Topman tobacco jeans: perfect transition wear

It’s August and what does that mean? The shops are full of the dregs of sale items and we’ll be waiting until September for the new stock to come in. It also means I’m going to start banging on about transition wear, the clothes that carry you safely from one season t’other.So not a very exciting month stylewise but try …

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IsabelleTopman tobacco jeans: perfect transition wear

Vans Authentics lace trainer

How about this for a bargain? Urban Outfitters is having a fantastic summer sale and I’ve found a fair few bits and pieces that I rather like, even without the discount. Still, I was amazed when I found these Vans Authentics lace-ups for £9.99, reduced from £35. Because they’re Vans, they’re credible, but still carry a subtle geekiness, which is …

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adminVans Authentics lace trainer

Nuda t-shirts for £8

Nuda Tees is a site in a similar vein to Threadless or Design By Humans, where independent artists submit their t-shirt designs to the website, rather than the companies having in-house designers. They call it "innovation", I call it "cheap labour". The difference with Nuda is that there are no plebs voting on which t-shirt they’d like to see featured …

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adminNuda t-shirts for £8

Hardy Amies’ ABC of Fashion reissued

One of our Shiny Media writers professed to bidding up to £80 on eBay for this book, before being outbid which shows you what an essential it is. Thank heavens for the reissue of this classic, or rather thank the V&A, which is reissuing the book as part of its Golden Age of Couture exhibition for the rather more affordable …

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IsabelleHardy Amies’ ABC of Fashion reissued

Medicom – Levis Collaboration

Medicom, the designer toy company that makes the ever-so-cute Bearbricks, and Levis (the jeans company, dummy) have joined up in an unlikely alliance, the result of which is a totally unique collection involving luminous, road-safety style material and a tiny toy bear dressed like a YMCA cowboy. The jeans feature the motorist-alerting material around the back pockets and hem, while …

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adminMedicom – Levis Collaboration

Bland Clothing

No, this isn’t a commentary on the state of male high-street fashion. Bland is actually a fairly new clothing company based in the UK, the founders of which decided to start their own label after finding that they didn’t like what other designers had to offer, especially as so many relied on heavy branding. This was something that disinterested the …

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adminBland Clothing

French Connection autumn 2007 collection

Call me ignorant, but does "summer fashion" really apply to men? Whereas women get all sorts of colourful dresses, tops, skirts etc., blokes are lumbered with shorts and t-shirts. It’s not really fair is it? It’s why I love autumn/winter collections – there’s a lot more to choose from, simply because the colder months need more clothes to keep you …

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adminFrench Connection autumn 2007 collection

Two tone “Baron John” shirt from Asos

A good few years ago there was a glut of coloured shirts with white collars and cuffs, that I dubbed Baron John shirts after the shop which seemed the most keen to flog them. Five or so years later and Asos have got a rather more fashion-forward version on their website and it’s reduced to £11. Featuring an ever so …

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IsabelleTwo tone “Baron John” shirt from Asos

Topman top five new items

After their summer collection’s explosion of embarrassingly garish colours courtesy of the nu-rave scene, Topman’s latest releases for autumn and winter have been, thankfully, toned down a bit. I suppose even their designers realise that a pink-Paisley and green-denim patchwork raincoat would be a hard look to rock. But I may have just possibly given rise to a fashion-monster of …

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adminTopman top five new items

Street Peeper: our new favourite street style blog

Street style blogs are great, you get to see fashion in action and check out  street-ready looks to inspire you. Our new favourite street style site is Street Peeper, their shtick is that you can view trendy folk from Sao Paolo to Stockholm thus checking out on what everyone is wearing around the world. Started last November by an NYU …

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IsabelleStreet Peeper: our new favourite street style blog

John Smedley ‘Chiswick’ cardigan

John Smedley have relaunched their website making it even easier for you to buy their fancy knits. They’ve added loads of features to make online shopping a more personalised experience, including a Fit Guide and fabric feel simulator. All that’s missing is an avatar of your BFF to tell you iwhen you look dreadful. Their ‘Chiswick’ cardigan is suitably foolproof, …

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IsabelleJohn Smedley ‘Chiswick’ cardigan

D.I.E. Clothing

For those of you already in the know, you’ll have to excuse my ignorance. On a Saturday shopping splurge, I discovered D.I.E. (Denim is Everything), and I’m upset that I’ve let them pass under my radar for so long. Their clothes rock. Most of their prints are based on horror-movie style posters from the 1950s – Think mad scientists, wooden …

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adminD.I.E. Clothing

Brandish (and Sean Lock) says don’t: Novelty ties and socks

I’ve got nothing against genuinely humorous t-shirts but "komedy" ties and socks say nowt more than "My friends and family couldn’t be bothered to find out what I really wanted for Christmas". I went to see Sean Lock (who incidentally looks just like my dad) doing a warm up show for Edinburgh recently and he did a whole sketch about …

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ShinyMediaBrandish (and Sean Lock) says don’t: Novelty ties and socks

Interpol looking good while bassist Carl Dengler stars in new movie

Carlos Dengler, bassist with New York indie oufit Interpol is set to be a movie star after landing a role as a drug dealer in My Friends Told Me About You, a Chicago based thriller that Dengler will also be producing . Other than making great music, Interpol also have to be the snappiest dressers in the music biz at …

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adminInterpol looking good while bassist Carl Dengler stars in new movie

Pop Junkie sailing ship tee

Any praise that I bestow on this t-shirt will be a serious understatement, that’s simply how rad it is. It may have even beaten my favourite nautical t-shirt of 2007 (although there’s still a lot of time for new entries). Out To Sea ($35/£18) features a sweet looking galleon cutting through the waves printed on a stripy, pirate style tee. …

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adminPop Junkie sailing ship tee

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah design charity t-shirt for Yellow Bird Project

US indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have recently designed this awesome t-shirt for the Yellow Bird Project, a non-profit organisation that donates the proceeds from its artist-designed t-shirt sales to charity. Which particular charity depends on the one that the artist that designed the shirt has chosen. It’s both a novel and noble concept but, most importantly of course, …

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adminClap Your Hands Say Yeah design charity t-shirt for Yellow Bird Project

Topman wool duffel coat

We’re not even halfway through summer (apparently) but already we’re seeing the high-street autumn/winter range starting to creep onto the shelves and racks. How depressing. Not even one full day of sunshine during July and already we’re being told to prepare for the cold. Oh well, I’ll just have to console myself and make the most of it by buying …

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adminTopman wool duffel coat

Dizzee Rascal at T4’s beach party wearing John Gotti tee

Dizzee Rascal is obviously pleased to see us, but what I’m interested in is his t-shirt. The airbrush t-shirt is so Old School which incidentally is the name of his latest single (see what I did there?). If you fancy a similar tee to Dizzee’s then you can get your mitts on one for $60 US dollars, it’s a slightly …

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IsabelleDizzee Rascal at T4’s beach party wearing John Gotti tee