Paul Smith ‘Pete Townshend’ Shirt

Fancy strutting your stuff around town looking like a young mod Pete Townshend? Well, unless you fancy going buying a tailor made union flag blazer, you could be a little bit lazy and buy this hip Paul Smith shirt . Part of the Mainline range, this fitted shirt has a muted/soft Union Jack print and features a cut out cuff …

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mofgimmersPaul Smith ‘Pete Townshend’ Shirt

Nike Carl Reissure lightweight jacket

Most lightweight jackets doing the rounds at the moment are in sombre khakis and shades of greys. For those of you who are a little more daring, you should be looking toward this great Nike Carl Reissure Jacket. In bright red, you’ll be noticed (for all the right reasons obviously) and it’s super light to keep you cool now that …

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mofgimmersNike Carl Reissure lightweight jacket

Cheap Adidas trainers and clothing?

Hardened eBayers will no doubt be aware of this useful trick, but some of you might just be paying over the odds for your footwear! You should know that Adidas is a German brand (founded by Adi Dassler… hence the name) so where is the best place to look for your three stripes? In Germany of course! Most people go …

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mofgimmersCheap Adidas trainers and clothing?

What’s Hot: Summer Swimwear

Villebrequin’s gaudy print trunks are de rigeur amongst the wealthy and the well-bred; they’ve been spotted on Tony Blair and Simon Cowell but don’t let that put you off. Wear with a polo shirt, deck shoes, knotted jumper and a sense of irony. For something a bit sexier Orlebar Brown’s fitted shorts cling to every curve. If you fancy something …

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IsabelleWhat’s Hot: Summer Swimwear

The best Jack Bauer T-Shirt in the WORLD!

Jack Bauer is fast becoming some kind of modern day icon. He’s always talked about in giddy tones and students and real human beings love him in equal measures! There are a lot of 24 related bits out there, but none of them hold a candle to this T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts. For a paltry $20, you can sport this …

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mofgimmersThe best Jack Bauer T-Shirt in the WORLD!

Shooting TVs Tee

We all know how dire TV can get. Whether Gillian McKeith foraging around in some poor sods stools or yet another property programme telling us about houses that we can’t afford, by and large, it’s an infuriating business. Elvis used to deal with bad TV by shooting it. Of course, we aren’t all wealthy enough to go through 365 tellies …

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mofgimmersShooting TVs Tee

8-Bit Tie

8-Bit graphics are looked upon with a great fondness by anyone with even a vague interest in gaming. A spate of Nintendo T-Shirts are doing the rounds and Atari has ALWAYS been cool. Well, one trick that has been missed is actually making clothes that look like old blocky graphics. ThinkGeek have come up with the perfect solution. An 8-Bit …

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mofgimmers8-Bit Tie

G Star Officer Shirt

The sun is coming slowly back from his holidays and we need to start sorting our wardrobe out. Lighter jackets are a must as we don’t want to be sweating it out everywhere we go do we? One item that is worth looking at is this G Star Officer Shirt. Now, on closer inspection, it’s more of a jacket than …

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mofgimmersG Star Officer Shirt