Burton Floral Shirt

Gentlemen. Do not be afraid of floral shirts. It doesn’t mean you’re a pansy. They are cool and will make you feel like some killer 70s dandy. One great floral shirt for this summer is the white floral print shirt from Burton. A measly £25.00 will make you look cool in the sun, and the shirt has nice detailing with …

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mofgimmersBurton Floral Shirt

Ted Baker Cardigan

Hopefully, you’ve stopped thinking about cardigans as a piece of clothing donned by geography teachers and grandpas. Cardigans are the hip alternative to pullovers and the like. We’ve featured quite a few on Brandish, and this one is at the top end of the cardi scale. This Ted Baker ‘Yardi’ cardi is a long sleeved V-neck. It’s a ‘luxury knit’ …

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mofgimmersTed Baker Cardigan