Find something unique at Etsy

We love finding quirky things at Brandish, things that you can bet no one else will be wearing or carrying. That’s why we love Etsy, not only the preserve of all things twee, they also have some pretty cool I like this Jim Jarmusch and Tom Waits tee ($20), if you ever get caught in an argument about which person …

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IsabelleFind something unique at Etsy

Dries Van Noten cardigan

How comfy does this look? This is definitely a "pipe and slippers" cardy, but it’s got an edge, so you can jazz it up with an OTT polo or t-shirt underneath. I’m also quite a fan of the flatcap/cardigan combo, but you need to watch out, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a Yorkshireman. Or God Forbid, Guy Ritchie. I …

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adminDries Van Noten cardigan

Gavin Pierre Medford to helm wardrobe design in new Jimi Hendrix biopic

I’m surprised it’s actually taken this long to do, but film makers have finally decided to exploit the memory of Jimi Hendrix and make a biopic of his life. Do I hear the sound of Oliver Stone’s little mitts gleefully being rubbed together? I’m guessing "yes". However, we’re not too concerned about the politics of how the film’s going to …

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adminGavin Pierre Medford to helm wardrobe design in new Jimi Hendrix biopic

Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen fronts new A/W H&M campaign

Scarfaced poker-villain Le Chiffre is the new face of H&M’s latest men’s fashion range. Well, not Le Chiffre, but Mad Mikkelsen, the actor who plays him in Casino Royale. Although personally I think more international terrorists should branch out into the world of high street fashion. Carlos the Jackal fronting Topman? Osama strutting his stuff in Next gear? Why not? …

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adminBond villain Mads Mikkelsen fronts new A/W H&M campaign

Justin Timberlake’s William Rast range launches in the UK

Justin Timberlake was in the UK last night for the launch of his first clothing collection from his fashion label William Rast. The bash was held at Harvey Nichols, the exclusive stockist of the brand in the UK. Justin started the William Rast brand with childhood friend Trace Ayala and says it’s a little bit Hollywood and a little bit …

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IsabelleJustin Timberlake’s William Rast range launches in the UK

3D T-Shirt

Oh. My. Crikeybobs. Why someone hasn’t thought of this before is beyond me. In fact, someone probably has thought of making a 3D T-shirt before… but never mind… this is great. It’s mind-blowingly brilliant. This tee comes from the clever souls at Heavy Rotation comes with 3D glasses so that the brilliant Loch Ness Monster/Dino printed on it can enter …

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mofgimmers3D T-Shirt

Daniel Radcliffe’s leather waistcoat shocker

What is Daniel Radcliffe trying to prove? Who is he trying to prove it to? Older women? Hell’s Angels? The latest YMCA tribute act? Whoever it is, it’s just not working. Ignoring the "edgy" makeup and cat-lick bumfluff, that waistcoat is obscene. It looks like he’s ripped it off Britney Spears and modified it a bit. All he needs is …

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adminDaniel Radcliffe’s leather waistcoat shocker

Head hoods printed hoodies: wear Elvis, Audrey or a skeleton on your head

Headhoods are the slightly unnerving brainchild of some young Brooklynites who came up with the idea over a cup of coffee. You can choose from Audrey Hepburn, a scary clown, or a gorilla to name but a few of the faces screenprinted onto the side of the American Apparel sweatshirts. Prices start at $35 for a sleeveless hoodies and go …

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IsabelleHead hoods printed hoodies: wear Elvis, Audrey or a skeleton on your head

Chuck Anderson No Pattern Tee

"Ooh! Ooh!" I said to myself when I saw this tee, "ain’t that nice? I’ll ‘ave to get me self one of those. Lovely. Now time for a nice cuppa." See, that’s what insanely awesome t-shirts do to me – turn me into an old, cockney woman. And that’s what this new release from the ironically monikered No Pattern briefly …

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adminChuck Anderson No Pattern Tee

Transformers Tees

I just can’t get enough of Transformers. It’s not even something that can be explained. It’s just the sum of a concept that sees giant robots that can turn into cars, helicopters, warplanes and even huge death rays, then battling it out in an epic battle of good versus evil… Oh my… I think I just excited myself a bit …

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adminTransformers Tees

Topman sale picks

Topman are having a sale at the moment, and thanks to the erratic weather we’ve been having of late all the shiny new summer items are still waiting to be snapped up instore. Pretty soon the shops will be filled with autumn and winter clothing so it’s probably your last chance to pick up something for your hols. Bright colours …

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IsabelleTopman sale picks

ASOS pointelle summer cardigan

Pointelle is usually quite girly, but this ASOS cardigan (£25) employs lacy knitting to its best advantage. The multitude of holes provide much needed ventilation, and a subtle pattern. Perfect for the deranged weather at the moment the fine knit means it wont take up a lot of room in your bag if it suddenly becomes sunny. It also comes …

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IsabelleASOS pointelle summer cardigan

Ethical clothing sale picks from Tonic, People Tree and Adili

Hippyshopper have been keeping an eye on the sales and have found some great ethical sale picks for us. We may be battling torrential rain and hailstones the size of golf balls, but that need not stop us surprise.enjoying the best in summer fashion, and with the summer failing to arrive quite a few of them are slashing their prices, …

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IsabelleEthical clothing sale picks from Tonic, People Tree and Adili

Harry Potter premiere – Rupert Grint’s t-shirt

Okay, so he’s not exactly a fashion icon with his ginger mane and puggy nose, but Rupert Grint was sporting a rather spiffing t-shirt under his dad’s old suit at Tuesday’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix premier. Martin Margiela’s Boxing Glove tee features a pair of pugilist’s mitts hanging around the neck like, you know, a real …

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adminHarry Potter premiere – Rupert Grint’s t-shirt

Pete Doherty wears stylish but smelly jumper

Bulbous headed smack bag Pete Doherty has been pinching the pennies by wearing a blagged freebie jumper all last week. The merino wool jumper was given to him by Canterbury of New Zealand in a goody bag when he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show on Thursday. Now, Doherty, usually dressed as well as a tramps armpit, decided to scrub …

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mofgimmersPete Doherty wears stylish but smelly jumper

Wimbledon 2007: Tennis styling

With Wimbledon being a complete washout this year, I thought I’d turn the attention away from the actual sport itself and on to something equally, if not more, important: The on-court fashion. I’ve rounded up a few images that chart the changes in fashion over the years, from the sober, cover-all suits of the ’40s, through the big hair, gaudy …

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adminWimbledon 2007: Tennis styling

Kris Van Assche’s A/W menswear show, and his first collection for Dior

Kris Van Assche must have been extremely busy of late; as well as showing his own collection on Friday Assche took on the great responsibility of succeeding Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. Slimane’s ultra-slim silhouette and Rock’n’Roll associations with Pete Doherty pushed menswear to the forefront of fashion. Van Assche’s show was a largely monochrome collection of pleated, baggy trousers, …

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ShinyMediaKris Van Assche’s A/W menswear show, and his first collection for Dior

Paul Smith sale

I love Paul Smith stuff. I love Paul Smith stuff even more when it’s cheap(er). So I was ecstatic when I checked the website this morning and found out there was a sale on. Read after the jump for some top sale picks.

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adminPaul Smith sale

Red Torpedo underwear

It’s unusual enough that Red Torpedo underwear comes balled up inside an aluminium can, but when said underwear also comes with a CD of unsigned bands, it starts to seem even more bizarre. Add to that the oddly placed opening for "access" purposes and you’ve got some strange pants. Despite, or inspite of these factors, I think they’re quite cool. …

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adminRed Torpedo underwear

The brandish guide to top hats and cravats a la Pete Doherty

I expect that what he did for trilbys and skinny ties, Peter Doherty (or Pick-Pocket Pete as he will henceforth be known) will also do for top hats and cravats, in light of his recent dalliance with the derelict-dandy style. There is however, a rumour circulating that PPP isn’t such the trend revivalist that he is made out to be …

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adminThe brandish guide to top hats and cravats a la Pete Doherty