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Topman: Beach Shop

By Will Reid on February 6th, 2008

Now I promise we’re not being paid to talk about Topman but its hard to find fault in this modern-man brand. First we heard about the Lens collection and now I am pleased to present the Topman Beach Shop. I know that we’re just entering February (possibly the most dark and depressing month of the year) but isn’t it time we start to compile our wardrobes for the summer?

The Beach Shop has items that can be all worn together for that "fun in the sun without ruining your outfit" look as well as tops and bottoms that can be worn at the moment for a bit of a colour boost. 

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Passarella Death Squad Tee-Shirts – Stop this filth!

By admin on February 6th, 2008


Passarella Death Squad are mucky pups, they are. They’ve taken some of the most iconic T-shirt prints and converted them into peepholes, peering into a saucy pornographic world. Dirty rotters. Never has Mickey Mouse been so abused (Donald probably has though).

They’ve also given the designs poncy French names which is kind of obnoxious, but also in keeping. Despite offending my sensibilities, I still quite like them. Left to right we have ‘Le tueur s’eveille’ (the killer wakes); ‘Tous sont demants’ (everyone is a madman); and ‘C’est la fin’ (it’s the end). Available from Oki-ni and Yoke.
Pics via Pasarella’s blog


Balenciaga Cardy

By admin on February 5th, 2008

BalenciagaOh do hush. So I predicted the end of cardigans and now I’ve posted not one but two of them. What of it? I was only joking before. You obviously missed the intonation. Ahem.

Anyway, who could pass this over. It’s a beaut. And at £450 it ought to be. It’s a very nice colour combination and somehow looks dead tough, don’t you think? Like what a retired Hell’s Angel might wear. You can get it from Matches.

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Stock up on Peckham Rye ties while you can

By admin on February 4th, 2008


Although it’s definitely still winter
outside, spring is coming. It has to be. And when spring finally shows its
face, you’ll be left with some tough fashion decisions. The hardest one will be
‘how the hell do I stand out when everyone’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans?’

The answer to that question would
be: accessorize. Thankfully, Elements
have a half price sale on, so you can a Peckham
Rye tie
for a bargain basement price of £22. That’s only £7 more than a ‘premium’
Topman tie. While you’re there, you can pick up this Lee
puffa jacket
for £43.50, this Lukesville
tweed jacket
for £85 and this Nerve
for £162.50.


Lad Musician coat

By admin on February 4th, 2008

Teasing is a horrible thing. What’s the
point of showing people things you can’t have? That’s wrong. Just plain wrong.
So here’s the new
to Japan’s Lad Musician
label, which you can only get from Japan. Teasing is a horrible

Isn’t this jacket pretty though? The cut is
well structured and slim, going with the Rock N’ Roll aesthetic that Lad
Musician pride themselves on. The colour is bold and lends itself to any number
of outfit combinations. If you can pop round to Japan, then the jacket costs a
very reasonable £150.


111Vox Sale

By admin on February 4th, 2008

Let’s just face it, Scandinavians are better than us. They’ve got better cheekbones they’re taller, their cities are cleaner, and they have more money. You can let it annoy you or you can just accept it as a fact of life.

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Now’s the time to go high end clothes shopping

By admin on January 29th, 2008

There’s never been a better time to get
high end clothing. With all the high street stores being raided on the first
few days of their sales, high end stores don’t sell nearly as much. Around this
time, most stores are forced to sell their clothes at the price they got them
for. Which why Matches are selling this Marc
Jacobs cable knit cardigan
for the relatively low price of £175.

I know it’s still nearly £200 but it is a
Marc Jacobs piece. And it’s 100% virgin wool. Virgin wool is a misleading title
as most wool these days is technically of the virgin kind. I personally think
they just called it that to arouse men who are fans of cardigans and bestiality.

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WISHLIST: Angelos Frentzos cardigan

By Will Reid on January 29th, 2008


Is it just me or are we seeing a crossover of trends between the worlds of guy and girl’s fashion?

An example are the India-inspired outfits at Armani Privé Spring/Summer
2007 that found their way into Rei Kawakubo’s menswear collection for
Autumn/Winter via style icon Andrew Logan (as pointed out by Brandish’s
own Tim Hunter).For this season, we saw velvet shirts at Dries Van
Noten not unlike those at Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2008 and the
flowers on lapels at the Lanvin Menswear show could be seen as an
incredibly subtle interpretation of last season’s (female) trend for
floral prints.

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T-shirt for under a fiver from Urban Outfitters

By admin on January 29th, 2008

UrbanoutfittersteeI’m surprised this T-shirt has gone into clearance. There’s nowt wrong with it. The Kandinsky inspired print is really rather fine and the wide round neck and light weight fabric are very on trend. Interestingly, it’s 70% bamboo, which is another one of those fibres which is being touted as having a low impact on the environment. As it grows so quickly and doesn’t need replanting once harvested, it makes it a more sustainable crop than others.

If you’re not convinced by those arguments, perhaps this will sway you: it’s £4.99.

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Studio D’artisan Denim

By admin on January 29th, 2008


Next to Samurai denim, Studio D’artisan is one of the
most popular denim manufacturers amongst aficionados. It’s unthinkable that a
denim aficionado’s brand wouldn’t make selvage jeans, so they’re here in
abundance. Although the site states that the cuts range from loose to slim,
they actually range from slim to skinny.

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Hanon Sale

By admin on January 28th, 2008


Hanon have got a great sale going on. They’??ve taken 50% off, and then they’ve taken 20% off, and then sometimes they’ve taken another 20% off. My brain can’??t cope with that arithmetic, but it can cope with the bargains.
From left to right we have a rather nice Penfield donkey jacket for a mere £38.37; a Comme Des Garcons/ Fred Perry polo shirt for £33.97; and a lovurrly Folk jumper for £47.97.
After the jump we have a slightly manic Garb Store T-shirt, yours for £18.21 and a Rittenhouse mask T for £23.97.
You gotta love clearance.

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Trends: Watch & Wear- Attention to Detail

By Will Reid on January 24th, 2008

Trends_3For just over a week now, we’ve seen the catwalk reports for Autumn/Winter 2008 appear daily on Brandish. McQueen pleased, Prada shocked and Rykiel came with a warning (of its brilliance I hasten to add.) Going through the shows it looks as though this season we men will get in detail what we give in cash. See after the jump for a great catwalk-inspired outfit.

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Rogues Gallery

By admin on January 23rd, 2008

RoguesgalleryThe new season (as in SS08, not AW08 which weâ?ve been posting about lately?? are you following?) from Rogues Gallery includes this polo shirt, which I rather like.
The label likes the life on the high seas and this wee boat print is the best manifestation of that in their current collection; a collection which is otherwise made up of some fairly lame stuff with anchor prints or slogans such as â??Sailors Have More Funâ?. Very droll.
The collection is available from select stores and Context (although they haven’??t got their new collection yet).


Lyle & Scott Harrington Jacket – complete your superbloke look

By admin on January 17th, 2008

LylescottjacketWith spring coming soon – I hope – It’s
time to start planning your spring outfits. If you’re into the business look,
then you’ll love this Lyle
& Scott Harrington jacket
(£89). Over recent months, Lyle & Scott
has really, really gotten popular. It’s got to the point where you can walk
into a bar and see at least five people sporting the eagle. So if you’re the
kind of person who doesn’t want to wear
brands that are too big, you might want
to give Lyle & Scott a miss.

Still, this jacket matches well with the
Onitsuka Tiger trainers we featured recently and is light and airy enough to wear when spring finally comes along. Best to stick to your winter coats and umbrellas for now though.


Acne Antwerp Jumper in Laundry Room Sale

By admin on January 16th, 2008

7040It seems a little bonkers to be writing about this Winter’s collections at the same time as those from next Winter, but that’s the crazy mixed up world of fashion for you. What can you do?
This jumper is down to a mere £42 from the Laundry Room. Originally priced at £120, that’s a whopping erm… calculator…. 65% off. This thick knit round neck has little buttons on the hem which just add to its snugglyness. This is the kind of jumper which make girls want a cuddle, guaranteed (legal notice: this is guarantee is for the purposes of humour only).

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