Ted Baker Tee

Here’s a good way to start what is otherwise probably going to be another wet and dreary week. I’ve had my eye on this Ted Baker t-shirt for a couple of weeks now, but just didn’t get around to actually purchasing it. I’m glad I waited – it’s been reduced from £35 to £24. Not bad, and affordable even at …

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adminTed Baker Tee

Koodos 65% off sale

The greatest thing about this time of year is now – officially – the summer sales. It used to be stripping down to nothing but your shorts and splaying yourself out on the beach, relaxing in the beer garden with a jug of overpriced Pimms or just having a muck about in the park with a Frisbee. But just look …

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adminKoodos 65% off sale

Justin Timberlake look of the week

Most girls would agree that owl-faced squeekster JT would look good in an old potato sack, so until that day I’ll look to him for some degree of fashion guidance. Ok, so chucking on some William Rast isn’t going to make me instantly irresistible to every woman I meet (or any woman possibly) but every little helps. This week JT …

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adminJustin Timberlake look of the week

Design By Humans shirts

Design By Humans is website with a similar concept to Threadless – contributors submit a t-shirt design on to the site, then readers vote for which tees they like. Popular designs get picked up for production, while losing ones get consigned to the terrible, burning maw of t-shirt hell, where they suffer a fate worse than being worn by a …

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adminDesign By Humans shirts

Yoox sale now on

Yoox have just extended their Summer sale and have slashed up to 60% off of their original prices. I’ve had a butchers around the site and come up with five bargains that I guarantee* you’ll love. *Disclaimer: Guarantee is not guaranteed. But there is plenty of other stuff in the sale and I guarantee** that you’ll find something you love. …

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adminYoox sale now on

Topman Zealot Revolution tee

Not sure what kind of political statement this Topman shirt (£14) is quite trying to make with it’s meaningless but graphic depiction. And I don’t know who Kelly Sanchez is. The leader of the Zealot Revolution? An obscure South American political figure? The bloke who designed the tee? Not that I actually care. I just like the awesomeness of the …

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adminTopman Zealot Revolution tee

Little Paper Planes clothing

While trying to find a t-shirt with a print of a paper plane emblazoned across the chest (explanation here) I came across this gem of a clothing website. Little Paper Planes is a portal for a collection of artists selling t-shirts, bags jewelry and original prints of their work. None of their work features actual paper planes, but fortunately that …

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adminLittle Paper Planes clothing

Justin Timberlake sports cool RVCA t-shirt

Justin Timberblake was recently spotted wearing an awesome shirt bearing the RVCA logo (pronounced ROO-KA) shortly after picking up a cheque for £35 million pounds from his managers as payment for his 101-show tour of the world. And even if the Michael Jackson-mimicking lothario drops out of the tour, he still pockets the lot. Wish I could get a contract …

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adminJustin Timberlake sports cool RVCA t-shirt

Howies Anger Management tee

When perfecting my weaving technique on the Tube in the morning so that I might reach the platform quicker I often ponder the pointlessness of it. This is where Howies t-shirt come in and remind you there is more to life than gaining thirty seconds on your morning commute! This summer blue t-shirt features a scribbled man on a bike, …

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IsabelleHowies Anger Management tee

Paper Pilot: Educational AND fun

If you’ve never built an Airfix model in your life, it’s either because you have the dexterity of a monkey with the DTs or were too "cool" to be seen going into Model Zone shop on a Saturday morning. For shame. You missed out big time. Apart from the fact that it gave me the opportunity to set fire to …

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adminPaper Pilot: Educational AND fun

Topman striped polo

Inexpensive, simple, devoid of stupid slogans and gaudy patterns or blatant "distressing" – sometimes you just want a smart top you can chuck on in the morning without worrying which statement you want to make on that day. That’s why I have to applaud this Topman Polo Shirt (£16). It’s just nice to see that Topman, purveyors of everything "nu-rave" …

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adminTopman striped polo

Djimon Hounsou fronts Calvin Klein underwear range

Despite his acting ability and the fact that he’s appeared in some cracking films over the past few years, Djimon Hounsou has yet to become a household name. The talented actor has appeared alongside Russell Crowe in Gladiator and, more recently, co-starred with the big-faced-small-headed man-child Leonardo DiCaprio in the acclaimed Blood Diamond, being Oscar nominated for his role in …

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adminDjimon Hounsou fronts Calvin Klein underwear range

Luke 1977 Saint cardigan

I think I’m suffering from Cardigan Fever at the moment – a well documented affliction that causes those affected to covet everything that is button up knitwear. Unfortunately the only known treatment is to obtain more cardigans, by any means necessary. Sufferers with particularly bad cases have been known to take to the streets and rob old men of theirs. …

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adminLuke 1977 Saint cardigan

Ten Bill shirts only ten bills

I like clothes. I like clothes that look good. I like clothes that look good and don’t cost me a month’s wage. And that’s why I like Ten Bill tees. All of their t-shirts, as the name suggests cost $10, so that’s about a fiver for us lot. Okay, so you have to figure in shipping, which is rather on …

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adminTen Bill shirts only ten bills

Urban Oufitters sale picks

We featured ASOS sale picks yesterday, and today it’s the turn of Urban Outfitters. I’ve picked out a nylon jacket for its dark mustard colour, a nicely patterned polo and some indespensible straight grey trousers. Wayfarers are big news, but fast becoming as ubiquitous as Ugg boots, so this clear pair are a more discreet way of wearing the shape. …

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IsabelleUrban Oufitters sale picks

More Beckham related news: LA Galaxy strips

LA Galaxy are hoping to follow up Real Madrid’s success in Beckham shirt sales. His former club sold hundreds of thousands of "Beckham" printed jerseys world wide, earning them millions. Galaxy shouldn’t have too much trouble matching this feat. Much of the merchandising revenue came as a result of sales in the Far East, where followers are loyal to the …

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adminMore Beckham related news: LA Galaxy strips

David Beckham kicks off his new life in LA

Brand Beckham arrived in LA early this morning to a media frenzy, besieged by paps and fans alike. There are fears that the Beckham name won’t take off in the states – after all he’s a "soccer" player and she’s a jaded "singer" – but judging by the attention they received this morning, that situation is looking increasingly unlikely. David …

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adminDavid Beckham kicks off his new life in LA

Ripstop jackets

Wet look fabrics are making a comeback, and while I’m not going to try to get you into a pair of pvc shorts nylon ripstop is a great way to try out this trend. Ripstop is one of my favourite fabrics and it’s bang on trend for the sporty look too. We featured the Reissure jacket way back in April, …

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IsabelleRipstop jackets

I want that t-shirt!

Now, not many people this side of the Atlantic are going to know who this couple are, but I can tell you that the lanky fella is Amare Stoudemire a forward for the NBA’s Pheonix Suns and his lovely lass is some TV presenter in the states. Not that any of this is important. What I want to know, nay, …

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adminI want that t-shirt!

ASOS 30% Off Sale

ASOS, one of my favourite on-line stores, is having a bit of a summer clear out, so you can pick up some great bargains on their website with up to 30% off many items. I’ve chosen five great looking and discounted garments that you might want to take a peek at.

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adminASOS 30% Off Sale