. And you don’t miss that extra fabric do you?

It’s surprisingly well made. I popped in and ran a critical finger over the seams and was impressed. I do think it’s a bit expensive at £195 but that’s my only reservation.


YMC Button Collar Sweat Top

By admin on February 28th, 2008


Who loves a shawl neck more than me? No-one, that’s who. Grey on grey works for me too. YMC’s  includes this gem which is available from Laundry Room and bless em, if they haven’t spelt button wrong. But we won’t dwell on that cos I can’t spell either. Plus, I’m a little bit scared of buttons (true story) so I’m taking it as a slight on them. Well done Laundry Room.

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Loden Dager for Uniqlo

By admin on February 27th, 2008


New York label Loden Dager are the latest in an
increasing line of designers to team up with Uniqlo,
creating a Spring/Summer mini collection. The collection is strong, with the
check shirt being the only really ugly piece on it. Some might say it’s a bit
dull but if your wardrobe needs great basic pieces to bring the kookier elements of your wardrobe together then you can’t really go wrong.


McQueen Tiger print

By admin on February 27th, 2008


With this vest, available from Oki-Ni, McQueen helps to put a tiger in your tank (top). I like it for two reasons. First because the pattern is not just tiger print – that would be too obvious. It is instead a print of a tiger. Do you see? The second reason is because it is printed all over the vest, not just the front  – above you see front (right) and back views (left). It just about matches up. Nice.

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You Would If You Could… Bright Suits

By Will Reid on February 27th, 2008

Markronson2_2There are endless trends and endless items you can wear to copy them. However, some looks are just out there to be seen.

You know what I’m talking about- the type of outfit that you might be let off wearing if the road was a catwalk and we were extras from Madonna’s ‘Vogue,’ throwing shapes at helpless passers-by.  This post is out there to give those looks an airing (we might just tone it down a bit!) Let’s look at the bright suit which is a current favourite among paparazzi-prone men.

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And another one… PacMan T-shirt from Super Superficial

By admin on February 26th, 2008

Ssf0024_pacman_350We at Brandish have been doggedly following this trend to the point that it could have some kind of restraining order placed on us.  The next chapter comes from Super Superficial, a London based T-shirt design company with a shop in Kingly Court.
Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde as any child of the 80s can tell you, were the ghosts from PacMan and here lies the beauty of this T-shirt trend. Whether you like it or not, one of the functions of fashion is to delineate groups but this T-shirt makes a private joke of that. Wearing a PacMan T-shirt says you like the 80s. This one says you were actually there. And what’s more, it only says that to other people who were there.

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