Nudie checked shirt

I immediately fell in love with this checked shirt from Nudie (£55). At first glance it could be any other checked shirt, but the closely tailored cut and shorter-than-short sleeves give it a much more flattering look than your generic Next or Burton’s shirts. The opposing direction of the pattern on the pocket and fly front also help it to …

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adminNudie checked shirt

French Connection sale

I’m probably a bit late on the uptake with this one, especially in light of all you au courant gentlemen with your fingers firmly on the pulse, French Connection are having a sale, with up to 50% off many items. FCUK aren’t doing to well in my opinion at the moment, which is probably something to do with the erratic …

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adminFrench Connection sale

Brandish says don’t: Topman leopard print jeans

As the fires of the indie-nu rave scene are fanned even further into a glow-stick and white gloves inferno of epic proportions, so does the fashion that helps fuel the flames get more ridicoulous. I can forgive certain minor indiscretions, such as the aformentioned white gloves. I can even live with some of the clothes that look like they were …

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adminBrandish says don’t: Topman leopard print jeans

Oh dear. Burtons sell Neo-Nazi T-Shirt

Have a good look at this snazzy t-shirt from Burtons. It’s nice isn’t it? Well, if you like ethnic cleansing that is. What’s that? Well, a clever sod called Paddy Shuttleworth, a student at Bristol University, spotted the unassuming tee in his local Burton menswear shop and was… shall we say… a bit surprised. The Cyrillic writing surrounding the doubleheaded …

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mofgimmersOh dear. Burtons sell Neo-Nazi T-Shirt

Calvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

Calvin Klein’s utilisation of sunset-pastel hues stood out on the runway at Milan’s men’s fashion week, where much of the offering from other designers were simple blacks and grey shades. That’s not to say that Klein didn’t exhibit icy-white ensembles and crisp, black shirts, but his strongest display came in puces, powder blues and pale khaki. This warm palette offsets …

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adminCalvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

Jefferson Hack speaks to Christopher Bailey in his new column for the Telegraph

It’s a great time for menswear at the moment, we are seeing more adventurous designs -on the catwalks at least- and the masculine influence in womenswear is testament to people’s interest in all things menswear. Hilary Alexander recently commissioned Jefferson Hack to write a fortnightly column for the Telegraph about menswear and it’s quality. In his latest column he spoke …

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ShinyMediaJefferson Hack speaks to Christopher Bailey in his new column for the Telegraph

The art of dressing up

Today’s young people have returned to the dressing up box, our media obsessed culture has created a young tribe of attention seekers. They know how to reference better than anyone, they eat images, they devour them. We are heading for an energy crisis and it seems at times that the world is moving toward a holy war, a new youth …

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adminThe art of dressing up

Fila Zizzore Top

It seems like you can’t buy an item of clothing these days without it being an "original", "distressed" or "vintage", such is our obsession with fashion of the past. Not that I’m too bothered. Most "modern" clothing is crap. Just look at the Nu-Rave look. Twats. In truth, I do have a bit of an axe to grind about "distressed" …

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adminFila Zizzore Top

EIO tee

After complaining yesterday about wanting something a little different printed on my tees, my prayers have been suddenly answered by EIO clothing, makers of some seriously original men and womens clothes. They have some great looking prints, with big, brash colours that are great for Summer on one hand, like this Beach Babe tee (£25) or something a bit more …

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adminEIO tee

Topman Invader top

If you’ve always wanted to look like the screen of an iconic 1970s arcade machine, now’s your chance. Continuing the general trend of exploiting people’s nostalgia, Topman have released the Invader Hoodie (£30), obviously based on Space Invaders. Despite my cynicism, I really like the top, but I think they missed a trick by not making the top in a …

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adminTopman Invader top

Topman rolled sleeve polo

This Topman polo (£22) is intriguing, at first glance it looks like an ordinary casual polo, but the longer sleeves made me look twice. They give it an added air of smartness taking into shirt style stakes, which puts it exactly on the cusp of smart and casual. The faded wash takes it back to casual making it even more …

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IsabelleTopman rolled sleeve polo

Red Dot headphone hoodie

Manufactured from 100% cotton and vintage washed, this great Red Dot hooded sweatshirt features a pair of headphones screen printed on the hood. The sweatshirt has been constructed in medium weight jersey fabric that sits just right with the hood up or down (so you don’t end up with a pointy looking head) with subtle branding on the cuff and …

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mofgimmersRed Dot headphone hoodie

Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana and Romeo Gigli at Milan men’s fashion week

Simplicity and cool colour palettes were the order of the day at Jil Sander. Beautiful sky blues, greys and petrol blues contrasted with warm russets in a well thought out colour palette. Sharp, slim-fitting suits and loose knee-length trenchcoats gave a smart silhouette, and crisp rustling fabrics added a modern, sporty touch.

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IsabelleJil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana and Romeo Gigli at Milan men’s fashion week

Monsoon washed out blazer

I’m not one for wearing suit jackets with jeans – I end up looking like Jeremy Clarkson rather than the suave-but-casual urban lad I imagine I am. But I might give the look another go if I can get my hands on this Monsoon blazer (£70) which has an informal cut and that "slept in" appearance. The blazer would look …

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adminMonsoon washed out blazer

Keiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

Keiichi Tanaami, a Japanese artist and toy designer has released these typically crazy Japanese prints and vinyl toys through Paul Smith’s website and London stores. Prices start at a very reasonable £10 for a surreal and slightly scary vinyl "Wonder Girl" ornament, all the way up to £950 for a limited edition, framed print, inspired by Japanese family crests. I …

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adminKeiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

French Connection Transformers clothing

In celebration of the release of the new Transformers movie – believe me, a Tranformers movie is reason to celebrate – French Connection have released a range of tees (£20-£40) bearing the mechanical-mugs of the characters as they appear in the movie. From the pictures on the website, I can’t make out which characters they are, but it looks like …

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adminFrench Connection Transformers clothing

Milan Menswear S/S ’08: Gianfranco Ferré’s final show goes ahead

One week after Gianfranco Ferré sadly passed away, his final menswear show took to the catwalk in Milan in front of an emotional crowd. A parade of children dressed in white shirts (a Ferré trademark) closed the show to a standing ovation from guests, journalists and buyers. Ferré’s final collection included distinct variations of his signature white shirt worn underneath …

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IsabelleMilan Menswear S/S ’08: Gianfranco Ferré’s final show goes ahead

Glastonbury fashion, Kooks vs. Killers

Watching the BBC Glastonbury footage from my sofa I seriously impressed by Brandon Flowers’ of the Killlers choice of outfit. Flowers picked a entirely gold suit, with matching gold shirt, gold waistcoat and contrasting diamanté lapels and tie . Now I’m not particularly a fan of the band, but my opinion of them rose immeasurably after seeing that footage. If …

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IsabelleGlastonbury fashion, Kooks vs. Killers

Gammel Jacket

Cardigan’s aren’t too sure if they’re making a comeback this year. I’ve seen a few indie-nu-rave kids sporting golfer-stylee ones and celebs have been spotted donning plain Lyle and Scott cardies, but your mates will still laugh at you if you turn up in your grandads worn-in, 1970s knit. I for one think cardigans are great. They’re comfy and can …

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adminGammel Jacket

Katharine Hamnett at Tesco

"Let’s all go to Tesco, where your mum buys your best clothes, a-la la la, a-la la la la." If you were one of those kids who had fleas and smelled of stale biscuits, you most probably remember the above line, sung in shrill unison by all your class mates, with all too agonising clarity. And it was  probably true, …

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adminKatharine Hamnett at Tesco