Dalek Cufflinks

With Doctor Who making waves on our TVS again, it may be worth thinking about getting in on the act. Apart from getting a big ol’ striped scarf a la Tom Baker, you could always go for something a bit more subtle and cheeky. These Dalek cufflinks spring to mind. Retailing at £15, these exterminators with neatly show your love …

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mofgimmersDalek Cufflinks

J Fold Wallet

It’s all very well being a well dressed young pup about town, but if you’re trying to impress someone, and you pull out a knackered old tray wallet that you’ve had since school, you’ll be sending off the wrong signals. To make a decent impression whilst simultaneously flashing your cash and hurting your overdraft, why not buy one of these …

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mofgimmersJ Fold Wallet

Topman polka dot shirt

Topman Design is an offshoot of Topman featuring stylish basics like this grey polka dot shirt (£40). The subtle dots add interest to basic jeans and trainers, but the shirt is smart enough to be worn with trousers and a jacket for a more formal look. If you’ve got olive skin grey is a surprisingly flattering colour, it really livens …

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IsabelleTopman polka dot shirt

Original Penguin Jacquard Polo

Not since 1993, when The Beastie Boys were charging around in old man caps and golf wear has anyone really had the balls to don the clobber of the green. Of course, you could sport some dapper plus-fours, but we wouldn’t advise it. Rather, you should look toward old gent style polos, like this cracking Original Penguin Jacquard Polo which …

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mofgimmersOriginal Penguin Jacquard Polo

Bespoke suits on the web from A Suit That Fits

It’s the future! So if you need a bespoke suit now you can buy it on the internet. A Suit That Fits offer a bespoke service online and will deliver the finished product within 6-8 weeks. I would advise spending the extra £20 it costs to go and have a fitting, as that’s what really makes it a bespoke suit …

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IsabelleBespoke suits on the web from A Suit That Fits

Lyle & Scott Dennis the Menace jumper

Jumpers are ace. They keep you warm in winter in amongst your many layers and they make a fine replacement for a coat when the weather cheers up a bit. To make a fine impression, why not go all out and get this dapper Dennis The Menace jumper from Lyle & Scott? Lyle and Scott crew neck sweater comes complete …

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mofgimmersLyle & Scott Dennis the Menace jumper

Fly 53 Love Thy Fly grey marl T-shirt

This t-shirt won’t change your life, but I wanted to post it because I’m a big fan of Fly 53’s stuff – they make very cool clothes (especially shirts) that you can still wear in your thirties without looking like a desperate skateboy wannabe. This violence-themed design features a cosh, knuckle duster and cutthroat razor. Like I said, it won’t …

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ShinyMediaFly 53 Love Thy Fly grey marl T-shirt

American Apparel striped fleece zip hoody

Don’t let the sunshine fool you – it’s not summer for a while, and it’s still damn chilly at night, which is where this striped hoody, made by American Apparel, comes in. It’ll keep you warm – but not too warm – and also make you look like you’re in a band, which has to be a good thing. Available …

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ShinyMediaAmerican Apparel striped fleece zip hoody

Yes No Maybe clothing

I can’t look at any ‘Yes No Maybe’ clothing without thinking of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song but that’s me and my jingle obsessed brain. I usually hate smug slogan t-shirts but the ‘bukkake ruined my carpet’ one is actually quite funny. I think it’s the mundane mention of a carpet that stops it from being too ‘student …

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IsabelleYes No Maybe clothing

Prada turban at Vogue Hommes

The latest fashion shoot for Vogue Hommes International featured the ubiquitous Prada turban that everybody’s been trying out. Carine Roitfeld (love that woman) seems to have lucked out as the turban looks the best I’ve seen in her her shoot. I don’t expect legions of men to rush out, grappling with shower caps and granny plastic rain hoods in a …

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IsabellePrada turban at Vogue Hommes

Ganesh Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Whilst having a little stroll earlier, I noticed that I could see a thing. The spring time sun was burning my retinas off and I needed something to avert the glare. Obviously, I’ve got some nice shades, but naturally, I fancy some new ones. One eye-catching pair are these lovely AM Ganesh sunglasses in tortoise shell. They’re French APX Nylon …

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mofgimmersGanesh Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Sergio Tacchini white track top

Another item of classic casual sportswear form the overactive sewing machine of Mr Tacchini. I have it on good authority (ie, I read it somewhere on the web) that tenniswear will be big news for chaps this summer, in which case it makes sense to part with your hard-earned cash in exchange for this 100% cotton trackie top, all clean …

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ShinyMediaSergio Tacchini white track top

Andy Capp t-shirt from Urban Outfitters

Pledge your allegiance to the olden days, and all things British with Urban Outfitters’ Andy capp t-shirt. It comes in grey marl and black. Andy Capp been lazing, boozing and arguing since 1957, and since his creator Reg Whyte’s death in 1998 the strip has been lovingly kept going. For a truly authentic look you’ll need to accessorise the t-shirt …

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IsabelleAndy Capp t-shirt from Urban Outfitters

Burton picks

The word ‘Burton’ strikes fear into my heart,  I immediately see identikit student types, the kind who appear on Shipwrecked and seem to think it’s ok to dress like a surfer. Even if you’re at university in Leeds, and it’s November. I’ve put my prejudices to one side for a second and tried to fine some nice things from Burton, …

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IsabelleBurton picks

New York Hat Company long striped scarf

The New York Hat Company is a bit of a gob full, and telling you that this great long striped scarf from the New York Hat Company may just be the longest sentence I’ll ever write. Aside from all that, this scarf is available in three colours. All come with the black stripe but are mixed up with either gold …

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mofgimmersNew York Hat Company long striped scarf

Original Penguin Polo

Fashion is a very peculiar thing. It is desperate to be modern and new, although mostly, it is pinching old ideas and re-spinning them. Well, for those of us who like things a little retro, this is a godsend. One great little retro number is this Original Penguin Slim Tipped Polo. It’s available for £45 and available in black or …

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mofgimmersOriginal Penguin Polo