J Lindeberg check shirt

Small collars are very popular at the moment and J Lindeberg’s shirt (£85) makes a great feature of the collar by using contrasting fabric for the body of the shirt. The pattern is in fact a small black and white check which looks great with the black buttons. It’s a great piece if you have to dress smart for your …

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IsabelleJ Lindeberg check shirt

Topshop patterned Tyvek jacket

Tyvek jackets seem to cropping up all over the place at the moment. This one from Topman (45 pounds) is a bit special, it’s been spray painted in diagonal blue and black stripes and is pretty distinctive. I reckon this would just the thing to add to your wardrobe if you’re feeling a bit old and past it. Throw this …

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IsabelleTopshop patterned Tyvek jacket

Bonér clothing

Okay, let me stop you now. Yes, the company is called Bonér, and yes, it does have allusions to what I wake up with every morning (and I’m not talking morning breath). But, according to the website, it means a lot more than that. Either way, Bonér is a great new clothing company originally conceived in Rome. They have ranges …

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adminBonér clothing

HOM underwear

Men can be divided into roughly three groups. Boxers, briefs and jockeys. No, they’re not allusions towards different professions, but the type of underwear we sport ‘neath our trousers. You do have your "fringe" groups though – the type that wear giant, holey y-fronts or tiny cartoon character pants, but we won’t discuss them now… Personally, I’m a boxers man …

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adminHOM underwear

Abercrombie & Fitch shirt

Abercrombie’s Summer range continues to impress me. It’s not that it’s particularly innovative, but it’s definitely good at what it does, having stolen the crown of "easy prep-wear" from GAP, who seem to be stalling at the moment. Take their Raquette River Shirt (£70) in 100% brushed cotton. It’s a smart, good quality shirt. Having recently been to GAP, a …

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adminAbercrombie & Fitch shirt

Topman vest top

Ah, yet another fashion faux pas of the Summer – The vest! It takes a certain man to be able to pull off a vest properly, otherwise you can end up looking like some redneck wifebeater. But the Topman one shown (£12) is actually pretty smart and as long as you don’t have a belly like Andy Fordham, you should …

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adminTopman vest top

Candy Says green gingham shirt

One of my favourite vintage websites Candy Says have had a revamp. Their men’s section has lots of great cardies but in this heat even the thought of wearing of wearing a jumper in this heat makes me want to head for the nearest fountain to cool off. Luckily they have this sage green gingham "perma-prest" shirt, having never been …

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IsabelleCandy Says green gingham shirt

Five of the Best: Band T-Shirts

We’re now well into the festival season. With the Isle of White festival just gone, we can set Glasto, Reading and Bestival firmly in our sites. Even if you don’t have tickets for the big’uns, there are still a million one-dayers to go. And what better way to show your support for you favourite band then by swelling their filthy, …

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adminFive of the Best: Band T-Shirts

Monsoon Coco Hawaiian Shirt

Summer usually brings out the worst fashion sense in men – Shorts, flip-flops, silly hats, socks with sandals etc. But no more keenly is this felt than the desire to wear the gaudiest, loudest and most embarrassing Hawaiian shirts not seen since a Rodney Dangerfield wardrobe auction. Luckily Monsoon are on hand to provide this subtle yet unmistakably Hawaiian Island …

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adminMonsoon Coco Hawaiian Shirt

Adidas red leather jacket

I love a good sale, maybe it stems from being dressed in the finest Cromwell’s Madhouse had to offer as a child but I rarely see the point in spending obscene amounts on clothing. This Adidas jacket is on sale, reduced by almost half it’s still £240 so I won’t be buying it but if you’re a little more free …

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IsabelleAdidas red leather jacket

Zoo York Preston Polo

I know I had a bit of a rant about polo shirts a few weeks back, but then I remembered I actually owned this one shown and probably should have added Zoo York to the list of designers who make decent polos. The Preston Polo (£37.50) is nothing short of perfection – Thick, good quality materials and a flattering cut …

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adminZoo York Preston Polo

Topman Striped Shirt

Lime isn’t an easy colour to pull off by any means, but this Topman shirt (£28) seems to combat that trend by offsetting an otherwise sickly hue with black stripes and a tailored, army cut that’s complimentary to anyone’s wardrobe. Combine with a pair of khaki shorts and some flip-flops for ultimate Summertime casual or with a darker denim for …

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adminTopman Striped Shirt

River Island blue cardigan

Preppy is one of my favourite looks, especially when you have a bit of a subversive edge to it. Short of getting some dreaded deck shoes and writing swear words on them in tippex (hang on… I quite like that idea!) you can buy River Island’s bright blue cardigan with contrast piping for £29.99. For the full-on preppy punk effect …

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ShinyMediaRiver Island blue cardigan

M&S iPod suit

Male? All ‘podded up in your DRM-‘goodness’? Still continue to believe Marks & Spencer is the acme of fashion? There may be a way for you to combine your love of Steve Jobs’s love-muscle (the iPod, sordid-imagination-in-overdrive) and M&S’s cutting-edge (for librarians) fashion, with their new £149 wool and lycra suit. The specially-designed Elektex fabric turns the inner lapel into …

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ShinyMediaM&S iPod suit

French Connection lavender shirt

Lavender is a wonderful colour, gently bringing out the peachy aspect of your complexion. If this all a bit too flowery bear in mind that lavender looks great with grey, so this French Connection shirt (£50) is perfect for adding a bit of individuality to a suit. Similarly, if you team the shirt with jeans some grey canvas pumps will …

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ShinyMediaFrench Connection lavender shirt

Return of the Dandy


Just last week I wrote about the return of the Dandy at Kingston University’s graduate fashion show where Joshua Kane presented a collection of menswear inspired by the 1800’s style icons. It is definitely emerging as a big upcoming trend within menswear and is sure to cross over in to elements of women’s wear too.

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adminReturn of the Dandy

Bright Chloe inspired outfit

Chloe’s Spring womenswear collection featured lots of neutrals mixed together and enlivened with coral, mustard, aqua and cobalt blue. You don’t need to be a woman to get in on this trend, Topman’s coral shirt looks great when teamed with the different browns and greys in the trousers, shoes, blazer and tie. Some bright blue socks add another cheeky flash …

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IsabelleBright Chloe inspired outfit

Perry Bible Fellowship Tees

No, this isn’t a post intended to insidiously recruit you into the Christian ranks via the medium of men’s fashion. It’s an attempt to get you to buy one of these nutty tees ($20) depicting images from my favourite comic strip. The Perry Bible Fellowship is actually a series of surreal, smutty and downright sick cartoons by Nicholas Gurewitch, who’s …

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adminPerry Bible Fellowship Tees

Topman painted tee

Hats off if you can create your own homemade version of this t-shirt with a few paints, some brushes and sponges but for those less creative types it will cost you £14 from Topshop. Lollypop colours give this tee a summer feel but the black keeps it tough. Using as a hangover top to induce queasiness in your friends is …

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IsabelleTopman painted tee

Penfield Tee

I’ll admit that I have a penchant for t-shirts with huge logos and mad prints – the more convoluted and archaic the design, the better – Just see my Terratag tee review. However, it looks like in my old age I’m becoming a bit more conservative. I love this smart Penfield t-shirt (£19.99) in charcoal and yellow. You won’t get …

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adminPenfield Tee