Vans AV Los Muertiz

Other than water-orientated clothing, what really floats my boat (geddit) is any garment that has skulls printed on it. Actually, scrap the printed part. If some far-out designer decided to rob a couple of graves and glue a bunch of skulls to a duffel coat, I’d totally buy it. But until then, I guess I’ll just have to make do …

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adminVans AV Los Muertiz

Fly 53 hooded jacket

Love this old-school style hooded jacket from Fly 53. A completely home-grown brand, Fly 53 has been on the scene for the past ten years or so, collaborating with and producing clothes for bands and musicians including Hot Chip and Super Furry Animals. The jacket, a very reasonable £50, is just part of innovative and extremely wearable clothing range from …

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adminFly 53 hooded jacket

Mollusc t-shirt from Little Paper Planes makes my day

My little day is always made when a brand-spanking new tee with a nautical theme drifts its way into my insignificant life. I get even more excited when it comes courtesy of Little Paper Planes, a great website featuring a collection of artists submitting their own clothing designs. Rainbow Nautilus (£10) is Apenest’s latest design, featuring a rather psychedelic print …

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adminMollusc t-shirt from Little Paper Planes makes my day

Nike windcheater reinvents the jacket. Sort of.

This year’s been good for rip-stop jackets, what with the advent of New Rave and all that. Some have been gaudy, at least one has been pretty sweet looking, and a couple have just been completely manky. But hardly any have been particularly original. That is, until Nike collaborated with Danish design team Wood Wood and came up with an …

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adminNike windcheater reinvents the jacket. Sort of.

Smarten up with Topman’s natty waistcoat

All men should own at least one waistcoat for dressing up in, and that doesn’t imply that said waistcoat should only come out once in a blue moon. A decent waistcoat can add a bit of flare to almost any outfit. Take the humble grandad shirt. Comfortable and worthy for a jaunt to the pub, but that’s about it. Add …

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adminSmarten up with Topman’s natty waistcoat

Geeky tee of the week: 2001 meets the “Red Ring Of Death”

OMFG this tee is teh total pwnage!!11!!1 You don’t have to a total nerd to realise that this awesome tee is a marriage of two of the most important defining moments in our culture. But for all you n00bs out there, let me explain. "I can’t let you play that Dave" are the words spoken by evil/mad and sentient computer …

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adminGeeky tee of the week: 2001 meets the “Red Ring Of Death”

ASOSMAN reversible hoodie

ASOS have got a fancy new website and a lots of great clothes for this season. One of my picks is their reversible nylon hoodie (£40), on one side there is a neat grey and white abstract print, and the other side is an eye-popping bright cobalt blue. Perfect for those times when you’re not sure if you’re feeling sartorially …

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IsabelleASOSMAN reversible hoodie

Newly released t-shirts from ISO50

I love the simple, stark imagery of this Worker tee (£12) from ISO50, which recalls the art of Communist propaganda posters, the design sugesting the hammer and sickle motif that was one of the defining images of Soviet rule. The Worker tee is part of fifteen new releases from ISO which also includes The Science of Patterns tee (also £12). …

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adminNewly released t-shirts from ISO50

Colette and Ralph Lauren Rugby World Cup collection

Parisian art and design boutique Colette has teamed up with fashion house Ralph Lauren, releasing this fantastic new Rugby inspired collection, just in time for the World Cup. The range includes this limited edition rugby ball featuring both of the collaborators’ names, as well as three different styles of Ralph Lauren-branded polo shirts.  The range is available exclusively at the …

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adminColette and Ralph Lauren Rugby World Cup collection

J. Crew boxer shorts keep modesty covered, tell you how to make things

Probably the most unusual place that you’ll find instructions for anything, these J Crew boxer shorts ($9) feature a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect paper aeroplane. That is so darned cool. Be warned though. If you find the only reason that your partner is whipping them off is so that they can make a paper plane, you …

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adminJ. Crew boxer shorts keep modesty covered, tell you how to make things

Junk De Lux cardigan

Reasons to love winter #23: Cardigans. As you may or may not know, I am a complete button-up-knitwear fiend. And I’m not particularly discerning either – it could have George Michael’s image embroidered into the back and I’d still wear it. Despite my predilection for all cardigans, I can still recognise one that remains well within the realms of good …

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adminJunk De Lux cardigan

Topman polo shirt

I love this fantastic new polo shirt from Topman, which has a distinctly old-school flavour. It’s like something I would have worn as a kid in the 1980s. The attraction is obviously all in the detail – the red piping lining the collar, pockets and shoulders – otherwise is would just be another dull, grey polo. Combine with a pair …

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adminTopman polo shirt

Martin Margiela ‘Speed Racer’ style quilted jacket

Jackets are big news, they’re right on the money for utilitarian chic. Martin Margiela’s padded and quilted jacket is definitely utilitarian but also has a ‘Speed Racer’ type vibe. Wear the jacket with military shades for an ‘enforcement’ vibe or for a more ’80s feel team it with brightly coloured accessories. Either way it’s pretty dear at  £340 but the …

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IsabelleMartin Margiela ‘Speed Racer’ style quilted jacket

Bless hooded jacket

This is the type of jacket we’ll all be wearing in the future. Even though it has minimal detail, the thick cut material and hood give it a bad attitude that’ll be in harmony with the streets of a world verging on an apocalypse. Or you can just look great in it rocking into a pub. I do hope things …

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adminBless hooded jacket

Billabong Justice hoody with huge tartan print… like looking for trees and only seeing leaves

With a tartan print so huge, you can’t even see it properly, looking at the detail on this Billabong Justice Hoody (£25) is like checking it out through a microscope… or something. Made from soft cotton and great for the coming autumn, this slim fit hoody would look great with a primary colour check shirt underneath and a pair of …

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adminBillabong Justice hoody with huge tartan print… like looking for trees and only seeing leaves

Aqauscutum winter jacket

After revealing the sublime Commes De Garcon jacket and declaring it "the only jacket you’ll ever need", I’ve since discovered this gorgeous double-breasted coat from Aquascutum that easily gives the CDG jacket a run for its money. With a much more tailored fit, this is definitely the smarter of the two, and really should only be worn with a sharp …

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adminAqauscutum winter jacket

The only jacket you’ll ever need from Commes Des Garcons

If you only ever buy one more coat in your life, make it this broadcloth Pea-jacket from Commes Des Garcons. In fact you might not have a choice in the matter if you do decide to go ahead with the purchase. It costs almost £700. But pish to the price, this is simply one of the most exquisite items of …

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adminThe only jacket you’ll ever need from Commes Des Garcons

Howies long johns, perfect for festies

I’m off to Bestival in a few days and you may scoff but when I saw these luxurious Howies long johns made from ultrafine merino wool I seriously considered getting them. When you’re at a festival you don’t want to be shivering and sleepy you want to be invincible, and long johns are definitely the way forward. I once had …

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IsabelleHowies long johns, perfect for festies

Topman bomber jacket

Great for the transition from summer to autumn, Topman’s nylon bomber (£40) will keep the chill off of you as the nights draw in and the winds pick up. Actually, I could have done with one of these a couple of weeks ago. It really seems to me that we had spring this year, then skipped straight on toward winter. …

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adminTopman bomber jacket

Oki-Ni x Scrawl Collective collaboration

Despite a lot of their clothing being of a price that I consider to be in the "outrageous" range, Oki-Ni sell some top garments that I would have no problem wearing, could I afford them. However, this t-shirt breaks this mold by looking great and being priced at a fairly reasonable £35. Designed by Ric Blackshaw, who has previously laboured …

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adminOki-Ni x Scrawl Collective collaboration